Educational Management Systems


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Educational Management Systems

  1. 1. Educational Management Educational Educational Administration Management Systems Instruction Organization Collaboration Assessment Educational Management Educational Technology Systems e-Learning Blended Learning Technology-enhanced learning Flexibility and Convenience Web-based learning Content Variation and Consistency E-mail Interaction and Feedback Hypermedia Multimedia CDs/Coursewares Collaborative Software Computer-aided Assessment Educational Management Blackboard Systems Knowledge Database Information Systems Virtual Learning Environment Learning and Content Management Systems
  2. 2. WebCT WizLearn ATutor Learning Management Systems Learning Management System Learning Management System (LMS) (LMS) Serves as a virtual learning environment Helps in managing, tracking progress and which offers e-learning that can deliver development of employees, students, contents of a classroom-based session customers, and other users
  3. 3. Learning Management System (LMS) LMS Feature Sets Can provide an organization with training Faculty Tool Set courses, file management for its users, Student Tool Set person-to-person communication, group Administrator Tool Set discussions, and bulletin board for announcements of events LMS Feature Sets LMS Feature Sets Faculty Tool Set Faculty Tool Set Online grade book Student access tracking Grade reporting tool Webpage access tracking Quiz/Survey development tool Web-based file management Course website backup, download, & upload Page counters facilities Course website glossary building tool Student account administration tools Course website indexing system Student group administration tools Course announcements and calendar Grader account administration tools administration tool LMS Feature Sets LMS Feature Sets Student Tool Set Student Tool Set Student self-evaluations Web-based email and discussion groups Student accounts for webpage publishing Real-time chat rooms Group work areas for collaborative webpage Real-time white boards publishing Individual grade and progress status reports Course content annotation facility and Grade distribution status report bookmarks
  4. 4. LMS Feature Sets LMS Feature Sets Administrator Tool Set Administrator Tool Set Course website creation, duplication, and Course website statistics deletion Number of students enrolled in a course Course website backups File space used by a course website Course website downloading and uploading Number of hits on a course website First and last access date Learning Content Management LMS Feature Sets System (LCMS) Administrator Tool Set A system that is used to author, approve, Course website student account administration publish, and manage learning content Batch student account initialization and deletion Batch course rostering LCMS Characteristics LCMS Characteristics Easy-to-use content creation tools Flexible course design and delivery The capability for knowledge to author knowledge Recognize that very organization possesses content quickly, without the assistance of third- unique content, and training processes, target party suppliers or information technology audiences, sophistication levels, and instructional resources designs
  5. 5. LCMS Characteristics LCMS Characteristics Flexible course design and delivery Support of reusable learning objects Content creators must be able to use standard Every piece of knowledge within the system must authoring tools that they're familiar with rather be stored as a reusable learning object--a chunk than being forced to use tools embedded in the of distinct knowledge that can be kept as a system resource for content designers within the system, or delivered as a stand-alone object LCMS Characteristics LCMS Characteristics Administrative applications Assessment tools Functions as a stand-alone system that manages Assess the learner's prior knowledge and what he enrollment and progress of learners, as well as or she learns from a particular course or learning course content, timing, and tracking object in order to link learning to individual performance LCMS Characteristics LCMS Characteristics Open interface with other systems Communication and collaboration functions Interface effectively with enterprise systems, In addition to the self-study mode, the system including the ability to download employee, should provide the ability for learner collaboration, member, or customer information and upload coaching by subject matter experts, and the performance and completion data creation of learning communities
  6. 6. LCMS Characteristics LCMS Characteristics Enterprise security Automated implementation processes Due to the proprietary nature of content within an Offerings allow for deployment within hours or LCMS, the system must contain robust security days, with implementation rarely taking longer and encryption mechanisms to protect content than 30 days and user data