United States nuclear renaissance


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United States nuclear renaissance

  1. 1. 18, February 2011 • usa today AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt froM MediApLANet to USA todAy no.1/February 2011 the nuclear renaissance Solving the energy DemanDS ofPhoto: Nuclear eNergy INstItute/caseNergy coalItIoN tomorrow, toDay dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder and former leader of 3facts Greenpeace, speaks out about his choice to go pro-nuclear energy Job and education resources engaging youths What you need How to get started encouraging to knoW about nuclear energy in the industry careers in SteM PHOTO: nuclear energy insTiTuTe PHOTO: rOmana VysaTOVa At the dawn of the U.S. nuclear renaissance, we are a visionary force for the future.
  2. 2. 18, February 2011 • usa today2 AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt by MediApLANet to USA todAy challenges 1 fact Jobs are avaIlable and We recommeNd Many skIll sets can be dr. Patrick adaPted to Moore, the Industry CASenergy Coalition Co-Chair, shares his thoughts on the benefits of nuclear energy. pAge 6 “Nuclear power is demonstrably safer than a lot of things we take for granted like driving cars, or operating chemical PHOTO: nuclear energy insTiTuTe factories or drilling for oil. We need it.”americans have become accustomed to electricity availabilityat the flip of a switch. Our daily lives are powered by electricity more thanever, yet we no longer are tethered to the power lines that provide that energy.the value of nuclear energy Innovation in safety p. 4 What is the industry doing to keep our workers safe? a young woman’s path to success p. 5t Amy buu shares her story and why more women should consider careers in nuclear. hough we may be ce stability over the long-term and of the workers currently employed concerned about their electricity price decreases over “Although the at the nation’s nuclear power sta- the rising price of gasoline, our real time (average production costs of 2.03 cents/per kilowatt-hour in 2009), bulk of new tions will be eligible for retirement, creating a need for as many as 25,000 challenge is prepar- making them especially attractive to nuclear plant skilled workers. Each new nuclear ing now for an en- ergy future that re- industrial users of large amounts of electricity; construction is plant will create up to 3,500 jobs dur- ing construction,and as many as 800duces our reliance on foreign energy ■■They provide a hedge against price occurring outside permanent career opportunities.Fill- the Nuclear reNaIssaNce, 1st edItIoN, February 2011and invests in long-term, environ-mentally friendly options. volatility in fossil fuels,all the more so as the competition for energy resour- of our borders, ing these jobs is a formidable chal- lenge but one the industry is capable Managing director: Allan Chiu the United States allan.chiu@mediaplanet.com President Obama,in his State of the ces intensifies globally (China and In- of meeting. editorial Manager: Jackie Mcdermott jackie.mcdermott@mediaplanet.comUnion address in January,pinpointedthis challenge with his call for break- dia are expected to have a combined population of three billion in 2030); has the largest As part of a comprehensive infra- structure program established by responsible for this issue:throughs and innovations that will ■■They provide a hedge against gro- nuclear energy NEI several years ago, the industry is Publisher: elba flamenco elba.flamenco@mediaplanet.comenable the United States to shift thebulk of its electricity supply to clean- wing environmental requirements, such as the Environmental Protec- program in the keeping close track of job openings and student enrollments to ensure business developer: rebecca ramgren world—currently rebecca.ramgren@mediaplanet.comenergy sources,with an added goal of tion Agency’s plan to propose green- that the pipeline of new workers fits designer: Missy Kayko missy.kayko@mediaplanet.comhaving one million electric vehicleson U.S.roads by 2015. house gas emissions standards for fossil-fueled power plants in July. larger than Japan the number of careers available. The industry has set up partnerships with contributors: tony Hymes, Joseph Kelly; Marvin fertel, Nuclear energy While our electricity system must Although the bulk of new nuclear and france 43 two-year education institutions institute; CASenergy Coalition; Scott Carlberg, Carolinas’ Nuclear Clusterbe founded on a portfolio of fuels anddiversified technologies, the Presi- plant construction is occurring out- side of our borders, the United States combined.” across the country and implemented a “uniform curriculum” program to distributed within: USA todAy, february 2011dent once again identified nuclear has the largest nuclear energy pro- ensure that the education and train- this section was created by Mediaplanet and did not involve USA todAy or itsenergy as a technology that can help gram in the world—currently larger ing of the next generation of nuclear editorial departments.the nation rise to the challenge. It is than Japan and France combined. industryworkers is done in a cohesivenot an overstatement to say that his Though we have ceded leadership in manner. Last May, the first graduates Mediaplanet’s business is to create newremarks both reflect and advance many industrial and manufacturing of this program at Chattanooga State customers for our advertisers by providing readers with high-quality editorial contentnuclear energy’s growing appeal sectors to our international competi- in Tennessee and Salem Community that motivates them to act.around the globe. China alone has 27 tors, American nuclear energy tech- College in New Jersey moved intoreactors under construction, Russia nology is widely regarded as the most careers with average salaries ranginghas 11,and India another six. advanced in the global marketplace. from $66,000 to $72,000 a year.Rising In the United States, 3,500 work- One hundred and four reactors in enrollments at the 30 universitiesers are completing a nuclear energy 31 states operate reliably around the with nuclear engineering programsfacility in eastern Tennessee.Another clock, producing 20 percent of total also means that the United States2,600 workers are engaged in con- electricity even though they consti- is graduating young professionalsstruction activities in Georgia and tute just 10 percent of the nation’s with bachelor, master’s and doctor-South Carolina to add four reactors installed electricity-generation ate degrees in numbers not seen in a(two at each site) that are expected to capacity. At this point 61 of those generation.come into service in 2016-17. plants have been relicensed for an It is highly gratifying to see pro- additional 20 years of operation. grams like this take root, becauseWhy nuclear power Another 21 reactors are in the license time is of the essence. Business lead-is a desired option renewal process and it is expected ers and policymakers, DemocratsIt is no secret that nuclear power that most, if not all, plants will be and Republicans alike, believe thatplants have high capital costs,partic- operating beyond their original nuclear energy must play a role in ourularly in comparison to natural gas- 40-year term. future energy policy. Advanced reac-fired power plants.Still,they are an in- tor technologies, a diverse and grow-creasingly desired energy option for nuclear power and employ- Marvin fertel ing work force and a commitment to president and Chief executive officerseveral reasons,including: ment opportunities Nuclear energy institute safety will ensure that it will be a vital■■They have a high degree of pri- Over the next five years, 38 percent part of our global energy future.generating energy and jobs■■Question: How can the U.S. the ripple effect across safe,secure jobs it’s a powerful argu- “a big win-win”get serious about job creation? american industry ment for changing our attitudes And it’s not just new construction■■answer: by getting seriousabout nuclear power. Because each nuclear plant requires toward nuclear power in the U.S.,” that will drive the surge in employ- vast amounts of concrete, steel, pip- said Christine Todd Whitman, ment. Nuclear power plants nowWhatever your position on nuclear ing, wiring, components, etc., as the former New Jersey Governor employ a disproportionate numberpower,one fact is indisputable: while new plants are built,the ripple effect who was also Administrator of the of Baby Boomers (nearly 40 percentthey are generating energy, they are quickly spreads across American United States Environmental Pro- of the industry workforce) who willalso generating jobs—lots of them. manufacturing, resulting in 14,360 tection Agency in the Bush Admin- be eligible to retire over the next five man-years per gigawatt installed, istration and is now a Co-Chair of years. That has put the industry inand these are not just any according to an analysis by the Na- the Clean and Safe Energy (CASEn- hiring mode right now to find morejobs; they are: tional Commission on Energy Poli- ergy) Coalition. “If we are serious than 20,000 workers.■ Good-paying: average annual cy. These jobs include skilled crafts about job creation we need to get It has also led to a major pushstarting salaries range from $65,000 such as welders,pipefitters,masons, serious about nuclear power.” at colleges and universities acrossto $80,000. carpenters, millwrights, sheet met- The construction of between 20 the country to develop degree pro-■■Secure: 75-90 percent of a new al workers, electricians, ironwork- and 25 new nuclear units by 2030— grams. And in contrast to a histori-plant’s parts and labor are from ers, heavy equipment operators necessary for nuclear energy to cally white labor force, the new jobthe US. and insulators, as well as engineers, continue to provide 20 percent of recruitment and training efforts are■■Safe: Numerous studies have project managers and construction the nation’s electricity supply— also focusing on minority communi-shown that working in nuclear po- supervisors. Then there are jobs in will require between 287,200 and ties through the pursuit of workforcewer plants is safe.In fact,the avera- the surrounding community: typi- 359,000 man-years of labor. Once training and feeder programs.ge nuclear plant worker is exposed cally 400-700 additional jobs at car built, these plants would require “We are looking at a big win-winto less cosmic radiation than are dealers, dry cleaners, food service 8,000 to 17,500 permanent full-time situation for employment and theairline pilots and cabin crews who providers,etc. workers to operate the plants and environment,” said Whitman.regularly fly high-altitude inter- “When you look closely at the additional supplemental labor for Joseph kellycountry routes. combination of clean energy with maintenance and outages. editorial@mediaplanet.com
  3. 3. - Illustration: H5 ENERGY IS A STORY THAT IS STILL BEING WRITTEN. LET’S CONTINUE WRITING IT WITH LESS CO2. As a world leader in the nuclear energy business and a significant, growing player in renewable energies, AREVA offers its customers a unique portfolio of innovative, flexible and phased-in solutions for carbon-free energy. But there is more to the story with AREVA’ s Clean Energy Park. It combines the long-term development of baseload nuclear power with fast-track renewable energy sources (solar, wind or biomass). A great storyline from AREVA to secure the next generation of energy solutions. us.areva.comAREV_1101584_JAUNE_US_292_1X533_USA_TODAY.indd 1 10/02/11 14:02:05
  4. 4. 18, February 2011 • usa today4 AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt by MediApLANet to USA todAy inspiration 2 fact myth vs. Fact a strong culture of safety has made ■■Myth: Nuclear energy isn’t safe. having a job in the nuclear industry one of the least ■■fact: After more than a half- century of commercial nuclear dangerous professions in the United States. the nuclear energy Industry Is energy production in the Uni- one of the ted States, including more than safest—both Work in the for the 3,500 reactor years of operation, envIronMent and Its there have been no radiation- Workers related health effects linked to their operation. Studies by the National Cancer Institute, The United Nations Scientific Com- nuclear industry mittee of the Effects of Atomic Radiation,the National Research Council’s BEIR VII study group and the National Council on Ra- diation Protection and Measure- ments all show that U.S. nuclear power plants effectively pro- tect the public’s health and sa- fety. Nuclear plants also are sa- Misconceptions abound and industrial systems. Before ever fe for workers. According to the about the safety of the setting their hands on the actual U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it nuclear industry, from controls, candidates complete two is safer to work at a nuclear plant radiation to explosions to three years of hands-on training than at a fast food restaurant or a to meltdowns. and simulation.The simulator is an grocery store or in real estate. Since the general public is so uned- exact replica of the actual compu- ■■Myth: The radiation from nu- ucated about this topic, there is of- ter system used in control rooms, clear plants causes cancer and ten strong resistance to using nu- and during training they practice other harmful effects. clear power and to pursuing a ca- every single possible scenario. On- ■■fact: After more than a half- reer in nuclear technology. But this ce they are ready they must beco- century of radiological monito- resistance is unfounded, and as me licensed, which involves a se- ring and medical research,there the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ries of tests, one general and one is no evidence linking U.S. nu- tells us: working at a nuclear power PHOTO: nuclear regulaTOry cOmmissiOn that is site specific. The license is clear energy plants to negative plant is safer than working at a gro- power plant operations, according power plants is managed through good for only six years, and only effects on the health of the pu- cery store or in real estate. to the NRC.   adherence to safe exposure limits es- for one specific site, so continuing blic or workers. Claims that ra- Most of the information pe- tablished by the NRC.  This is accom- education plays a vital role in keep- dioactivity from nuclear plants ople have about radiation has co- the safety of the facilities plished with shielding throughout ing technicians knowledgeable,ca- has caused negative health ef- me from the high profile disasters, With the public protected, attention the plant, radiation monitors worn pable, and licensed. fects have been refuted by the not from the actual safety mecha- can be turned to the safety of the nu- by workers, plants having to report The NRC has been working to en- United Nations Scientific Com- nisms that are in place. From a ba- clear technicians that actually run radiation exposures to the NRC that courage the nuclear industry to mittee of the Effects of Atomic sic level, the U.S. Nuclear Regula- the facilities. Nuclear reactor opera- are made public,and taking action to further focus on a strong safety cul- Radiation, National Research tory Commission (NRC) points out tors are responsible for the operation correct any problems.Nuclear plants ture that can contribute to secure Council’s BEIR VII study group, that nuclear power plants are de- of the plant, most of the time from are required to further limit wor- and efficient operations. Nuclear sa- National Cancer Institute,Ameri- signed with multiple barriers to the control room,controlling pumps ker exposure using practices that fety culture is the core values and be- can Cancer Society, the American minimize the potential impact to and valves, fission rates, and power keep exposure as low as reasonably haviors resulting from a collective Academy of Pediatrics,numerous the public, even during worst-case generation.Nuclear plants operate li- achievable. commitment by leaders, managers state departments of health and scenarios. What’s more, radiation ke most other power plants,creating and workers to emphasize safety other independent studies. is all around us from both natural heat to turn water to steam which trained experts over all other goals to ensure protec- and manmade sources. Members powers a generator. The technicians who work here are tion of people and the environment. Source: CASEnergy Coalition, of the public receive substantially Nuclear power plants are extre- highly-trained specialists who ha- Tony hymes http://casenergy.org/ more radiation from natural sour- mely sophisticated operations. Radi- ve undergone education about ra- editorial@mediaplanet.com ces than they receive from nuclear ation exposure to workers at nuclear diation detection, nuclear theory, SIMULATIONS AS REAL AS THE NEED FOR SAFETY L-3’s superior training environments use Orchid® simulation products to give plant operators the skills to handle any emergency response situation. No matter how complex or dangerous, any scenario can be reproduced, monitored and varied — realistically and in real time. To see how over 35 years of expertise in advanced simulation can make a very real difference to you today and tomorrow, visit www.L-3com.com/MAPPS. L-3 MAPPS L-3com.com
  5. 5. 18, February 2011 • usa today AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt by MediApLANet to USA todAy 5 neWsWomen have a vital role in NeWs IN brIeF veX robotics getthe future of nuclear energy youth interested in steM ■ In today’s high-tech,global eco- nomy, it is critical that America’sas a young girl, amy buu youth continue to innovate andnever dreamed she would pursue careers in Science, Tech-help make energy for 10 nology, Engineering and Mathpercent of all americans, (STEM), including careers in thebut that is just what she nuclear industry.  By helping stu-does today.  dents develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills andShe works at Westinghouse Electric encouraging imagination andCompany in Columbia, SC, a plant productivity, we can create ourthat manufactures nuclear fuel for nation’s next generation of inno-the USA and world.This nuclear fuel vators. is the key ingredient in generating In an effort to provide studentselectricity at nuclear utilities. with a cutting-edge, hands-on in- “I’ve held multiple roles in the troduction to the critical STEMcompany,from serving utility custo- fields,VEX Robotics,Inc.,a leadingmers to managing risks across the provider of educational roboticssupply chain,” says Buu. products to middle schools, high Women have big opportunities in WoMen In nuclear energy. amy buu at a station that inspects guide thimble tubes, a component of a fuel assembly. schools and colleges around the PHOTO: wesTingHOusethe nuclear energy industry, a dis- world, has partnered with non-cipline traditionally populated by Buu says, “People think of nuclear amy buu For young people Buu recommen- profit organization Project Leadmen. Demographics are one reason. as lab coats and hard hats. There’s Westinghouse ds the GetIntoEnergy.com website. The Way (PLTW), the nation’s Knowledge ma-“By 2015,46 percent of today’s skilled much more, such as purchasing, sa- nagement team The link has video plant tours and re- leading provider of STEM educa-energy technician workforce may fety,manufacturing,planning,trans- leader, member sources for education. tion, to offer America’s youth mo- of the carolinas’retire or change jobs. Fifty-one per- portation,law or human resources.” Nuclear cluster “Here at work I learned as fast as I re advanced solutions both insidecent of energy engineering profes- could. It was energizing,” says Buu, and outside the classroom.sionals may go,” says Ann Randazzo, versatility and continuous who did lots of networking. “I got in- This new partnership bringsexecutive director of the Center for education—keys to success but scientists and engineers are made volved in technical societies and vo- VEX Robotics inside PLTW class-Energy Workforce Development ne- Buu has a psychology degree which in colleges and universities,” says an lunteered for national meetings and rooms to show students the re-ar Washington. she supplemented on the job with American Association of University task forces.” At 31 she became the na- al-world relevancy of what they are learning.  It aims to excite stu- Buu, a first generation university specialized training in Six Sigma,lean Women report. tional president of North American dents about solving the world’sgrad in her family, found wel- manufacturing, human per- per An online Energy Competency Mo- Young Generation in Nuclear, a 6,000 biggest challenges, and providescoming arms with nuclear formance and behavioral del at www.cewd.org lays-out a cut- member professional association. them with the opportunity to de-energy professionals.“My “this is more differentiation, supp- ting-edge energy foundation.  “We supp There’s a place for women in the than ‘going to work’ sign their projects using the sa-biggest surprise was for me. i love my ly chain and know- mapped different competencies for nuclear energy workforce. Says Buu, know me tools that industry leaders usehow people-oriented career; it appeals ledge management. energy jobs and created logical career “This is more than ‘going to work’ for in the workplace. Approximate-this technical industry to my sense of “And I just completed pathways for our next generation of me. I love my career; it appeals to my ly 350,000 students are currentlyis. Our workplace has serving humanity a leadership program workers. Energy jobs are really about sense of serving humanity in a cor- enrolled in PLTW courses.For mo-the ultimate team orien- orien in a corporate held by the 44 organi- putting STEM to work,” says Randaz- porate environment. My teammates organi re information about how to get environment.” involved with PLTW, visit www.tation.” zations in the Carolinas zo. around the world make sure we enjoy Nuclear plants team-up va- Nuclear Cluster,” Buu says. A combination of will,curiosity,re- the convenience of electricity. I think pltw.org.  For more information about VEX Robotics, visit www.ried disciplines. Most of the engine- engine It is critical to get women inte- asoning and problem-solving skills of it every time I flip a switch or use a vexrobotics.com.ers have mechanical engineering de- rested in nuclear energy workforce can instill a spark for a good technical computer.”grees, followed by electrical or civil early on. “The foundation for a STEM career. Home environments and gre- lindsey carlin scoTT carlberg, manager, editorial@mediaplanet.comengineering.Few actual nuclear engi- career (science, technology, enginee- at teachers can introduce those va- carolinas’ nuclear clusTerneers are required. ring,mathematics) is laid early in life, lues early. editorial@mediaplanet.com GLOBAL Our reach is global. Engineers from around the world are enrolled in ONLINE GRADUATE DEGREES our online Master’s programs in energy engineering to learn how to DESIGNED FOR WORKING ENGINEERS handle the rapid acceleration of technology and the higher demands of working in a global environment. There is an increased need for - Nucl e a r E n g i n e e r i n g well-educated engineers with the experience and training to deliver - Proj e c t M a n a g e m e n t on their projects. Our programs can be completed in as little as - Ris k & Re l i a b i l i ty E n g i n e e r i n g 20-months and do not require a thesis project and are tailored for - Susta i n a b l e E n e rg y E n g i n e e r i n g busy professionals. W HY M A RY L A N D? Cross-disciplinary programs give you the opportunity to customize your degree coursework to meet your own career goals. For - top- ra n ke d e n g i n e e r i n g s c h o o l example, the nuclear engineering program combines studies in - innovati ve re s e a rc h & e d u c ati o n reactor physics and engineering, reactor systems and safety, and - c lass e s ta u g h t by u n i ve r s i ty radiation engineering to make up the core of the program while fac u l ty a n d i n d u str y exp e r ts unique courses on the degradation of materials, fuel cycle safety, - top c h o i ce fo r re c r u i te r s severe accidents, and risk provide the depth of knowledge required for this renaissance industry. A large variety of technical electives also further emphasize the breadth of knowledge that can be gained to tackle today’s critical global problems. Learn more... www.a d va nce dengi ne eri n g. u md.edu /en ergy
  6. 6. 18, February 2011 • usa today6 AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt by MediApLANet to USA todAy neWs 3 fact Many MIsconcePtIons about nuclear resources can be cleared uP WIth a lIttle research career & education resources ■■cool hand nuke www.coolhandnuke.com ■■nuclear Jobs online http://nuclearjobsonline.com ■■nuclear street http://nuclearstreet.com ■■nukeWorker™ www.nukeworker.com ■■Pennenergy Jobs http://pennenergyjobs.com ■■PowerPlantPro PHOTO: nuclear energy insTiTuTe, casenergy cOaliTiOn www.powerplantpro.com ■■help for your Job search www.nei.org/careersandeduca tion/helpforyourjobsearch ■■Where to obtain educa- tion in nuclear technologies www.nei.org/careersandeducaPage 6 tiPs tion/educationandresources/ed ucationword 410(char 2500) ■■scholarships, Internships and fellowships www.nei.org/careersandedu cation/educationandresources/ scholarships Question: What turns an anti-nuke protestor into a supporter? eveNts caleNdar answer: Getting a grip on his irrational side. ■■discover engineering family day National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.—February 19, 2011 • Visit: www.eweekdcfami nuclear opponent lyday.org ■■u.s. nuclear regulato- ry commission’s regulatory Information conference Bethesda North Marriott Ho- tel and Conference Center, turned advocate Maryland—March 8-10, 2011 • Visit: http://www.nrc.gov ■■carnegie International nuclear Policy conference Willard InterContinental Ho- tel, Washington, D.C.—March 28-March, 2011 • Visit: http:// carnegieendowment.org/ traveling east from atlan- demonstrably safer than a lot of in the event of a problem, new events/nppCon2011 ta on route 20 through a things we take for granted like plants are designed to be flooded cold, overcast mid-January driving cars, or operating che- by gravity instead of relying on ■■north american young day, dr. Patrick Moore mus- mical factories or drilling for oil. pumps. “The basic design pro- generation in nuclear es that, “riding in this car We need it.” blems in nuclear power plants Ronald Reagan Building & In- might be the riskiest thing I have been solved,” Moore says ternational Trade Center, Wash- do all day.” two very different uses flatly. He dismisses fears of a ington, D.C.—May 8-10, 2011• Moore, who is also a co-chair of the Chernobyl-style explosion: “All http://www.nei.org/newsande vents/conferencesandmeetings No small statement from a man Clean and Safe Energy (CASEnergy) of the Chernobyl-class reactors who in a few hours will be don- Coalition, sees his once fierce op- were shut down before the Ber- ■■annual nuclear Industry ning a hard hat to get a close-up position as understandable, but ir- lin Wall fell. An explosion of that conference and nuclear look at the construction prog- rational. “It came out of the peace kind is a physical impossibility. supplier expo: nuclear ener- ress of America’s newest nuclear movement and a legitimate fear Not one person has died from a gy assembly power plant. of radiation and the destruction radiation-related accident in Grand Hyatt Washington, Wash- But Moore, an ecologist by caused by nuclear bombs. But the dr. Patrick Moore any of the 104 reactors now ope- casenergy coalition co-chair ington, D.C. — May 9-11, 2011 • training (Ph.D., University of use of nuclear power in weapons rating in the U.S.” Visit: http://www.nei.org/news British Columbia) and an early and the use of it for peaceful pur- Moore is not the only former andevents/conferencesand leader of Greenpeace (serving poses are two different things. I anti-nuke to turn advocate. Ste- meetings as president and an internatio- didn’t make that distinction at the wart Brand, creator of the Who- ■■ans Winter Meeting and nal director) revels in making time and many people still don’t.” le Earth Catalog is another, as is nuclear technology expo provocative comparisons, parti- The facility Moore is visiting— the British environmental and Omni Shoreham Hotel, Wash- cularly when they nettle his for- Plant Vogtle in sparsely popula- “Not one person Gaia theorist James Lovelock. ington, D.C.—October 30th-No- vember 3rd, 2011 • Visit: www. mer colleagues in the environ- mental movement. Ask Moore ted Burke County—is the site of the first new nuclear reactor in has died from a Moore believes support will grow as people understand the new.ans.org about nuclear power—which he the U.S. in over 30 years, back- radiation-related risks and rewards, including the ■■nuclear PoWer Inter- once opposed but now enthusi- astically supports—and he of- ed by $8.3 billion in loan gua- rantees announced in February accident in any impact on employment. “Here in Georgia we are looking at 3,500 national Las Vegas Convention Center,Ne- fers up a quick mental balance by President Barack Obama and of the 104 jobs during construction and as vada—December 13th-15th, 2011 sheet of risks and rewards. “The International Energy slated to be ready in 2017. Moore sees the new Vogtle reactors now many as 800 jobs to manage the plant,” says Moore. “That’s not • Visit: www.nuclearpowerinter national.com Agency is predicting a 40 per- plant as a showcase for the en- operating in going to be lost on anyone.” cent increase in worldwide en- ergy demand by 2030. Conserva- hanced safety techniques that are now common in the indu- the U.S.” tion and other alternatives have stry: better construction, fewer Joseph kelly absolutely no chance of meeting computers and more reliance editorial@mediaplanet.com that demand. Nuclear power is on passive safety techniques—0910KI USA Today Bnnr Ad b4 op_0910KI USA Today Bnnr Ad a 11-01-31 4:10 PM Page 1 Tu r n k e y Se r v i c e s by Qu a l i f i e d Industry Experts Staffed by a qualified, industry recognized team of nuclear experts, Kinectrics US is now open to serve the Commercial Grade Dedication, Equipment Qualification, and Reverse Engineering needs of the US market. Kinectrics US personnel have extensive experience in developing the codes, standards and methods used to qualify and dedicate equipment for US applications. w w w. k i n e c t r i c s . u s
  7. 7. 18, February 2011 • usa today AN iNdepeNdeNt SUppLeMeNt by MediApLANet to USA todAy 7panel oF experts sharon elliott david a. christian robert W. kemple, Jr. vice President of human resources, chief executive officer, dominion executive vice President, sales & areva North america generation; member, Nuclear energy marketing–americas, asco Numat- Institute executive committee ics, emerson Industrial automationQuestion 1: one common misconception is that the number one misconception about a primary misconception is that nu- nuclear jobs exist only in nuclear power careers in nuclear is that only nuclear eng- clear is an aging or dying industry with litt-What is the #1 misconcep- plants. Vendors such as AREVA employ ineers work in the industry. In fact, a relatively le career opportunities. Nothing could betion about careers in thousands of people in mining, enrich- small fraction of engineers in the industry are further from the truth. The nuclear energynuclear? What is the reality? ment, recycling, maintenance, enginee- nuclear engineers.The overwhelming majori- industry is vibrant,with a great deal of inn- ring, construction, as well as corporate pro- ty of engineers come from different disciplines ovation in the works.Nuclear is growing ra- fessions such as finance and procurement. including electrical,mechanical,civil and che- pidly,with next-generation products being As energy demands continue to increase, mical.But nuclear careers also encompass ma- developed in the United States and being many jobs will be created and those who ny different professionals working in the indu- deployed globally, especially in Asia. enter the industry as a career will find a stry including reactor operators, technicians, safe, challenging, and rewarding work security officers and those who recruit, train environment. and educate others for key roles in the industry. It’s a safe bet that at the beginning of their care- ers just about all of them would never have en- visioned themselves as playing an important role in the nuclear industry.Question 2: Most career changes are the result experienced engineers, operators and We would recommend leveraging of networking. Those seeking to work in mechanics can immediately apply for nuclear your existing expertise because all dis-For those looking to change nuclear energy should reach out to those positions. The industry has a robust training ciplines are needed in nuclear. Researchcareers, how can they already in the industry. They should program that can help professionals and skil- nuclear careers and projects on the Inter- skil Interbegin to enter the nuclear explore what skills will be in led technicians transition into the nuclear net so that you are familiar with the demand (NEI is a great source). They can energy industry.If an individual is loo- basic industry terms. Talk to pe-peenergy field? take nuclear specific courses to adapt their king to make a significant career the industry ople who work in the industry, skills and experience to the industry. For change, the United States has a has a robust exhibi and attend a nuclear exhibi- example, transferable engineering pro- comprehensive educational sys- - training program tion. You will find that people fessions include: civil/structural/seismic, tem for retraining individuals that can help who work in nuclear are very mechanical, electrical, manufactur- for nuclear energy careers.There professionals and open and willing to help with ing, quality, and trades include welding, are 30+ nuclear engineering and skilled technicians career counsel. piping, construction, manufacturing, and 40+ nuclear technology programs transition... radiation tech. across the country. These programs can provide an individual with the skills and knowledge that will make him or her highly coveted by the nuclear energy industry.Question 3: learn more! If people take the time to learn educating the public is a high priority for What’s most important is to be know- about the benefits of nuclear energy, they the industry, and studies show that as people ledgeable and up-to-date on the nuclearWhat can individuals do to will be more supportive. As someone relati- learn about nuclear,they become strong sup- energy industry in terms of its latest inn-help support the growth of vely new to the industry, I was surprised to porters. Nuclear industry workers see their ovations and technologies, safety history,the nuclear energy industry? learn about the excellent safety records and jobs as having far greater ramifications than safeguards, and regulations. There has not small environmental impacts of America’s just a paycheck, and for good reason. Nuclear been much recent education on nuclear nuclear plants. I also discovered that nuclear energy benefits the environment as the lar- power. By being more personally familiar power plants are by far America’s largest gest single source of electricity that doesn’t with the industry, you can make better de- source of electricity without greenhouse ga- emit greenhouse gases, and nuclear plants cisions about how to personally support ses. And taken over a plant’s lifetime, electri- provide both direct and indirect economic nuclear energy initiatives and programs. city from nuclear is relatively inexpensive. benefits to their local community and bey- ond. For a strong economy and clean air, Westinghouse is focused on nuclear energy. W E S T I N G H O U S E E L E C T R I C C O M PA N Y L L C The nuclear energy renaissance has already created thousands of new jobs. By providing reliable and affordable electricity, nuclear energy helps keep business competitive and powers future worldwide job growth. Westinghouse and its more than 15,000 global employees are proud of our leadership position in this important industry. Our technology is the design basis for well over 40 percent of the world’s operating nuclear power plants, including 60 percent in the United States. Our newest design, the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear power plant, is the most advanced of its kind currently available in the global marketplace with more than 40 countries having expressed an interest. Four units are under construction in China along with four in the United States — two in South Carolina and two in Georgia. The AP1000 design has also been announced as the technology of choice for 14 new plants in the United States. Today, nuclear energy provides 16 percent of total global electricity generation and 20 percent in the United States. Additionally, nuclear energy accounts for more than 70 percent of the carbon-free electricity in the United States. Be a part of the solution to global growth in demand for clean electricity. Become a member of a company that is committed to customer success and providing future generations with safe, clean and reliable electricity. For career opportunities, check us out at www.westinghousenuclear.com ENERGIzING THE WORLd fOR 125 YEARSWEST_USAToday_Remnant_HalfPage_v2_color_F3.indd 1 1/31/11 10:57 AM
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