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Content marketing presentation


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Memes as Content Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Content marketing presentation

  1. 1. How the Internet has changed Marketing 0 Allowed for consumer created content 0 Allowed for consumer feedback to happen real- time 0 Opens conversation lines between company and consumer 0 Cheap and buzz worthy
  2. 2. Which Social Media Platform? 0 Instagram and Twitter 0 Reach a wide audience (ages <15-35+) 0 “Strange content” – stays in the mind 0 Creates more “shares” and conversation 0 Retweets/Tagging friends
  3. 3. The more outrageous the better or worse? 10,471 Likes 5,534 Likes
  4. 4. Roasting the Competition AND Consumers
  5. 5. How Conversations are Content Marketing - From online to word of mouth - Sharable Content – Retweet, Reblog, Tag-a- friend - Isn’t directly selling a product but makes you want to learn more - Targeting a young audience 0 Tools like Twitter and Instagram create a forum on which the consumer can directly contact the company 0 This allows the company to quickly adjust their marketing to meet consumer needs
  6. 6. Using cultural references
  7. 7. Questions to consider 0 Is there such thing as bad publicity? i.e. the feud between McDonald’s & Wendy’s 0 Is stranger really better? 0 Does creating a conversation actually lead to sales conversions?