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  1. 1. Design by VISIT GIBRALTAR A breath of fresh air Action-packed holidays City of contrasts Exciting mixture of old and new Mediterranean flavours Taste Gibraltar Big skies, open seas Breathtaking scenery Dream weddings Follow in the footstepsGibraltar LondonTourist Board Information Office Gibraltar House, 150 Strand,Casemates Square, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA London, WC2R 1JATel: +350 20045000 Tel: +44 (0)20 7836 0777Fax: +350 20045865 Fax: +44 (0)20 7240 6612Email: Email: @visit_gibraltarDisclaimer: The Gibraltar Tourist Board does not accept responsibility for any changesin or unavailability of the services listed. @visit_gibraltar
  2. 2. VISITGIBRALTAR To arrive into Gibraltar is to be Contents awestruck by the sheer majesty of 02 A Legacy Evolves the Jurassic limestone Rock that 04 Gibraltar Naturally dominates the horizon. The Rock 06 At Sea Welcome has attracted visitors, some friend, some foe, throughout its colourful 08 Live GibraltarGibraltars appeal as a travel destination continuesto grow, drawing an international audience from all history, all drawn to its unique 10 Love Me Docorners of the globe. Arriving by land, sea and air, charm and character, whichvisitors are drawn to a unique location that sits at 12 A World of Flavourthe crossroads of Europe and Africa. still thrive today in the 14 A True Pound’s WorthThe Rocks activities are as diverse as they are Gibraltarian people.plentiful, ranging from dolphin watching, to award 16 Your Home From Homewinning fishing and exploring historical trails. Strategically situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, the British Overseas Territory is 17 Practical InformationGibraltars temperate climate makes it an attractive almost entirely surrounded by water other than theall year round choice, which is enhanced by local narrow isthmus which links it to mainland and customs that offer a flavour of the Gibraltar is less than seven square kilometres on ow us :Gibraltarian warmth, that is reassuringly familiar.We look forward to welcoming you to our corner the outside, but inside lies a myriad of caves and tunnels that stretch for almost fifty kilometres. Herein lie some of Gibraltar’s biggest mysteries ‘… the ry ima  an the Mediterranean.The Hon. Neil F. Costa M.P. and secrets. enms li, ched @visit_gibraltarMinister for Tourism, Public Transport & the Port Discover the Rock’s beauty and natural heritage, its architecture and wildlife. Historical trails will help you wile away the days and shopping in Main Street, n the Atlantic and perhaps one of the most famous streets in Europe, will tempt you with some of the best bargains around, thanks to the Rock’s Pound Sterling the Medraan’. currency and VAT free status. William Makepeace Thackeray l ga Gibraltar’s unique position, at the crossroads of Spain Portu Europe and Africa, make it an ideal location to explore neighbouring terrain. Just a 90–minute ferry ride takes you to Morocco with its exotic souks, and the neighbouring coastline of Spain offers access to some of the world’s finest golf courses. Gibraltar We look forward to welcoming you soon. Morocco...only a couple of hours away/ 1
  3. 3. Wit Chch iucd that Gia’s complex tu stem  ce again exnd to ea a  whin a . A Legacy Evolves At 426 metres high, the iconic Rock of Gibraltar is honeycombed with Gibraltar’s survival story is never more poignant than during the During the 19th century Gibraltar flourished as a strategic trading Gibraltar’s legendary tale is filled with battles and sieges that weave over 30 miles of tunnelling, created Great Siege of 1779-83, which is port on the route to India. Main civilisations and cultures through the ages. This historical legacy by man at different chapters in retold in Mozart’s composition Street shoppers will note family its story. ‘Bardengesang auf Gibraltar, O businesses, many of which date lives on today and can be enjoyed in its numerous attractions. Calpe’. The Great Siege Tunnels back to this time. Its pre-historic caves were home to remain a must see for any visitor the birth of modern man, and many to the Rock. With the onset of WWII, Winston people believe the female skull Churchill instructed that Gibraltar’s discovered in Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar has been at the heart complex tunnel system be once 1848 should have been claimed of Britain’s history for centuries. again expanded to create a fortress as an historic find, making today’s Success at the Battle of Trafalgar within a fortress. It is from here Neanderthal man, Gibraltar woman. was first reported to the world in that Eisenhower masterminded the Gibraltar’s daily newspaper the North African landings. Arriving visitors are greeted by the Gibraltar Chronicle. Tragically, the awe-inspiring spectacle of the battle cost the life of Lord Nelson. The Rock’s testament to time Tower of Homage and Gate House, He was brought ashore at Rosia is reflected in its people, the looming up from within the Rock. Bay, preserved in a casket of Gibraltarians. Warm and friendly This spectacular Medieval brandy, before his body was by nature Gibraltar’s hospitality is fortification dates from the second returned to England. renown and keeps visitors returning Moorish occupation in the early year after year. 14th century. @visit_gibraltar2 3
  4. 4. Gibraltar Naturally Gibraltar offers visitors views of unparalleled beauty both on land and at sea. Wildlife flourishes on the Rock’s porous limestone and its flora and fauna are world renowned and of conservational importance. Gibraltar candytuft grows nowhere Over 270 species of birds have The Alameda Gardens, designed else in Europe and is recognisable been recorded on the Rock over in 1816, is an ideal spot to sit by its pink clusters of flowers. For the past few years, and famous and relax. Its pretty amphitheatre nature lovers they are abundant residents include the Barbary stages a number of productions during April on the eastside of Partridge, and the Peregrine Falcon. each year. the Rock. Most of the westside is Gibraltar lies on the migratory route Ta a   r wd . covered with light woodland where wild olive and honeysuckle can be between Europe and Africa and every Spring and Winter the skies St Michael’s Cave has fascinated visitors since Roman times. Its found in abundance. play host to everything from cathedral cave has long believed eagles and vultures to storks to be bottomless, giving way to a Gibraltar’s Upper Rock brings and songbirds. legend that Gibraltar is linked to together walkers from all over the Africa by a subterranean tunnel. world, with the most famous of Gibraltar’s most famous residents, the myriad of the paths being the the Barbary Macaques are a species Gibraltar’s waters are teeming Mediterranean Steps. Located on of tailless monkey. Originally from with sea life and living in the the eastern face of the Rock, it North Africa their presence dates Bay of Gibraltar there are no fewer starts at an altitude of 180 metres back to the days of the British than three species of dolphin: and finishes at 426 metres at garrison. Imported from Morocco common, bottlenose and striped. O’Hara’s Battery, the highest point by Winston Churchill in 1944 on the Rock. when their numbers had dwindled they have become part of Gibraltar’s legend. @visit_gibraltar4 5
  5. 5. Beneath its waters, Gibraltar’s Gibraltar’s two marinas, Ocean historical legacy continues with Village and Queensway Quay offer a spectacular underwater world great ambiance and dining out of more than 30 wrecks and reefs. facilities. For those who enjoy their Dive opportunities include the sport on, rather than under, the remains of ships from Napoleonic water there is an abundance times and WWII. of activity such as windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, and the With a warm climate, a sheltered popular dolphin tours. bay and open seas, Gibraltar is a fisherman’s paradise. Its deep sea A wide selection of sailing courses fishing provides a thrill difficult to are on offer, from competent match and well-equipped boats crew to the most advanced RYA offer an opportunity for big game qualifications. It is possible to catches such as bluefin tuna, arrive into Gibraltar as a sailing broadbill swordfish and various novice and leave a confident At Sea species of shark depending on the season. The North Mole’s waters plummet down to 30 metres, making it ideal for game fishing seafarer in only a couple of weeks. Gibraltar’s lighthouse at Europa Point is the only remaining varieties such as bream, bass lighthouse operated outside Known as the mythical Pillars of Hercules, and bathed almost entirely by and eel. of the UK by Trinity House. the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the Rock has been a haven for As a leading Port of Call in the seafarers for over 1000 years. The Bay of Gibraltar is intrinsic to life on Mediterranean, Gibraltar is visited the Rock. by cruise ships from around the globe. A number of tours and shopping excursions are available to visitors on arrival into Port. A fishman’s ade. @visit_gibraltar6 7
  6. 6. Cue and ha co teth. Live Gibraltar Gibraltar is a vibrant city with a range of leisure pursuits to suit all tastes and budgets. The busy bustling café society of Casemates Square transforms into lively nightlife with live entertainment and music from young resident bands. The town centre is best enjoyed Culture and heritage come Pageantry is always on show in on foot. Its typical Georgian and together on National Day when Gibraltar. The official daily changing Victorian architecture is the Rock celebrates its past. of the guard takes place outside interspersed with Portuguese, On that day Gibraltarians dress the Governor’s home at the Genoese and Moorish influences, in red and white, the national Convent in the centre of Main a reminder of Gibraltar’s colourful colours, and there are street parties Street. During the summer and chequered past, giving it some and celebrations in abundance. The months, History Alive, Gibraltar’s of the most interesting architecture day’s festivities are dramatically Re-enactment Society parade the in the Mediterranean area. rounded off with a firework display streets dressed in period uniforms and open air concert. from the 1700s reminiscent of Modern Gibraltar is reflected in the Gibraltar’s past as a garrison town. financial district of Europort and the For art lovers, local art is on display new Ocean Village Marina with its at the Fine Arts Society Gallery in For those who want to live the high luxury yachts and apartment Casemates Square, close to the life, the International Gala Casino buildings. The King’s Bastion Gibraltar Crystal Factory. The in Ocean Village is open until the Leisure Centre, refurbished from an Gibraltar Philharmonic Society early hours and neighbouring old battlement, is an ideal location runs a season of concerts featuring Savannah’s lounge bar and for all the family to enjoy. Within its international artists. Concerts are restaurant hosts international DJs historic walls it houses a full size held around Gibraltar at venues throughout the summer months. ice rink, bowling alley, restaurant, such as St Michael’s Cave and nightclub and multiplex cinema. the Open Air Theatre in the Alameda Gardens. @visit_gibraltar8 9
  7. 7. Love Me Do Gibraltar’s warm climate and natural dramatic settings have led to a significant rise in couples choosing to wed and honeymoon on the Rock. Gibraltar earned its status in the romantic stakes in the 1950s and 60s following a string of high profile weddings. It s Sean Connery, who as James Bond not only lived twice, chose to 19th Century within the Alameda Gardens. What could be more the lenry marry twice in Gibraltar, firstly to Diane Cilento and in later years spectacular than arriving at the summit of the Rock itself by cable mria  John to his current wife Micheline car to exchange vows surrounded Boglio Roquebrune. But it was the legendary marriage of John by breathtaking scenery? Your wedding album will be a living Le to Yo Lennon to Yoko Ono that set the Rock buzzing. He later wrote about fairytale with treasured memories for years to come. Ono that t the it in the Beatles number one hit The Ballad of John and Yoko. With a history of integrated Rk buing. cultures, there are a number of Under local law, visitors to ancient churches and cathedrals, Gibraltar can marry without four synagogues dating back to the statutory residential requirements 1800s, Hindu temples and mosques and couples are able to complete that couples can also select for necessary paper work in advance their religious vows. of their trip. The law also permits the ceremony to be conducted at Wedding planners and specialist a number of approved locations service providers from limousine outside of the Registry office. hire, to photography, hair specialists and dressmakers are Couples can choose from the at hand to help make your special comfort of several of Gibraltar’s day truly memorable. Further larger hotels, to the spectacular information can be found on setting of the ‘Dell’, an Italianate our website, hidden garden, constructed in the @visit_gibraltar10 11
  8. 8. A World of Flavour Visitors to Gibraltar will be struck by the vibrancy and colour of local life. The Rock’s lush green vegetation is set against the cobalt blue of the Bay of Gibraltar and the pastel shades of the colonial and medieval architecture of the town centre. It is against this backdrop that so many cultures live harmoniously, and a wide range of internationally inspired dishes can be found. Local specialist dishes include Gibraltar’s Main Street and Calentita, a local delicacy made Casemates Square are at the centre from chickpea flour; Pinchitos, of its Mediterranean café society kebabs made of spiced lamb or with traditional coffee houses such chicken cooked over hot coals; as the House of Sacarello dating Torta de Acelgas, a spinach tart; back to the 1800s. At night, and Pan Dulce, a specialist bread Casemates Square transforms into traditionally eaten at Christmas. a vibrant night scene with lively bars and restaurants filled until Gibraltar’s true flavour comes the early hours. Wh the a together once a year at the ‘Calentita’ food festival which takes place each Spring in Casemates With the sea a strong part of its legacy, fish is a popular staple of a strg t  s Square. The festival is a display of the destination’s diversity and Gibraltarian cuisine. There are many specialist Mediterranean and fish local customs. As well as local restaurants, such as La Mamela set legacy, fish  a pul dishes, stalls include a range of Indian foods, German sausages, on Catalan Bay. A further variety of international cuisines can be found staple  Giaian cui. Sicilian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan and along Gibraltar’s stylish marinas. Moroccan cuisine. For a more formal setting, two of Gibraltar’s hotels in-house restaurants have been awarded rosette dining awards. @visit_gibraltar12 13
  9. 9. r uns and a t  lal le, head to Cemas Sque. A True Gibraltar has a history of Gibraltar is a VAT free jurisdiction For souvenirs and a taste of local shopkeepers and traders that so goods sold in Gibraltar offer the life, head to Casemates Square dates back to the 1800s when best value and the currency is the where you’ll find local artisan shops the Rock flourished as a trading Gibraltar Pound, equivalent to and the Gibraltar Crystal Factory, port boosted by its strategic, Sterling, so there is no costly where you can watch the glass Pound’s Worth geographic location. During this period the modern identity of the Gibraltarian people evolved through a mixed population currency conversion for visitors from the United Kingdom. Along with the more traditional blowers at work. Inaugurated in 1929, the Gibraltar Public Market just outside of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, shops, visitors to Main Street Casemates Square, is a traditional Gibraltar welcomes millions of tourists every year and whether they are Jewish and Moorish communities. will recognise international high indoor market with a range of arriving to sample the fine cuisine, its natural beauty or its sporting street brands and chains. These fish, fruit, vegetables and local pursuits many of them will head to Main Street, the centre of Gibraltar’s Gibraltar remains home to many sit alongside handicraft and delicacies. It’s a great place to commercial district and the scene of some of the best value shopping on descendant families who souvenir shops. people watch and get into the established their businesses local spirit. the Mediterranean. during this period. Names such Best buys include cosmetics and as Stagnetto, Gache, Seruya, Cohen perfumery, jewellery, tobacco and and Massias are traditional family spirits, designer glass frames, businesses and their shops are specialist linens and electronics. still visible in Gibraltar’s busy shopping centre. @visit_gibraltar14 15
  10. 10. Your Home From Home Practical Information There is a welcoming familiarity for visitors to Hotel Grading Getting There Sterling is equally welcome. There Gibraltar. Its compact size means transfer times to is a full range of international and The Gibraltar Tourist Board’s Official Regular flights from the UK to UK banks. Credit cards, travellers’ the town centre are never more than 15 minutes and Hotel Grading Scheme is managed in Gibraltar are operated by bmibaby, cheques and Euros are widely its British heritage gives it a feeling of ‘home from partnership with the Automobile British Airways, Monarch Airlines and accepted. Gibraltar notes cannot home’ but with an exotic twist. Association (AA) of the UK. easyJet. Flight time is approximately be used in the UK. two hours and 45 minutes. Gibraltar The Scheme uses a star classification is also easily accessed by those Voltage system for hotels, ranging from One wishing to fly to Malaga and Jerez Hotels Hostel to Five stars. In addition the AA airports and both can be reached by 240v – the same as in the UK awards Rosettes, from One to Five, road in approximately one hour and (3 pin plugs). Emile Youth Hostel to those hotels where the restaurants 30 minutes. The land frontier between On Gibraltar’s historic city walls, a one−minute walk from the popular serve food of an excellent and Gibraltar and Spain is open 24 hours Weather Casemates Square and Main Street. outstanding quality. More information a day, seven days a week both for Easy access to all places of interest. is available on the AA’s website at vehicles and pedestrians. There is Gibraltar has an average of 320 days Montagu Bastion, Line Wall Road, Gibraltar or in the AA’s annual no limit on the number of frontier of sunshine a year with temperatures The O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel Bristol Hotel *** Tel +350 20051106 Hotel Guide. crossings you can make. rising well above 30c in the summer AA**** Fax: +350 20051106 and going down to approximately This hotel, with its attractive walled Tucked away in the heart of the city Mobile: +350 57686000 The properties taking part in the Entry Requirements garden and swimming pool, is centrally centre, only minutes walk from bustling 12c in the winter. Email: situated close to the Museum. Many of Main Street, the stylish and newly Scheme in Gibraltar are inspected the bedrooms enjoy a splendid view of rejuvenated O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel annually by the AA and are A full valid passport or EU identity The climate of Gibraltar is the Bay of Gibraltar. offers every comfort and facility for distinguished in the listings by card in the case of EU nationals. Mediterranean. A warm, dry summer 8/10 Cathedral Square, Gibraltar the perfect holiday. We have a range of self-catering accommodation options available on the AA logo and gold stars next Other passport holders may need alternating with a mild, wet winter. Tel: +350 20076800 2 Governor’s Parade, Gibraltar our website at to the property name. a visa to enter Gibraltar. Further Fax: +350 20077613 Tel: +350 20070500 Email: Fax: +350 20070243 For further information call us information available from For further information, Email: on 020 7836 0777 or e-mail The Scheme is a voluntary one and Tel: +350 20051726 please contact those properties not participating Fax: +350 20042706 have volunteered their own Email: Gibraltar Tourist Board classification, which is distinguished Or Tel: +350 20073026 Gibraltar House by black stars next to the Email: 150 Strand How to book property name. London Telephones WC2R 1JA Tour Operators Language Tel: 020 7836 0777 The Caleta Hotel AA**** Classic Collection Gibraltar’s international dialling Fax: 020 7240 6612 The four star Caleta Hotel, Health, Beauty Queen’s Hotel *** Tel: 0800 008 7288 Fax: 01903 214 945 The official language is English code is + 350. Email: & Conference Centres, in a spectacular The Queen’s Hotel is situated just outside although Spanish is widely spoken. location on the eastern side of the Rock, the historic city walls of Gibraltar, and Getting Around awarded two AA rosettes for fine dining. commands views of unparalleled beauty Health of the Rock itself. Cresta Holidays Gibraltar Tourist Board Italian food at its best. Catalan Bay, Gibraltar 1 Boyd Street, Gibraltar Tel: 0844 879 8036 Local bus services and taxis operate Information Office No specific vaccinations are required throughout Gibraltar. Casemates Square Tel: +350 20076501 Tel: + 350 20074000 Fax: +350 20042143 Fax: +350 20040030 My Gibraltar for Gibraltar. Those needing Gibraltar, GX11 1AA Email: Email: Tel: 020 8518 4181 Fax: 020 8554 0202 emergency medical attention in Currency Tel: +350 20045000 Gibraltar are entitled to free NHS Fax: +350 20045865 treatment on production of a UK The legal tender in Gibraltar is Email: Superbreak Passport or a European Health Gibraltar Government notes and Tel: 0871 221 3344 Insurance Card. coinage, although United Kingdom The Cannon Hotel * The Rock Hotel AA**** Airlines Erything  d to know Situated near the city centre, and ideal The world famous Rock Hotel is perched bmibaby for leisure breaks. The main shopping majestically above the city, and enjoys Tel: 0905 828 2828 area and most of Gibraltar’s historic sites splendid views of the Bay of Gibraltar. and places of interest are within easy The attractive sea water pool is set in British Airways walking distance. 9 Cannon Lane, Gibraltar Tel: +350 20051711 secluded gardens where light meals are available throughout the day. 3 Europa Road, Gibraltar Tel: 0844 493 0787 easyJet e  co! Tel: 08431045000 Fax: +350 20051789 Tel: +350 20073000 Email: Fax: +350 20073513 Monarch Email: Tel: 08719 40 50 40 @visit_gibraltar16 17
  11. 11. Design by VISIT GIBRALTAR A breath of fresh air Action-packed holidays City of contrasts Exciting mixture of old and new Mediterranean flavours Taste Gibraltar Big skies, open seas Breathtaking scenery Dream weddings Follow in the footstepsGibraltar LondonTourist Board Information Office Gibraltar House, 150 Strand,Casemates Square, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA London, WC2R 1JATel: +350 20045000 Tel: +44 (0)20 7836 0777Fax: +350 20045865 Fax: +44 (0)20 7240 6612Email: Email: @visit_gibraltarDisclaimer: The Gibraltar Tourist Board does not accept responsibility for any changesin or unavailability of the services listed. @visit_gibraltar