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Economics of Butenes Production Processes


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Impartial feasibility studies focused on butenes manufacturing economics, showing capex, opex, key process indicators and process diagrams. Know more at

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Economics of Butenes Production Processes

  1. 1. Know the capital investment required Examine the operating costs & raw materials consumption Butenes are olefins mainly used as alkylate and polymer gasoline, in fuel applications, and as co- monomers in the production of some polymers. The Intratec portfolio ( includes reports examining specific Butenes production processes. Each report presents one-time costs associated with the construction of an industrial plant and the continuing costs associated with the daily operation of such a plant. General information included in our reports is presented below. AN INTRODUCTION TO BUTENES PROCESS TECHNOLOGY THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING * Description & applications * Production pathways diagram * Product(s) generated & raw material(s) consumed * Physico-chemistry highlights * Industrial site production capacity definition * Detailed process block flow scheme & description * Key process input & output figures (including raw material(s) consumption) * Labor requirements CAPITAL INVESTMENT BREAKDOWN * Total fixed capital required (ISBL, OSBL and contingency) * Working capital * Costs incurred during industrial plant commissioning and start-up * Multi-regional fixed capital analysis PRODUCTION COST DETAILED LOOK * Manufacturing variable costs (raw materials and utilities required) * Manufacturing fixed costs (e.g., labor and maintenance costs, operating charges, plant overhead) * Depreciation and corporate overhead costs * Production cost history (4-year timeframe) Understand Butenes production costs Industrial Process Economics About Butenes Reports Coverage of Butenes Process Economics Reports Each report examines one specific Butenes production process, including: PROCESS ECONOMICS QUICK SUMMARY TABLE LABOR WAGE RATES AND PRICING BASIS REFERENCES & ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY
  2. 2. About our Methodology Intratec has distilled the expertise gained from more than a decade supporting companies worldwide to devise consistent methodologies, which ensures the development of holistic, coherent and consistent reports. Intratec's highly experienced engineers start the development of process economics reports with in-depth, comprehensive research on the technology examined, encompassing patents and available technical literature, non-confidential information provided by technology licensors and Intratec's in-house database. This exhaustive research provides a clear and consistent understanding of the process technology studied, including chemical, biological and/or physical transformations occurring in the target process, as well as reactants required and products formation. That knowledge is compiled into a detailed process block flow scheme and a mapping of key process input & output figures (including raw materials consumption). Finally, in the assessment of the economic figures of the process technology under analysis, Intratec’s team relies on an extensive in- house database and robust cost models. Our cost models were founded on a number of established cost-estimating methods, based on mathematical and statistical processing of an extensive volume of actual cost data of well-known industrial processes. For a 10-page description of our methodology, visit Reports Focused on Butenes Production Economics ECONOMICS OF BUTENES PRODUCTION FROM ETHYLENE (BUTENES E11A) This report presents the economics of Butenes production from ethylene using a dimerization process similar to CB&I Lummus process. In the process under analysis, gasoline and fuel oil are generated as by-products. The economic analysis assumes a plant constructed in the USA. ECONOMICS OF BUTENE-1 PRODUCTION FROM ETHYLENE (BUTENES E12A) This study presents the costs associated with the construction of an industrial plant producing 1-Butene from ethylene in the USA. Different from the report “Butene E11A”, this study analyzes a process similar to the Axens/SABIC AlphaButol technology. In the process under analysis, raffinate-2 is generated as by-product. ECONOMICS OF BUTENE-1 VIA RAFFINATE EXTRACTIVE DISTILLATION (BUTENES E21A) In this report, the economic analysis concerns a plant, also located in the USA, producing 1-Butene using a conventional industrial approach for extractive distillation of raffinate-2, which also generates raffinate-3 as by-product. ECONOMICS OF 1-BUTENE PRODUCTION VIA SUPERFRACTIONATION (BUTENES E22A) Different from the report “Butene E21A”, this report reviews a typical superfractionation process. Raffinate-3 is also generated as by- product in this process. ECONOMICS OF 1-BUTENE VIA HYDROGENATION AND FRACTIONATION (BUTENES E23A) This feasibility study is also about 1-Butene production from raffinate-2. However, in this study, raffinate-2 is first subjected to a hydrogenation step before fractionation. Raffinate-3 is generated as by-product. The economic analysis is also based on a plant located in the USA. For a complete and updated list of available reports, visit
  3. 3. Reports Focused on Butenes Production Economics ECONOMICS OF 1-BUTENE VIA FRACTIONATION AND ISOMERIZATION (BUTENES E24A) In the process reviewed in this report, raffinate-2 is sent to a fractionation step and further subjected to an isomerization step to produce 1-Butene. ECONOMICS OF 1-BUTENE PRODUCTION VIA ADSORPTION (BUTENES E26A) This report also presents a techno-economic analysis about 1-Butene production from raffinate-2 in the USA. Different from the other reports, in this study, a molecular sieve adsorption process similar to the UOP Sorbutene technology is used to extract 1-butene from the raffinate stream. ECONOMICS OF BUTENES PRODUCTION FROM PROPYLENE (BUTENES E41A) This report shows the economics of Butenes production from propylene via a metathesis process. In the process examined, ethylene is generated as by-product. The economic assessment assumes a plant located in the USA. For a complete and updated list of available reports, visit
  4. 4. Industrial Process Economics Reports Family Intratec's Industrial Process Economics reports are a family of reports presenting techno-economic evaluations of specific processes employed in the production of chemicals or utilities. Our portfolio includes more than 600 of these reports, covering established and early-stage process technologies used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, plastic, renewable, alternative energy & allied sectors. See below the list of chemicals and utilities whose processes are covered in our process economics reports. For a complete and updated list, visit 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid Acetone Acetylene Acetyls Acrylic Acid and Derivatives Acrylic/Maleic Copolymer Acrylonitrile Adipic Acid Aldehydes Alkylbenzenes Amino Acids Ammonia Aniline Biodiesel Bisphenol A BTX Butadiene and C4's C6's Caprolactam Carbon Monoxide Chlorine and Derivatives Chloroprene Citric Acid Cosmetics Cumene Detergents Dicyclopentadiene Diesel Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) Dimethyl Terephthalate Diols Diphenyl Carbonate Dyes & Pigments Electricity Epichlorohydrin Ethanol Ethylene Ethylene Oxide Fertilizers Fibers Fire Retardants Food Additives Furans and Derivatives Glycerol Glycols Hydrogen Hydrogen Cyanide Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial Gases Insecticides Isocyanates Isophthalic Acid Isoprene Lactic Acid Linear Alpha Olefins Methacrylic Acid and Derivatives Methanol MTBE Nitric Acid Nitro Aromatics Nylon Oxalic Acid Oxo Alcohols Pentaerythritol PET Pharmaceuticals Phenol Phosgene Phthalic Anhydride Polyacrylate Polyacrylonitrile Polyalphaolefins Polycarbonates Polyesters Polyethers Polyethylenes Polylactic Acid (PLA) Polypropylene Polyurethanes Propanol and Isopropanol Propylene Propylene Oxide PVC Reformate Resins Silanes Silicones Siloxanes Sodium Hydroxide Speciality Polymers Styrenics Succinic Acid Sulfuric Acid Synhetic Rubbers Synthesis Gas Vitamins Terephthalic Acid Trimethylolpropane Urea Vinyls
  5. 5. Professional, structured reports Up-to-date, independent analyses Extremely affordable Each Industrial Process Economics report is focused on a specific production process, and presents: * A thorough analysis of the production process * Capital investment breakdown * Production cost breakdown Reports Coverage Buy online, with your credit card Volume discounts offered Who Is Using These Reports Professionals in several disciplines, from strategic planning and new business development to research and innovation, use our Industrial Process Economics reports to: * Examine capital investment breakdowns * Quickly screen and assess capital investment options * Evaluate/select independent industrial process licensors * Define consistent business cases for investments * Obtain unbiased estimates of ventures capital and operating costs (CapEx & OpEx) * Evaluate M&A alternatives * Make realistic assessments of the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs Explore a Free Report Sample We strongly encourage potential clients to download a full sample of one of our Industrial Process Economics reports at to confirm the caliber of our assessments. Purchase & Pricing Information Intratec Reports pricing information can be easily found on the Intratec website. Our reports are extremely affordable – in fact, the best value-for-price in the market – and can be purchased online, with credit cards. About Intratec Solutions, LLC Intratec is an independent research and leading advisory firm, recognized for excellence in the evaluation of chemical markets and the economics of industrial processes. We are a mix of process engineers, market researchers and cost estimators with extensive industry experience. Since 2002, the reports, databases and indexes we provide have boosted the early recognition of promising research and capital investment opportunities in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, plastic, renewable, alternative energy & allied sectors. With more than 800 up-to-date professional reports targeting chemical markets and process economics, our portfolio is constantly growing. For more information, contact us at or use our online chat at our website Intratec Solutions, LLC 9595 Six Pines Drive #8210 The Woodlands Houston, TX 77380 Intratec Solutions, LLC 200 East 69th Street Suite 5B New York, NY 10021 Intratec Consulting Av. das Américas 1155, Salas 1906/1907 Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22631-000 Worldwide Headquarters New York Rio de Janeiro