10 Tips to Help You Win in Small Business Sales


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• Approach sales if you haven’t got much experience as a salesperson
• Better understand the sales process
• Create useful habits and behaviours
• Strengthen your own abilities as a salesperson
• And much more!

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  • We all want to be successful
    Whatever it is that drives us on, we all want to be successful and achieve things
  • If you’re a small business owner then you probably don’t have any or many sales people
    You are the number 1 sales person in your company
  • 10 Tips to Help You Win in Small Business Sales

    1. 1. 10 Tips to Help you WIN in Small Business Sales www.intouchcrm.com James White Founder & Small Business Champion August 2014
    2. 2. Why are we here? Whether its your family, a big house, big cars or just the thrill of winning, we all want to be www.intouchcrm.com
    3. 3. The common link If you’re a small business & you don’t win business, you won’t be in business for very long www.intouchcrm.com
    4. 4. There is no silver bullet but www.intouchcrm.com Good People & Products Good Habits (i.e. You!) Business Success Good Systems
    5. 5. Why Listen to me? Cried when I lost at football at the age of 5 and hate losing now! www.intouchcrm.com Succeeding has continually driven me with InTouch
    6. 6. The world has changed www.intouchcrm.com Very few people want to be SOLD to Service and Reputation count for as much as silky words
    7. 7. Tip Number 1 – Impressions Count www.intouchcrm.com Smile – It conveys the right impression Believe in yourself – If you don’t why should your customer believe in you?
    8. 8. Tip Number 2 – Create an extra hour in your day www.intouchcrm.com Attitude – Your attitude determines your altitude Hard Work – On the road to success there are very few people on the final mile
    9. 9. Tip Number 3 – Sow and Reap www.intouchcrm.com Be Organised – Keep plates spinning & be focused Be Prepared – Do your research. Fail to plan and plan to fail Make Hay While the Sun Shines – The best salespeople are only as good as their last sale….
    10. 10. Tip Number 4 – Seek first to understand Seek to Understand – The best advice for ANY sales person EVER www.intouchcrm.com Spot Barriers – Kipling's Rules and spotting the barriers
    11. 11. Tip Number 5 – Scratch their itch Its not about you! – Forget about what you want or offer Scratch the Itch – Get inside the customers head! Where is their problem? www.intouchcrm.com
    12. 12. Tip Number 6 – Listen & Ask Questions Proportion – Listen and listen properly. Its key to success If you don’t ask – Be interested in them. Do your research & ask with real empathy www.intouchcrm.com Don’t be creepy – Know the limits and read the signs
    13. 13. Tip Number 7 – Remind, Deliver & Follow Up Be Organised – Use systems or write lists but do the basics Do what you say you will – If you agree to deliver a proposal then deliver it www.intouchcrm.com Follow up – Sales success is within the numbers
    14. 14. Tip Number 8 – Be Honest www.intouchcrm.com Be Honest – Wax Lyrical but honesty ALWAYS pays Live in the Present – Outline the future but always sell the present
    15. 15. Tip Number 9 – Know which base to run to Home run? – Know where to run to at the right time & mind the foul line Handhold & Nurture – Take your ‘prospects’ on a journey with you www.intouchcrm.com
    16. 16. Tip Number 10 – Read the signs & learn to say no Read the Signs – Learn & know when to make your move Are you a match? – Use your gut feel to say no to prevent future problems www.intouchcrm.com
    17. 17. In Summary www.intouchcrm.com 1. Impressions count 2.Create extra time in your day 3.Sow and Reap 4. Seek first to understand 5. Scratch their itch 6. Listen and ask questions 7.Remind, deliver and Follow up 8. Be honest & sell the present 9.Know your bases and nurture 10.Read the signs and Learn to say no
    18. 18. Always Remember Stay Positive – With a strong belief in what you do you WILL succeed www.intouchcrm.com If at first…………………….
    19. 19. www.intouchcrm.com You can achieve this
    20. 20. www.intouchcrm.com Thanks for listening & good luck! Contact us with any questions you have @jijwhite uk.linkedin.com/in/jijwhite www.intouchcrm.com