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ServiceSync Overview at CloudExpo


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ServiceSync Overview at CloudExpo

  1. 1. Inventit Service-SyncM2M Application Enablement Platform Cloud Expo 2012 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  2. 2. 2 Inventit Service-Sync IoT (Internet-of-Things) Application Enablement Platform “Development” and “Execution” Platform for M2M/IoT Applications  Remote service providers can focus on value-added M2M applications  Manufactures can focus on device dependent applications embedded in a device  Small and medium sized manufactures can provide the highly valued remote services to users in a low cost and timely manner  Create new service opportunities by separating machine and machine management Energy Automotive Medical device Healthcare Smart meter Monitoring monitoring monitoring monitoring Platform API Service-Sync: M2M Application Enablement Platform Cloud Platform Network Infrastructure Create New service opportunities 2 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  3. 3. 3 Service-Sync Cloud Inventit Service-Sync is Cloud based platform for M2M applications Enterprise system Any Device Any Network Cloud platform Network (3G/4G, fixed line, satellite, etc.) 3 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  4. 4. 4 What is in Service-Sync No need to own hardware Cloud Service Scale to your business need No need to develop from a scratch Platform You just develop machine and service dependent applications Asset Modeling Easy to define attributes and functions on device M2M applications and communication Web Service API processing are separated Easy to integrate with the enterprise applications Several engines for handling big data, e.g., Big data processing Complex Event Processing, Search engine, distributed file system NoSQL database Favorable to intrinsic unstructured IoT data 4 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  5. 5. Internet of Things5 Mashup Collaboration SNS for Enterprise SNS for Things Product Product M2M/IoT Application Asset Platform SNS for SNS for User Aftermarket Supply chain Turn machine data into actionable information to Machine starts to drive “demand driven” “chat” after-market service Asset Dealer/Reseller User Machine data Field service Sensor data ManufactureSupply Chain (Aftermarket service) 5 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  6. 6. 6 Service-Sync IOT System Service-Sync Cloud CRM ERP M2M Application M2M Application M2M Application SNS FSM Web service API Service-Sync Server External System Gateway M2M Application M2M Application M2M Application API Service-Sync GW Sensor Device 6 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  7. 7. 7 Service-Sync Demo Configuration Twitter Tweet Service-Sync Cloud Query Web App Demo Cloud Apps Data/Notify Service-Sync External System Server Knock detection Thermometer App App Service-Sync GW Rule Set HTTP Arduino Server UART/USB Arduino LCD Knock Thermometer button 7 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED
  8. 8. 8 Demo Scenarios  Demo_1: Dynamic rule reconfiguration on gateway  Change a rule in Service-Sync Gateway to filter sensor data uploaded to server  Apply and activate the revised rule set  Demo_2: Dynamic M2M application reconfiguration on a gateway from a server  Change a M2M application to a new one  Apply and activate the new M2M application 8 CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED