Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 06 Ceramicx


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Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 06 Ceramicx

  1. 1. Cathal Wilson, PhD, – Director Polymer Processing Cost Savings Workshop 21st March 2014
  2. 2. Company Background • Established 1992. • Export 98% of goods to 65+ Countries • Backward Integrated Manufacturing • Specialists in Infrared for Industry. • Produces components, systems and Control. • Produces Finished Equipment and machinery. • Advancing the Science of Infrared Process Heating through Research Centre C2I2. • www.ceramicxinfraredtraining.com now available • Heavily involved in Contract R&D work.
  3. 3. What is Infrared? • All Ranges of Infrared Components – Short Wave – Quartz Halogen/Tungsten Emitters - 0.75 – 1.4μm – Medium Wave – Quartz Cassette Emitters - 1.4 - 3 μm – Long Wave – Ceramic Emitters - 3 - 10 μm
  4. 4. Parts and Components
  5. 5. Parts and Components Online Shop for Parts and Components Uk & Ireland Office Opening in Cambridge to better Serve Uk Next Week
  6. 6. Applications Engineering Projects and Finished Equipment Supplied into Following Industries •Packaging – Roll Fed •Automotive/Aerospace – Cut Sheet, extrusion machine post processing & Composites •Oil – Extrusion machine post processing and joining equipment •White Goods – Food Industry 14 Patents •Glass – Automotive and High End Glass Applications
  7. 7. Irwin 44 inline Thermoformer Upgrade Clamshell style oven and control system 160KW, 132 control zones, ceramic hollow constructed upper heaters, anodised aluminium lower heaters. Zone temperature feedback via type K thermocouples and infrared thermometers. Hetronik HC 500 power control with Siemens S7-300 master and 17’’ touchscreen panel PC. Ability to swap between closed and open loop control. Expecting orders for 2 more machine upgrades this year.
  8. 8. Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation Current Partner Universities •Trinity College Dublin •Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University •University of Limerick •University of Duisburg Essen •Cork Institute of Technology Funding Won €1million+ in Innovation Partnership Support from E.I. and €10,000 Innovation Vouchers Over €500,000 in 2 European Projects with a further 4 Horizon 20:20 partnerships in the pipeline
  9. 9. Research & Development Herschel currently doing significant work in developing data and reports. Noticing increase in enquiries relating to bio materials, infrared can be used in flash curing of silicone tube, stabilisation of polymer webs, and in shrinking or joining processes. www.ceramicxinfraredtraining.com website was launched on Friday February 14th. This is almost complete with respect to the Comfort IR section and the Industrial sections will be complete in the coming 6-8 weeks. Ultimate ambition is the creation of an RTO, Research Technical Organisation attached to the company but this will take a number of years.
  10. 10. INFRARED HEATING TOOLS Ceramic long wave emitters
  11. 11. INFRARED HEATING TOOLS Quartz long-medium wave emitters
  12. 12. INFRARED HEATING TOOLS Quartz tungsten/halogen medium to short wave emitters Long wave glass, cloth and anodised aluminium faced panel heaters
  13. 13. Ceramic heater spectral output
  14. 14. What is the Herschel? • What are we building? – A tool for mapping IR in 3D space Important open questions • How efficient are these heaters? • Are they designed correctly?
  15. 15. • To develop a scientific instrument for measuring IR heat around heater assemblies • To map the infrared heat flux distribution, from a heater, in 3D space • To measure the energy efficiency of IR heater assemblies • To inform design optimization strategies of IR heater assemblies Objective of this R&D tool
  16. 16. • Heater assembly  Variable heat  Positioning system • Schmidt-Boelter Type Gage Radiometer  Positioning system The measurement concept Schmidt-Boelter Heat Flux Sensor How does one measure IR heat flux and how does one map it in 3D space? IR Heater Reflector IR Heat
  17. 17. The test facility in prototype form in Trinity College
  18. 18. • FTE650W • 0-650W (@230V) • 250mm x 60mm The Heater Assembly
  19. 19. Typical Results • 50cm x 50cm 2D planes • 5 planes 10 cm apart • 50cm x 50cm x 50cm 50cm 50 cm
  20. 20. Typical Results • Data made continuous using high order polynomial regression • Allows full 3D reconstruction from discrete 2D planes • Can now perform an array of different calculations
  21. 21. Outlook • The 3D IR heat flux mapping concept works • Further work to be done with heater arrays • A Tool to provide significant advancement to Infrared Heatwork Science • Founding Tool for Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation and and More Development and Research in Pipeline
  22. 22. Thank You! Any Questions?