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Golden Krishna – The Best Interface is No Interface

Golden Krishnas presentation at From Business to Buttons in Stockholm, April 15 2016. FBTB is the meeting place for everyone who wants hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great user experiences.

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Golden Krishna – The Best Interface is No Interface

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 is No Interface
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  5. 5. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Today…
  6. 6. 3D Toothpaste @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at
  7. 7. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at HD Sunglasses
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  9. 9. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 3D printed chips
  10. 10. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at A cultural reflection of how technology is having a huge impact on our lives.
  11. 11. Download slides at #NoUI 0 200 400 600 800 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Computer science Major intentions for incoming freshman at The University of Washington
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  14. 14. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Excitement + Momentum + Talent
  15. 15. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at We’re doing something unfortunate.
  16. 16. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at A low bar.
  17. 17. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at No matter what the problem,
  18. 18. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at so often we have same answer.
  19. 19. Download slides at #NoUI Reading from Chapter 3 Page 35
  20. 20. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at First car patent
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  22. 22. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at “Modern” trash bins
  23. 23. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at “Modern” trash bins
  24. 24. @goldenkrishna #NoUI UI/UX Designer Apple Inc. Lead User Experience & UI Designer HP UX/UI Developer Adobe UXUI Mobility Designer Dell UI/UX Designer Evernote Intern UX/UI Designer Pebble Sr. UX/UI Designer Nook eCommerce UX/UI Designer Beats By Dr. Dre Lead UX/UI Mobile Designer Logitech UI UX Designer Philips Global UI UX Developer UX / UI Developer JPMorgan Chase
  25. 25. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at UX / UI
  26. 26. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at UX ≠ UI
  27. 27. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at UI is Navigation, sub navigation, menus, drop downs, buttons, links, windows, rounded corners, shadowing, error messages, alerts, updates, checkboxes, password fields, search fields, text inputs, radio selections, text areas, hover states, selection states, pressed states, tooltips, banner ads, embedded videos, swipe animations, scrolling, clicking, iconography, colors, lists, slideshows, alt text, badges, notifications, gradients, pop ups, comment sections, carousels, OK/cancel,…
  28. 28. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at UX is People, happiness, solving problems, understanding needs, love, efficiency, entertainment, pleasure, delight, smiles, soul, warmth, personality, helpful, joy, satisfaction, gratification, joy, elation, exhilaration, bliss, euphoria, convenience, enchantment, magic, productivity, effectiveness, …
  29. 29. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at UX / UI
  30. 30. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at We’ve made it your job to solve problems with screens.
  31. 31. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Good experience design
 isn’t good screens,
 it’s good experiences. Download slides at
  32. 32. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Design confusion.
  33. 33. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Poor metrics:
  34. 34. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at How many clicks... How addicted... How hooked... Poor metrics:
  35. 35. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Some designers focus more on addiction and less about elegance or efficiency.
  36. 36. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Our output has become more screen time for more people.
  37. 37. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Children 2 hours
  38. 38. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Teens 7.5 hours
  39. 39. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Adults 8.5 hours
  40. 40. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Consequences to screen-based thinking.
  41. 41. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Distracted The CDC has found that 1,000 people are injured, nearly 10 people die everyday in
 The United States because they are distracted by their cell phones while driving.
  42. 42. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Ruins Sleep The color temperature of our screens mimics mid-day, throwing off our sleep cycles when we look at them at night.
  43. 43. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Less Creative “Studies suggest that we get our most original ideas when we stop the constant stimulation and let ourselves get bored...” “Bored and Brilliant”, WNYC
  44. 44. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Less Empathetic “…Sixth-graders who went five days without exposure to technology were significantly better at reading human emotions than kids who had regular access to phones, televisions and computers.” “Kids And Screen Time”, NPR
  45. 45. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Don’t get me wrong
  46. 46. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at These slides.
  47. 47. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at You.
  48. 48. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at But we can greatly reduce the amount of screen time that’s necessary.
  49. 49. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Not long ago, our lives were filled with paper.
  50. 50. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Today, instead, our lives are filled with screens.
  51. 51. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The best interface
 is no interface.
  52. 52. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The Best Interface is No Interface
  53. 53. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The Best Interface is No Interface
  54. 54. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The Best Interface is No Interface
  55. 55. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The Best Interface is No Interface
  56. 56. Download slides at #NoUI P R I N C I P L E O N E Embrace
 typical processes instead of screens.
  57. 57. Dr. Michael Rothberg
  58. 58. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 68% of medical staff had exactly the same
  59. 59. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 68% of medical staff had exactly the same 90% of college students had exactly the same experience
  60. 60. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Ringxiety
  61. 61. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS)
  62. 62. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The paranoia that your
 phone is buzzing and beeping ...when it’s not. Ringxiety:
  63. 63. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 150 notifications per day
  64. 64. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 221 times a day Check our phones
  65. 65. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Let me out!
  66. 66. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at But there’s a different approach.
  67. 67. Moves app icon
  68. 68. Moves app data @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Moves
  69. 69. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Lost Keys Average adult in the UK “misplaces nine items a day,” ...30% spend 15 minutes a day trying to find lost items...people are “most frustrated at losing their house keys.” Wall Street Journal
  70. 70. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Lockitron
  71. 71. Lockitron first generation
  72. 72. Lockitron 1.0 actual use
  73. 73. Embracing typical process
  74. 74. Lockitron second generation
  75. 75. Elegance and efficiency
  76. 76. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at The second generation raised $2.2 million on Kickstarter.
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  78. 78. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Hands Free
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  81. 81. Download slides at #NoUI Reading from Chapter 11 Page 131
  82. 82. Download slides at #NoUI P R I N C I P L E T W O Leverage computers instead of serving them.
  83. 83. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Smithsonian
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  85. 85. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Deep Blue
  86. 86. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Deep Blue
  87. 87. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Deep Blue v.
  88. 88. Today’s awful machines
  89. 89. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at 100 Today’s terrible computers
 have processors more than gigaflops faster than Deep Blue
  90. 90. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at computersserveWe
  91. 91. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Computers serveus
  92. 92. Download slides at #NoUI Reading from Chapter 13 Page 154
  93. 93. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at There are people chipping away at these digital chores.
  94. 94. @goldenkrishna #NoUIDownload slides at Restoring computing experiences to what they should be.
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  98. 98. Download slides at #NoUI P R I N C I P L E T H R E E Create a
 system that adapts for
  99. 99. @goldenkrishna #NoUI Saving money 25% of Americans have no savings account 20% of Britons have no savings account 25% of Britons have less than £500 saved CNN, The Telegraph
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  102. 102. Download slides at #NoUI Reading from Chapter 21 Page 154
  103. 103. Email me anytime at #NoUI Download these slides at The Best Interface
 is No Interface