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Create content that helps to grow business


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SEO and Content Marketing goes hand in hand. SEO helps you to find out what your target market wants and what keywords they are searching. Create content that helps you better get better SEO and social media presence.

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Create content that helps to grow business

  1. 1. Use SEO to create relevant content
  2. 2. Do you know what they want?
  3. 3. Spy with your little eye
  4. 4. Internship in New York? Work life in NYE?Work experience in US? US work culture? Why summer internship? Finding right content and channel
  5. 5. Google is making lots of its data available for everyone Google Insights Trends
  6. 6. Create alerts!
  7. 7. There are many sources to help you to create correct content that supports your social media strategy. -Content creations is very time consuming how can you make it more efficient?
  8. 8. Often, the best SEO insights come from discussions about your niche overall, but not a specific product. -How do you know that the insights you get is 100% relevant to your specific product and customers?