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A robot called Voitto


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Presentation given by Jarkko Ryynänen and Aki Kekäläinen at EBU conference on artificial intelligence in the broadcasting industry on 8-9 November 2018 in Geneva.

Published in: Technology
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A robot called Voitto

  1. 1. Jarkko Ryynänen Product Owner A robot called Voitto from content creation to AI ethics Aki Kekäläinen Head of Web Development, Lead Designer Yle News and Current Affairs 8.11.2018
  2. 2. ● Voitto was born in December 2016 ● He is named after legendary sports commentator - name also means Victory in english ● He creates about 100 articles and 250 images every week - directly to production, no proof reading by humans This is Voitto the Robot
  3. 3. ● Examples: ice hockey football floorball elections Voitto the Journalist
  4. 4. ● FIFA World Cup 2018 ● Task: watch match, find goals and edit goal clips ● Just an simple experiment: ○ Machine learning ○ Watch score board ○ When score changes rewind and edit 40 second video Voitto the Video Editor
  5. 5. ● Works as a personal assistant in Yle’s News Watch app ● He gets to know you and helps you be informed about the news you don’t want to miss ● We call the feature Voitto’s Smart Notifications Voitto the Personal Assistant
  6. 6. ● Voitto will make us all smarter - augmented intelligence ○ He will be our journalists’ new best friend ● Experimental: Twitter, voice ● More stories: sports, politics, weather ● Stories for just one Voitto’s Career Plan
  7. 7. ””For 150 or more years, news has focused on stories of the most interest to the most people.” Reg Chua Executive Editor, Editorial Operations, Data and Innovation at Thomson Reuters
  8. 8. AI has some serious image problems...
  9. 9. Pros: Effective and goal oriented Cons: Not an ideal co-worker (for humans) Who is creating the system and for what purpose?
  10. 10. AI Ethics Kuva: MIT ● There are only human ethics ● Machines do what we want ● We humans are the problem! We are not specific - there are really difficult questions we need to solve ● Building AI’s will force us to think more about ethics
  11. 11. Voitto the Nice Robot ● It is all about who is building the AI and for what purpose ● We want Voitto to help people, to be a tool for making things better - Voitto needs to have values ● In practise: everyone building Voitto needs to understand what Voitto should and shouldn’t do and how Voitto behaves
  12. 12. ● The caretakers: Only carefully selected people work with our most important algorithms ● The conscience: We are starting multidisciplinary teams to share understanding and think about big questions like ethics of our future AIs ● Transparency: Tell people what you are doing and how Our Safety Mechanisms