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B2b Now Pdf


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B2b Now Pdf

  1. 1. On a latest count there were 100 million web sites on the world wide web
  2. 2. How do you distinguish yourself among 100 million others who share the same space? How do you isolate the specific customers who only want YOUR product, but are not willing to flip through 100 million web sites in order to visit yours? How do you get YOUR CUSTOMERS hooked onto YOUR PRODUCTS instead of the products of your competitors?
  3. 3. With the b2b-now GLOBAL ecommerce MARKETPLACE!
  4. 4. “Internet Enabled Trade is a key strategy for globalization” “This year alone, $5 trillion USD will be spent by businesses worldwide on Internet ecommerce” Capitalize on Internet Enabled ecommerce, and propel your business to the next level.
  5. 5. what is b2b-now? b2b-now is an ecommerce junction where Business Buyers and Business Suppliers meet. The b2b-now Global ecommerce Trading Marketplace is an online business to business trading portal where: buyers and sellers meet in order to talk to each other exchange information about their products discuss the customers’ needs negotiate offers and close sales deals
  6. 6. Suppliers offer their products to thousands of buyers, in one website location. Buyers search for specific commodities in this well organized website location. b2b-now offers you a simple method to increase profits and decrease expenses by maximizing your company's buying and selling potential.
  7. 7. How does the b2b-now ecommerce marketplace work? b2b-now, is the leading ecommerce marketplace for international trade, and aiming to be the junction point of the world's Buyers and Sellers it brings together Buyers with Sellers in a specialized ecommerce portal / search engine, where both buyers and sellers can find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online
  8. 8. If you are a business owner, or in advertising, purchasing, marketing, sales, or in any facet of business, this is the place to be. Do not let your competitors take your market!
  9. 9. As a b2b-now Supplier (i) Save time, money, and increase your market reach and customer base by using b2b-now. Be quot;First to Marketquot; with your products & services in this new global ecommerce marketplace. Offer and promote your products or services instantly to a global audience in a cost and time effective manner. Locate and connect with buyers, resellers, agents, or distributors that are looking for your products and services. Receive TRADE ALERTS when new Buy Offers occur in your monitored categories.
  10. 10. As a b2b-now Supplier (ii) As soon as you submit your sell offer or your product, it will be sent to all buyers that have requested to receive from the relevant category (hot prospects / fast response) Take advantage of our extraordinary marketing effort to promote your products and services to more than 100 million businesses worldwide. Your company & product information will be submitted through b2b-now to Search Engines and significantly reduce your monthly advertising costs. Create links back to your website, to increase your site's popularity Submit your b2b-now page to more than 800 business directories and trade websites.
  11. 11. All these will guarantee that, among the millions of businesses all over the world, tens of thousands of potential customers will notice YOUR business
  12. 12. As a b2b-now Buyer (i) b2b-now provides you with a single ecommerce access point for products and services, using manufacturers that deliver on time, the highest quality, and at the best price point. Locate and connect with Suppliers, Manufacturers Agents and Distributors from your region or around the world. Receive TRADE ALERTS when new Sell Offers occur in your monitored categories. As soon as you submit your buy offer, it will be sent to all suppliers that have requested to receive from the relevant category (hot prospects / fast response)
  13. 13. As a b2b-now Buyer (ii) Review suppliers' products and services. Request offers on products and services. Learn of special sales offers or services. Search, post a buy offer, browse, or receive email alerts on monitored new sales offers and services. Registration is free, so join B2B-now and open your doors to global ecommerce trade with suppliers you can trust. Create links back to your website, to increase your site's popularity Submit your b2b-now page to more than 800 business directories and trade websites.
  14. 14. If you are already a buyer at another marketplace, joining will only increase your company's purchasing power & alternatives so join NOW!
  15. 15. How much would you be willing to pay in order to gain access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in over 200 countries? On the Gold Membership scheme, b2b-now costs $0.52 per day, which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee! On an annual basis, this adds up to $192! And on the Platinum Membership which brings in tons of extra features, the cost is $1.34 per day, which adds up to $492 per annum.
  16. 16. Thousands of potential customers are visiting b2b-now, actively looking for your company and your products. If they can’t find you, they will contact your competitor. This will, probably, double his revenues, not yours! ACT TODAY, TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. DON’T WASTE ANOTHER DAY!
  17. 17. Take advantage of this extraordinary b2b ecommerce service right now! Register for the great value 12-month Gold or Platinum b2b Membership! Once you register, you only need to take 10 minutes in order to: post your company profile post at least one product/service, and post at least one buy/sell offer
  18. 18. start growing your business register TODAY !