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Dj Adrian Demonstration


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Dj Adrian Demonstration

  1. 1. Topic – How To Create and Use A Wiki Description of the Activity – This demonstration will teach the students in live example of how to create and use a wiki, a simple online database which can be freely edited by anyone, so they could utilize this kind of website to interact and do work with others easier in a larger scale. Activity Objectives: - To make the students learn about what a wiki is. - To show them how to make and use a wiki. - To teach them the basics and the advantages of a wiki. - To help the students efficiently store and make changes to whatever their wikis are all about. Estimated Duration – 12 to 15 minutes Materials Needed: - Laptop or PC for demo (by the group or the lab) - Projector (by the school) - OPTIONAL: PC for each student (by the lab) Steps: Creating a Wiki 1. Choose how you will start your wiki a. Download a wiki software / script that you can use and install on your own web space b. Pay a wiki hosting service to run and host your wiki c. Use a free wiki (Best Starter Wiki) 2. If C, Find and choose a site that lets you make a wiki for free. 3. Go to the site and sign up. 4. Fill in all the user information and wait for the confirmation message. 5. Log in to your newly created wiki. Using a Wiki 6. Click the Edit Button to start editing the page 7. Basically, the editing part of a wiki is just like typing or writing a blog. Some of the common buttons: a. Bold, Italic, Underline
  2. 2. b. Text Color, Size c. Ordered List / Unordered List d. Insert Link, Remove Link e. Insert Table, Special Character, Code f. Insert Pictures g. Add Widgets 8. Once done with the editing, you can either preview or save for others to see. 9. To add a new page, simply click a new page (don’t forget to link it to your main page). 10. Other settings can usually be accessed the wiki creator, the things that you can usually do in them are: a. Edit the theme b. Change domain name c. See statistics d. Members e. Delete the wiki f. Etc… References Used: