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Intriguing Family Social and Local History


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Brief overview of How Intriguing History Works and Can help both family local and special interest historians, map their history, make new connections and gain new insights using spatial history tools for their project.Intriguing History is a free web service and application supplied by Intriguing Family History.

Intriguing Family Social and Local History

  1. 1. Intriguing Family History Map your history Make new connections Gain new insights Features version 1
  2. 2. Map your History Gain new insights Intriguing History Reveal and make new Explore multiple dimensions connections
  3. 3. Map your History Zoom and pan to navigate in/out and around maps Point and hover, reveals article title, click to select a pin and open the info box Red circles denote a group of points of interest, the number tells youExplore your history maps, make number of points mapped in thatnew connections by time, location, cluster. Just point and click zooms in and breaks out selected clusterhistorical theme and subject or acombination thereof...
  4. 4. Explore multiple dimensionsTimeline: century, decadeand years concentrated on the17th to 21st centuriesHistorical themes andperspectives: curated and collectedfor family local and specialinterest/collection projects Locations: Continents countries, regions and counties to compliment the mapped posts Artefacts : Historic social and national documents, maps, ephemera, orginal works, products and otherChoose and change your dimensions objectsto seek new connections and gain Categories: master index ofnew insights... all subject classifications
  5. 5. Share and Contribute new insightsEach map pin is connected to it’s own article,packed with information and connections, linksand observations to help you gain new insights Contextual map To find geographically related articles with zoom and pan on page Roam freely between Maps Themes and Classifications and related articles: Find carefully selected and continuously updated information for your history project. Contribute your insights: share your knowledge and insights by writing a Get related posts, share on your guest article on a subject which would favourite social networks: rate the be useful to others and that you are article, give us feedback, share and use interested in getting feedback on and related articles links and resources, all new leads and connections from and from a single map pin.... to...
  6. 6. Notes Only: Context and Relevance• Mapping your history is a visual and intuitive way to explore and make new historical connections that are relevant to your project.
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