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ITInfo -- IT Inventory & Asset Management System with Helpdesk


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ITInfo -- IT Inventory & Asset Management System with Helpdesk

  1. 1. IT Inventory & Assets Management System with Helpdesk Abhay Kulkarni
  2. 2. Abhay Kulkarni Worked in YASHADA as Senior System Analyst for 4 and half years Overall experience of 12 years in IT Extensively worked in Open Source Software Evaluation of Applications and Technologies,  Installation, Customization, Programming  Implementation, Administration  Training  Maintainence and Support
  3. 3. Agenda The IT Scenario Some issues A few questions About the Application Applicability Demonstration
  4. 4. The IT Scenario Organizations grows and as well its Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure IT is a continuous process :  Procurement of new hardware – New Budgets  Maintainence & Support of existing one  Scrapping of the obsolete Supplemented by acquisitions & mergers Various operational issues arise
  5. 5. Some issues IT, by its nature is volatile Service Engineers may join and leave AMC or Facility Management agencies may change after a year or two The computer users may change When people leave they take away all the tacit knowledge with them The organization, as owner of IT assets, remains helpless and clueless, if loosely managed And so also the newcomers to head start their job
  6. 6. Contd... All the Administrative information about the assets must be available All the Technical details of the assets must be recorded and updated over and again All the Management related information about the assets should be maintained To keep all the Commercial & Financial information is equally necessary So also the history of all the above
  7. 7. A few Questions... Which computers still run with 256 MB RAM and / or still have CRT Monitors ? How many computers run with illegal / pirated / unofficial software and where are they located ? To whom they are issued ? How many software licenses do we have ? For which software ? For which versions ?? How many and where are the assets bought with last years budget ? What is the ink level of our network printers ?
  8. 8. Contd ... How many requests per day were processed by the support team ? What is the exact status of the incidents / requests raised by the users ? I want figures.. Are users raising the same issues again & again ? Are there any hardware faults or end user faults ? Are users / managers satisfied with the service ? Is a particular printer consuming more pages ? Some actions must be approved by IT Manager only
  9. 9. The ITInfo Application Information Resource Manager The principal functionality  Inventory  Helpdesk  Management  Reservations  Knowledge base  Reports
  10. 10. Inventory The inventory process is automatic and repeatable after a predefined time interval A client is installed on every computer which does all this and communicates with the server Further, the records can be modified to a great extent for better fine grained searches The client can not be installed on some assets like network printers and switches. In this scenario, the server polls the inventory using SNMP Duplicate computers are found automatically
  11. 11. Inventory Inventory of the computers fleet with management of the devices, their connections and TCO management. Inventory of the monitors with management of the connections to the computers with their serial numbers, screen resolution, type, model & manufacturer etc Inventory of the network hardware fleet with management, switches, of the connections to the devices (IP, Mac addresses, VLANs...) Inventory of printers fleet with management of connections to the computers and management of cartridges and consumable associated and consumption and the thresholds of alarm on ink level
  12. 12. Contd... Inventory of the external Miscelleneous devices (scanners, LCD Projectors, UPS) with management of the connections to the computers Inventory of the software fleet with the management of installations and licenses and expiration dates management Assignment of the hardware by geographic area (floor, location...) in parent child notation Assignment of IT assets to users, groups, departments Management of the status of the hardware (working, for repair, scrap..) History of all actions pertaining to that asset Record of all volumes and the free space for each computer
  13. 13. The Central Console
  14. 14. Computer Inventory
  15. 15. Components
  16. 16. Connections
  17. 17. Management All the Commercial & Financial information pertaining to  The asset itself  Contracts  Suppliers  Contacts  Documents Many to Many relationship
  18. 18. The Asset The Supplier, Third Party, The Budget Purchase Order No, PO date, Delivery date, Startup date Invoice No, Delivery Challan no, Value Amortization duration, type, coefficient Net Asset value (TCO value + tracking cost) Warrantee start date, end date Associated contract(s)
  19. 19. Financial Information
  20. 20. Contracts Basic information like name, type, start date, period Purchase Order No, cost Maximum number of assets the contract can cover Notification alarms on end or notice for contract The contract provider The assets covered under the contract
  21. 21. Contracts
  22. 22. Suppliers All the necessary credentials & demographic information Associated contact persons The associated contracts by this supplier The assets this supplier has provided Any tickets / issues raised about this supplier
  23. 23. Suppliers
  24. 24. Contacts All the necessary credentials & demographic information Contact information of all the entities like Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, third parties, dealers and distributors etc Facility of Vcard export of the contact
  25. 25. Documents Integrated with rest of the modules like  Assets : scanned copies of PO, Invoice etc..  Contracts : scanned copies of contract document, PO etc  Supplier : brochures, product lists with rates etc..  Contacts : CV of service providers engineers etc..  Computer product manual, fact sheets etc..  Software user manual, HOWTOs etc..  Restrict the type of documents (doc files not allowed)  Screen shots uploaded while registering a ticket is also a document for that ticket / asset
  26. 26. Helpdesk Management of the tracking requests for all the types of material of the inventory (computer, software, printer, even mouse and keyboard) User Can post any intervention in the form of incident / request Many tool-tips are available so as to access the information fast and conveniently Cost can be recorded in the life-cycle of a ticket Tasks for ticket can be created and published in the calendar which can be exported in iCal format History of a ticket in a threaded manner.
  27. 27. Tickets Central
  28. 28. End User End user front end interface for posting incidents / requests Email notification of tracking & follow ups of the incident Knows the exact status of his ticket at that time Can add comments at the request of intervention using web interface A user can attach the screen shot of the message he gets, as a problem if cant describe properly Can book / reserve an IT asset marked for reservation for a finite time period Can change his credentials and basic settings pertaining to helpdesk.
  29. 29. Create a Ticket
  30. 30. Technicians Display of the tickets / requests in a central console Incidents / Requests / Demands priority management Tracking of incidents / request / demands with email notifications Opening / Closing / Re-opening of tickets Can add one or several follow ups for that particular incident and may close the ticket Can send ticket for validation / approval to senior authority Can link this ticket to any other ticket Can plan the to-dos
  31. 31. Call Co-ordinator Superuser for the Helpdesk System Has many administrative powers (Assignment of tickets, approval of request, assigning tickets to multiple technicians, supervisors etc..) Can directly mark the history of followups to knowledge base as a solution which is available for rest of the users Can edit the tickets properties appropriately (change request source, priority, category, urgency, impact etc..) Management of planning of a major intervention with iCal export
  32. 32. A Ticket
  33. 33. Helpdesk Statistics Global graphical bar chart report by status of the tickets, average time etc.. Cross tab reports by ticket with various search criteria, as,  By requester, Technician, Group, Characteristics etc.. Cross tab reports by asset with various search criteria, as,  By hardware, its type, model, location etc..  By components like processor, hard disk, memory etc.. All the reports can be generated in any time frame (By selecting Start date – End date) with bar / pie chart and exported in pdf / spreadsheet format
  34. 34. Report
  35. 35. Report
  36. 36. Planning
  37. 37. Reservations Management of the assets marked for reservation (eg. A laptop, LCD Projector, pen drive, external hard disk etc..) Has intuitive User Interface (Calendar) for the reservation History of all reservations of a asset per user in a specified time period
  38. 38. Reservation
  39. 39. Knowledge base Management of a basic system of Knowledge Hierarchical Management of a Public FAQ (Technical / Operational issues) WYSIWYG type of Rich Text format Web based Editor When a ticket is solved / closed, its answer / follow up can be posted as a Solution, available to all the users Facility to upload content items (pdf, audio, video etc..) Various links can be given to YouTube videos, other training material, HOWTOs, other public FAQs etc...
  40. 40. Reports
  41. 41. General Features Entities management (multi node) Users management – Authentication & Authorization based system – Many options to manage profiles Multiple Authentication Systems (local, LDAP, Active Directory, POP / IMAP, CAS, etc...) Cache & Pagination system Email notification to concerned users on various events like – Expiry of contracts, licenses, cartridges, consumable stocks etc.. – Commercial & administrative information – Tickets life cycle at various stages
  42. 42. Search System Powerful, Complex & Enriched Search module – Can have search on many a criteria – Nested queries to get in-depth reports – Searches can be bookmarked or saved – Display fields can be configured at ease – Export the reports in pdf, csv or spreadsheet formats
  43. 43. IT Inventory & Assets Management System with Helpdesk IT Management is Costly Not to Manage IT is Costlier
  44. 44. Thank You