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Getting Future Ready


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In this whitepaper, we explore three key technology areas where UK manufacturers should focus their efforts in order to succeed and grow in today’s complex global environment and future-proof operations

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Getting Future Ready

  1. 1. Manufacturing: Getting Future Reedy In an era of globai economic uncertainty, the UK manufacturing sector continues to suffer. New research shows that technological investment in key areas of productivity could give the sector the boost it needs.
  2. 2. Only 11th largest manufacturing nation The UK is lagging behind other countries on the global In 2015 UK manufacturing manufacturing stage growth stagnated
  3. 3. But technologies such as. .. Cloud Big Data Figs» and Social . . . can help UK manufacturers recover and become future ready.
  4. 4. - Invest using data analysis and insights - Accurately manage budget allocation Intelligent use of such technologies can: Improve research and development - Increase speed to market
  5. 5. Help drive integrated planning Streamline operations Gain full supply chain visibility Protect against future risk Improve performance through KPIs
  6. 6. Enhance customer centricity Listen to customers across all channels - Achieve real-time data analysis Rapidly respond to customer feedback Match demand and supply more efficiently
  7. 7. M’ In an environment of growing competition and innovation, manufacturers that use new technologies effectively and respond quickly to change will emerge as industry leaders. Read the new lnvenio report, ‘Getting Future Ready’ to find out how you can harness technology to ensure future success. htt : //wwvvinvenio-solutions. com/ ettin -uture-read /