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WNS Factsheet


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WNS Factsheet

  1. 1. FACT SHEET WNS is a leading global business process outsourcing company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offerings and a proven track record enables WNS to deliver business value to the world’s leading companies. WNS is passionate about building a market leading company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities. Our home page is CORPORATE INFORMATION Established Stock Symbol Employees Principal Shareholder 1996 NYSE - WNS 21,000+ Warburg Pincus DIFFERENTIATORS nDeep domain expertise n Operational excellence nEnd-to-end service nBusiness value focus n Partnership approach offerings FINANCIAL STRENGTH (Year ending March 31, 2009) Net Revenue* USD 386.4 million MAJOR CLIENTS Over 215 Global Clients n U.S. retail bank Major Leading U.K. insurer n Major U.S. auto insurers n nEuropean airline Global cosmetics company n Two global investment banks n nLeading European travel Consumer electronics giant n Leading global CPG brand n conglomerate Global market research n Leading global beverage brand n nLeading U.S. residential company Leading logistics company n mortgage bank Leading U.S. financial n n energy and gas utility Major n American airline North advisory firm n American travel North agency INDUSTRY RECOGNITION Domain Leadership Quality Leadership BPO Leadership nIndustry-specific multi-year nRecipient of Golden Peacock nRecipient of best new winner - IAOP 2009 Global eco-innovation award for outsourced services award by Outsourcing 100 Green Lean Sigma Program SSON - 2009 n performing FAO Best awarded by The World nRanked No.2 BPO company provider by Global Environment Foundation in in India by NASSCOM Services 100 - 2008 association with the Institute nRecipient of the Silver Plate nRanked No.1 insurance of Directors - 2009 Award for community service outsourcer by Global nRecipient of the Global Six Outsourcing 100 - 2007 Sigma Award for best nRanked as 6th largest FAO achievement of Six Sigma provider globally by Everest in outsourcing - 2007 Institute - 2007 *Revenues less repair payments As of June 30, 2009
  2. 2. INDUSTRY FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Banking and Financial Services Banking Operations Asset Management and Investment Banking nCheck processing Brokerage Services nPitch books, company nLock-box processing nAccount set-up and profiles and financial maintenance analysis nACH processing nBroker and advisor nFinancial models, forecasts nAdjustments and record support services and updates retrievals nCustomer service nResearch reports nNew account set-up and preparation and authoring maintenance nTransfer agency related processing nBusiness intelligence and nCredit card operations analysis nPortfolio administration nSAR and fraud operations nInvestment research Lending Services nLoan origination and processing nLoan underwriting nLoan closing and funding nPost closing and due-diligence nLoan servicing Communications Customer Acquisition Operations and CRM Sales and Contracts nOrder entry nInbound contact centre Administration nOrder fulfillment nLogging and monitoring nTelemarketing nContract management service requests nInside sales nLead generation nDirectory publishing nPricing and contract nChurn analysis and support preparation nOutbound sales nUsage analytics nSales order taking nSales analytics nCRM analytics nOrdering support nCross-selling and up-selling analytics nCollection analytics nInbound contact center nTraffic routing planning Order Provisioning and Order nWeb correspondence Management nNetwork utilization reporting nNew product and services, and analytics service delivery process creation nOrder provisioning nTechnical validation and support nRejected order tracking nMulti vendor tracking nOrder tracking nProactive order management nTest delivery conformance nBilling nData management (forms, administrations) 2 As of June 30, 2009
  3. 3. Healthcare Payers and TPA Providers nFront end processing nMedical billing and nClaims adjudication and collection exception management nMedical coding nCare management support nResearch support and nBill review and re-pricing administrative support Insurance Agency Services Policy Administration Claims nLicensing and contracting nManual remittance nClaim setup nCorrespondence exception processing nExamination nRenewals nPolicy benefits nReview nTerminations nPolicy reinstatements nSettlement and quotes nCommissions nCorrespondence nPolicy changes nSpecial compensation nTax compliance nInbound customer service nAbandoned properties nFirst notification of loss nEndorsements nPolicyholder and broker nRenewals claim enquiries New Business Support nSales nEngineers planning Premium Administration nClaim notification nConversion nFund applications processing adjustments, nQuote acceptance nRefunds endorsements, and nCross-selling and up-selling renewals nBilling nCustomer enquiries nClaim assessment nPremium mode changes nActuarial services nSettlement nBank information changes nExposure assessment nNegotiations and litigation nPremium audit nNew business data entry nRecovery check nRules-based underwriting processing nPolicy issuance nThird-party claims nSubrogation Logistics Sales and Customer Care Operations Shared Services nBookings nSchedules maintenance nFreight billing nCustomer service nSpace utilization nFreight audit nAWB manifesting nPricing and invoicing nDuties and taxes nTariff maintenance nBOL processing nTrack and trace support arrival notification nDaily drivers logs Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Sales, Marketing and Operations nSupplier management Customer Care nFault management and analysis nService delivery nChange management nSourcing support nCustomer feedback nChronic and RCA reporting nMarket intelligence management nSales performance reports nSpend analytics nTelemarketing and inside sales nStore planning Logistics nCustomer ordering support nMarket intelligence nLogistics management nMarket research neMarketing nScheduling and planning nAcquisition analytics Shared Services analytics nRetention analytics nBilling queries nMarket intelligence nMarketing effectiveness nMarketing analytics support nMIS and reporting nBilling support nDebt collection 3 As of June 30, 2009
  4. 4. Retail and Strategy Support Decision Support Custom Analytics and Consumer Products Data Services nGlobal landscape nMarket mix modeling assessment nTrade optimization nData-based insights nSegmentation and nPricing analytics nMIS and reporting targeting nData management nShelf optimization nConsumer response - Data cleaning modeling and drivers nVolume forecasting analysis nMarket research - Data integration nModeling initiative nSupply chain analytics success Management Information Tools nBusiness and financial research nTracking tools nSimulation tools nPlanning tools Travel and Leisure Sales and Customer Care Operations Shared Services nCustomer service nFare filing and loading nPassenger / cargo revenue nSales and reservations nRevenue management accounting and auditing services nLoyalty program nFares and ticketing management nCorporate finance and nQueue processing accounting nCustomer relations nPNR servicing nTransactional accounting nLost baggage tracing and nCargo operations support customer support nHuman resource management nWebsite navigation Platform Based Service nFraud prevention and nSpecialty help desk Offerings control n ® - Passenger JADE nAnalytics and MIS revenue accounting solution n Verifare® - Automated web-based fare audit solution Utilities and Energy Sales Management Meter Operations and Billing Customer Service Management nCampaign management nCustomer billing nService order management nSales management nManagement of prepaid nService contract nAccount and contact accounts nComplaints and requests management nBilling of unmetered management nIntegrated sales planning services nElectronic customer services and analysis nAccount management Supply Chain and nContract management Customer Financial Distribution Management Management nOrder provisioning and order nReceivables and management collections management nSales and contract nReconciliation administration nBill disputes and client nTechnical support help desk queries nImport and export documentation management nFreight bill auditing services nProcurement support services 4 As of June 30, 2009
  5. 5. CROSS INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Customer Care Services Channels Languages nCustomer service nVoice n English nCustomer complaint nEmail nFrench resolution nWhite mail n German nSales nChat n Spanish nLoyalty program n Italian management n Portuguese nCollections and refunds n Nordic nHR support n Dutch nComputer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) nTechnical support desk nSpecialty help desk Finance and Accounting Procure to Pay Order to Cash Supply Chain Finance nAccounts payable nAccounts receivable n Product costing nExpense reports nBilling and cash application n Inventory accounting nPayment processing nOrder management n Manufacturing accounting nCredit control Record to Report Industry Specific Accounting nCollections nGeneral accounting n Passenger revenue nFixed assets Corporate Functions accounting nTax filing and reporting nTreasury n Revenue audit and recovery nCost accounting nCash management n Claims management nInter-company accounting nFinancial planning and n Loan account maintenance analysis nStatutory reporting n Royalty accounting nTax and compliance nMonth-end reporting and n Fiduciary accounting consolidation nDecision support nManagement accounting Legal Services Property Law Law Firm Back Office Corporate Legal Support nFreehold and leasehold nDigital dictation nContract management conveyancing transcription nLegal research nMortgage re-financing legal nAccounts payable and nLitigation support processing general ledger nTitle checking services nEmployee data Personal Injury Claims nHIP back office management and payroll nNew claims processing nMedical evidence evaluation nClaims settling and closing Procurement Supplier Research and Contract Management Procurement Analytics Analysis nContract database n Spend data analysis and n New supplier identification management management, cleansing, and capability profiling maintaining, format n Supplier risk and financials Market Intelligence conversion analysis nIndustrial reports and n Statistical analysis n Supplier scorecard updates and report generation compilation nCommodity market Performance Reporting n Supplier normalization and intelligence negotiation strategies n Procurement group MIS nIndex pricing reporting Sourcing Support and nProjections and forecasts n Material scorecard Administration compilation Competitive Intelligence n RFI, RFQ, RFP design and n Savings reports development support nPeriodic newsletters on the industry n RFI and RFQ administration nPeriodic market trends update 5 As of June 30, 2009
  6. 6. Research and Analytics Market Research Business Research Shared Services (primary research) (secondary research) nPowerPoint charts nResearch design n Company research nMIS reporting nData collection n Industry research nFinance and accounting nData processing n Business intelligence nData management nAnalysis and presentation n Library services Procurement Analytics Financial Research Analytic Services nSpend data analysis nCorporate finance n Customer analytics nMarket intelligence nEquity research n CRM analytics nSupplier management nM&A research n MIS and reporting and analysis nAnalytical support n Data management nSourcing support Transformation Solutions Consulting and Program Management Services Process and Quality Services n Transformation strategy definition n Quality program strategy and establishment and planning n Problem definition and root cause analysis nGlobal, multi-domain solution definition / n Performance enhancement, benchmarking, development and metric definition nTransformation roadmap and business case n Process re-engineering (Six Sigma, Lean) development n Program and change management nProgram and change management nBusiness case realization and validation Technology Services Enterprise Solution / ERP Optimization n Program, project and n Process design / n Enterprise platform implementation re-engineering integration / optimization management n Configuration, n Software upgrades, n Solution selection, design customization, and maintenance and support and architecture implementation n Training and end user n Functional and technical n Interface design, support consulting development, and implementation Application Development, Maintenance, and Support n Program, project and n Custom software design, n Software upgrades, implementation development, testing maintenance, and support management n Package configuration, n Platform hosting n Software selection, solution integration, customization, n Training and end user design and architecture and implementation support Business Process Management n Program and n Process design / n Software upgrades, implementation re-engineering maintenance, and support management n Configuration, n Training and end user n Solution design and customization, and support architecture implementation n Workflow / business rule n Interface / integration definition and development implementation Business Intelligence and Analytical Solutions nProgram and n Configuration, nSoftware upgrades, implementation customization, and maintenance, and support management implementation nTraining and end user nSolution design and n Interface development, support architecture ETL, and data cleansing nAnalytical model definition n OLAP and report generation and implementation 6 As of June 30, 2009
  7. 7. Infrastructure and Network Services n Program and n IT infrastructure and n Managed services / hosting implementation process design / n IT support / helpdesk management re-engineering n Office / data center design n Network and remote and build infrastructure management GLOBAL PRESENCE North America Europe Asia USA United Kingdom India Romania Philippines Sri Lanka Singapore WNS's clients are global, requiring global delivery capabilities. Our network of 22 global delivery centers responds to needs for language, cultural alignment, redundancy and 24/7 operations. MANAGEMENT TEAM Our management team is accomplished and drawn from leading global organizations. Each member brings deep business acumen and domain expertise, helping us to grow ahead of the industry. Corporate Ramesh Shah Neeraj Bhargava Anup Gupta Management Team Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, WNS Group WNS Group WNS Group J. J. (Eric) Selvadurai Steve Reynolds Alok Misra Managing Director, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer Europe North America Deborah Kops Karthik Sarma Daniel Wollenberg Chief Marketing Officer Chief People Officer Head, Global Transformation Practice Arijit Sengupta Head, Asia Pacific Business Unit Ambreesh Mahajan Arun Kharbanda Jasjit Singh Kang Management Team Business Unit Leader - Business Unit Leader - Business Unit Leader - Travel and Leisure Services Research and Analytics Banking and Financial Services Services Manish Sinha Sulakshana Patankar Sumer Shankardass Business Unit Leader - Business Unit Leader - Insurance Practice Leader Industrial and Infrastructure Finance and Accounting Services Services Edwin Harrell Chief Executive Officer, WNS Assistance For more information, please write to us at 7 As of June 30, 2009
  8. 8. India Gate No. 4, Godrej & Boyce Complex Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli (West) Mumbai 400 079 United States of America 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2515, New York, NY 10170 United Kingdom The Lodge Harmondsworth Lane West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0AB Philippines ACS Centre, Citibank Building 8741 Paseo De Roxas Salcedo Village Makati City 1227, Philippines Romania Westgate Park, Building H1 24 Preciziei St., 062204 Bucharest Romania Sri Lanka HNB Towers, Level 13 479, T B Jayah Mawatha Colombo 10 Singapore 80 Raffles Place, Level 36 UOB Plaza 1 Singapore 048624 As of June 30, 2009