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Social Media & Emotion in Tourism Panel at ENTER2012


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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Social Media & Emotion in Tourism Panel at ENTER2012

  1. 1. Panel Workshop: Emotions inthe online tourists’ feedback Alessandro Inversini Managing Director ticinoinfo sa Lecturer and Fellow Researcher
  2. 2. Web2.0 from theory to practice• Definition: is web2.0 a technical evolution? – Low publication threshold – More like a town square than a library – Large bandwidth makes possible a wider use of multimedia (Cantoni & Tardini, 2009)• Metrics for the analyisis – Buzz? – Like(s)? – Funnel?
  3. 3. Web2.0 from theory to practiceIs web reputation enough?The aggregation of the entire range of onlinefeedbacks/representations creates the webreputation of organizations.(Dellarocas, 2003 and 2005; Bolton et al., 2004, Inversini et al, 2009). Are we able to manage web reputation? Are we able to increase web reputation? Is it a mechanical/managerial approach?
  4. 4. Human Factor as Central Issue
  5. 5. Example (ii)Slovenia
  6. 6. Example (ii)Slovenia
  7. 7. Dante
  8. 8. Can we generate emotions?
  9. 9. KLM
  10. 10. BASILICATA Can we manage emotions?Basilicata Obermutten
  11. 11. OBERMUTTEN Can we manage emotions?Basilicata Obermutten
  12. 12. Can we track emotions?
  13. 13. Alessandro InversiniManaging Director ticinoinfo saLecturer and Fellow Researcher