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Education tourism
Education tourism
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The Future of Tourism Education



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The Future of Tourism Education. Invited Speech at National Summit for Tourism Education

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The Future of Tourism Education

  1. 1. The Future of Tourism Education Dr. Alessandro Inversini School of Tourism Bournemouth University Dr. Alessandro Inversini @beanbol
  2. 2. “The  intellect  engages  us  in  the  pursuit  of  Truth.   The  passions  impel  us  to  ac5on.”       (M.Tullius  Cicero,  De  Officiis)
  3. 3. Working  in  Higher  Educa=on
  4. 4. In  2020,  higher  educa5on  will  not  be  much  different  from  the  way  it   is  today.  While  people  will  be  accessing  more  resources  in  classrooms   through  the  use  of  large  screens,  teleconferencing,  and  personal   wireless  smart  devices,  most  universi5es  will  mostly  require  in-­‐ person,  on-­‐campus  aBendance  of  students  most  of  the  5me  at   courses  featuring  a  lot  of  tradi9onal  lectures.  Most  universi5es'   assessment  of  learning  and  their  requirements  for  gradua5on  will  be   about  the  same  as  they  are  now.     SCENARIO  1     Pew  Research  center,  2012
  5. 5. By  2020,  higher  educa5on  will  be  quite  different  from  the  way  it  is   today.  There  will  be  mass  adop5on  of  teleconferencing  and  distance   learning  to  leverage  expert  resources.  Significant  numbers  of   learning  ac5vi5es  will  move  to  individualized,  just-­‐in-­‐9me  learning   approaches.  There  will  be  a  transi5on  to  "hybrid"  classes  that   combine  online  learning  components  with  less-­‐frequent  on-­‐campus,   in-­‐person  class  mee9ngs.  Most  universi5es'  assessment  of  learning   will  take  into  account  more  individually-­‐oriented  outcomes  and   capaci5es  that  are  relevant  to  subject  mastery.     Requirements  for  gradua5on  will  be     significantly  shiRed  to  customized  outcomes.     SCENARIO  2     Pew  Research  center,  2012
  6. 6. Where  are  we  heading  to?
  7. 7. PEW  Research  Center  Results   Scenario  2:  60%     Hot  Topic  1:  “Adap=ve  Universi=es”     Hot  Topic  2:  ICT  will  create  less  uniformity  in  HE   Hot  Topic  3:  Distance  learning  vs  knowledge-­‐sharing       Hot  Topic  4:  Collabora=ve  Educa=on  &  P2P   Hot  Topic  5:  Change  is  happening  incrementally
  8. 8. Higher  Educa=on  in  the  Tourism  Sector   Tourism  is  an  applied  field   Educa=on  needs  vs  Industry  needs Mul=disciplinary  /  Mul=cultural  Subject  
  9. 9. What  are  we  doing?
  10. 10. Digital  MarComms  @STBU         
  11. 11. Wow,  Wow  and…Wow!                 hap://    
  12. 12. There  is  a  need  for  change!   Tourism  in  Postmodern  Society   [Skills  &  Knowledge]  +  Ap=tude   What  jobs  in  2020  (?)   Who  are  we  training?
  13. 13. TEFI  Core  Values     Ethics   Mutuality     Knowledge   Stewardship hap://     Professionalism    
  14. 14. How  does  the  future  of  tourism  educa=on  look  like?
  15. 15. What  is  the  role  of  technologies?
  16. 16. hap://­‐M