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Travel Open Apps English Version


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Presentation document about Travel Open Apps. English Version.

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Travel Open Apps English Version

  1. 1. Index 1. General Context 2. Project Description 3. Objectives 4. Travel Open Apps Modules 5. Information and communication 6. Implementation Plan 2011 7. 2012 Development Community 1
  2. 2. 1. General ContextThe development of e-commerce and Internet sales has become akey factor within the tourism sector for benefiting from new trendsand user behaviour when it comes to booking travel.In light of this situation, and as a driving force for tourist activity in theRegion of Valencia through The Valencian Institute of TourismTechnologies (Invat.tur), is to provide the tourism sector with a directchannel to the public and other operators via the Internet.Travel Open Apps Project aims at defining and developing an onlinecomprehensive system of distribution and tourism e-commerce andmaking available a Web 2.0 collaborative business environment to theentire tourism sector of the Region of Valencia, oriented to the marketintelligence and the promotion of new technologies, e-commerce andmarketing projects applied to tourism.The implementation of the Travel Open Apps Project will encourage theexpansion of new technologies for the improvement of corporatecommerce and communication, thus increasing the levels ofcompetitiveness, position and distribution capacity of tourismbusinesses. 2
  3. 3. 2. Project DescriptionTravel Open Apps is a project managed by the Valencia RegionTourism Board and Invat.tur, whose objective is to put into actionnew initiatives in order to face the new habits of the tourist demandand the new challenges of the industry.Travel Open Apps is the tourist distribution platform of the ValenciaRegion all over the world. The platform is considered a keycompetitiveness factor in a constantly changing and complexinternational tourism sector. This technology will allow the access forall our clients, to our entire tourist offer through all the channels.Conceived as a multiproduct system available for all agents in thetourism sector (accommodation establishments, leisure agencies,restaurants, tourism destinations, transport agents, travel agencies,etc.), it is connected to the distribution channels and operators inorder to increase the number of selling points.The platform is connected to the most common PMSs in the ValenciaRegion so that the uploading process of the tourist companies’ offerwould be facilitated.Travel Open Apps is a singular project worldwide and aims to becomean international industry standard sustained by its widetransformation capacity and its innovative character.The Valencia Region Tourism Board and all the tourism industry havestarted the implementation of this new platform counting on dynamicdistribution and new business opportunities for the tourism industry.Travel Open Apps is the way of increasing the competitiveness of thetourism sector of the Valencia Region based on innovation in sellingtechniques. The proper technology allows to inter connect the entiretourist offer of the destination and the platform allows the use ofinnovative marketing and selling formulas throughout thetechnological innovation: connection, alliances, product and servicesnetworks; the new system allows product and selling synergies.Travel Open Apps is a complete solution for tourist companies anddestinations in order to facilitate the optimal access to the market.This new environment is to integrate the whole tourist offer in acommon location and further on trade it throughout all the availablechannels. The final client will have access to the entire offer by thetraditional channels and also through the online channels such astravel agencies, reservation systems, online destination portals, webpages and other existing of future distribution platforms.The gathering of the whole tourist offer of the Valencia Region in onesingle place allows the true conversion of the local resources in real 3
  4. 4. motivations for travelling. Each of the connected companies amplifies the value of its presented offer and will be able to create a more attractive product. The only way to create experiences and bring them to the client is throughout the integration of the differential proposal of the destination that leads to a more dynamic proposal and allows not only experiential marketing, but also their distribution and selling. Travel Open Apps will allow the rise of new unique products based on their own quality and minimizing the price importance. This differential value perceived by the clients, reaffirms the reality that besides sun and beach tourism, the Valencia Region has a varied and dynamic tourism offer, able to satisfy all visitors. 3. Objectives- Identification and development of a comprehensive system of e- commerce that provides the tourism industry with competitive technology to be adapted to the new tourism distribution scenario, under a philosophy of free software (open source).- This project is proposed to cover the entire tourism sector in the Region of Valencia and foster to increase the competitiveness of public bodies and tourism promotion agencies, accommodation sector, TTAA, catering sector, complementary offer, transport sector, etc.- Travel Open Apps Project is expected to boost the development of a community of professionals and a community of developers in the e- commerce of tourism offer on the Internet, as well as the possibility of opening this solution to the global tourism sector and placing the Region of Valencia as leader region in online distribution.- Provide an innovative solution in order to improve competitiveness and facilitate the tourism management and distribution process, Travel Open Apps is aimed to be of specific help to SMEs.- Encourage the private-public collaboration participating in the elaboration of a technical solution for the specific needs of the tourism sector.- Capitalize the web traffic of the tourist destinations websites throughout the use of a search engine integrated in the platform. 4
  5. 5. 4. Travel Open Apps ModulesThis is a multi-product system that will cover all agents within thetourism sector (accommodation, catering, travel agencies,complementary products and services, transportation, etc.) to allowthem to market their products online.In this context, Travel Open Apps raises as a project aimed tofacilitate innovative solutions in the promotion area, marketing,distribution and custom loyalty within the tourism sector of theValencia Region creating an integrated distribution online system inorder to incentive and impulse the change of the competitive touristmodel. The resulting system comprise the following modules: - Central reserve system (CRS). This the main element of the system - Company management system. This include a property management system (PMS) functionality and integrate elements such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system and business intelligence (BI) tools. - Advanced website creation system. This, in turn, compri content management system (CMS) and e- commerce management module, and creating websites under any combination of destinations and/or products. - Channel management system. This comprise B2B consolidator and channel manager. - Multimedia repository. This is a multimedia documental source used from the websites generated through the CMS. 5
  6. 6. Supply System (PMS) Central Reservation System (CRS) Chan el Manage Customer Relationship Business System Management (CRM) Intelligence (BI) Multimedia repository 6
  7. 7. 5. Information and communication #TOAPPS- Informative web and blog: - Communication channel with the tourism sector agents. - User registration on the web - News, RSS, reports, FAQS - Social Networks presence: Facebook, Twitter etc. 7
  8. 8. 6. Implementation - May 2011: accommodation establis . training sessions. Communication campaign. - June – July 2011: - October 2011: registration of all remaining tourist agents. - October-Decemb 7. 2012 Development Community. Travel Open Apps Store Implementation Development Travel OpenAwareness Training Apps Store Evolutional and corrective maintenance Saas Platform maintenance Support and Call Centre 8