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presentation Newsbridge by Philippe Petitpont at Media Fast Forward 2018


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presentation given by the founder of Newsbridge with a focus on how artificial intelligence can augment the work of journalists.

Published in: News & Politics
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presentation Newsbridge by Philippe Petitpont at Media Fast Forward 2018

  1. 1. Facts In 2018, media companies shot more than 30 million hours of video In 2028 : more than 150 million hours will be shot each year x5 Question : How to sort those datas !?
  2. 2. Problems ? Latencies in the production flow (fresh contents can double the audience) Sorting is done 100% manually Non valorized passive assets ( a 1 minute rush is sold more than 500€) Ever-increasing production costs (derushing 1000 hours of video costs more than 100k€)
  3. 3. What we do ? Newsbridge is a platform that automates indexation and reveal the full power of contents Live contribution Cognitive contextual indexing (AI) Enhance content Value
  4. 4. Relevant Fresh Ready to edit $ Valuable Content “Valorize content” : How does Newsbridge achieve that ? 1. Centralize all content from any source 2. Analyze everything : Faces, Personalities, Speech to text, Contexts, etc. 3. Edit and publish your story right away
  5. 5. Metrics to give Journalists new insights Works real time for an unlimited amount of content Juncker brexit Relevant sequences Personalities Stefan Löfven (59) Most seen people in : European Council conclusion on migrant transit Trending contexts detected today Editors derush faster than ever with a simple request Viktor Orbàn (45) Tomáš Boček (22) storm wrecksfiremen camps army crowd banners
  6. 6. Insights from cognitive data Speak of parliament form Syriza Theoretician and inspirator of Podemos Leader of La France Insoumise 1 2 3 1 2 3 European Radical Left-Wing Parties join forces in Paris ? ? Location: Paris, March 18th, 14h53
  7. 7. Ever-learning algorithms Relying on reinforcement learning based on user inputs Improving each customer’s own knowledge database to rise the system’s relevancy Asking user inputs when the system suspects some inconsistency.
  8. 8. Automatic Speech Transcription “Speech to text” Extracting relevant sequences from the live transcript Highlight text to extract the matching video.
  9. 9. Natural Language Processing Named entities are highlighted automatically in audio transcripts Named entities are highlighted to help the user browse the transcript faster
  10. 10. Live Demo
  11. 11. Live Demo