Example Presentation Intro2gd


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This is an example of presentating your work on Introduction to Game Design 2009 course.

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Example Presentation Intro2gd

  1. 1. Example presentation Intro2gamedesign@gmail.com
  2. 2. Introduction • The slide show of your work should be based on your written work. • Try to concise the things that are most pivotal to your writing
  3. 3. Introduction • Maybe you can divide the intro into couple of slides • In the introduction you can tell for example about these: – The main learnings from the course on a general level – The theme/subtopic you chose – The game you played
  4. 4. The Game • As you have explained in your work about the details of your game – Give also others some basic information – And interesting details – Use also pictures  Very efficient way to communicate details of gameplay
  5. 5. The Game • Probably you need more slides than one for that • And more pictures
  6. 6. Game as x • Now, discuss also about the subtopic that you chose in more details – In general level – On the level of your experience or the things that are most important findings in your analysis
  7. 7. Conclusions • In general, the slide show is a concise, simple and graphical presentation of your written work • If you chose another kind of structure for your titles of chapters, please use that • Rule of thumb: 10-20 slides is good length for a presentation!
  8. 8. Provoking comments • Perhaps, you can attach some interesting questions or provoking thoughts at the end of the presentation – Sparks the discussion!
  9. 9. Thanks for reading and watching! © Annakaisa Kultima