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ProSeries Helpful Resources


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ProSeries Helpful Resources

  1. 1. ProSeries Tax: Resources Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Knowledge Base There are 2 ways to access the ProSeries knowledge base Method 1: Search within ProSeries
  3. 3. Knowledge Base Method 2: Search from the ProSeries Support Site
  4. 4. Support – Chat In Program
  5. 5. New Chat button on Toolbar Chat Statuses: Online – Clicking chat button initiates pop up window to start a Chat session Offline – The chat button will show offline when chat is not available
  6. 6. Help – Video Links
  7. 7. Support – User Guides
  8. 8. Knowledge Article Subscription Why is this important? •When you want that ‘follow-up’ to a reported issue, now you can subscribe to an article when it is updated. The message reads: You can subscribe to this article and receive an automatic notification by email of any updates or changes to this issue. It’s quick, easy, and of course free. Subscribe Now.
  9. 9. Recommended Article for Subscription See the Resource slides for the link
  10. 10. ProSeries Training Forum Follow our new Training Forums for the latest updates ProSeries Training Forum Subscribe
  11. 11. Support – Training
  12. 12. Live Community Join ProSeries Live Community
  13. 13. Resources –
  14. 14. Resources • Support doc for downloading: document.jsp?product=PROSERIES_TAX&id=GEN504 05 • Download help: ocument.jsp?product=PROSERIES_TAX&id=INF24823 &src=syswidget • Calendar-Year Services: • Tax law change blog: =E-NEWS_TAX
  15. 15. Resources • System Requirements for 2013 ProSeries and ProSeries Basic roduct=PROSERIES_TAX&id=INF23972&src=widget • ProSeries Top Solutions for the Week roduct=PROSERIES_TAX&id=INF22988&src=widget • New for Tax Year 2013 ProSeries: State Electronic Filing Now Supports PDF Attachments roduct=PROSERIES_TAX&id=GEN85889 • E-file Atlas
  16. 16. Resources • New for Tax Year 2013 ProSeries, Create and Email Password Protected PDF Files to Your Clients ent.jsp?product=PROSERIES_TAX&id=INF24439 • ProSeries User Guides • ProSeries Training • Signing Up for Article Subscriptions ent.jsp?product=PROSERIES_TAX&id=INF24970 • Setup Options to Customize ProSeries ent.jsp?product=PROSERIES_TAX&id=GEN51333
  17. 17. Keyboard Shortcuts
  18. 18. Keyboard Shortcuts