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Xarios Applications Suite 2010

  1. 1. Simply put, Xarios is in the business of making computers and phones work together by reducing and or eliminating repetitive tasks such as account look up, manual dialing, transferring calls, trying to figure out where people are, voice documentation and much more. When that happens, you get more stuff done by the end of the day. Our mission is simple; to positively impact an organizations Revenue, Image, Productivity and Efficiency through the use of software tools found in the Xarios Applications Suite. At Xarios, the notion of “Less Is More” takes on a whole new meaning. We like Simple, Easy, Familiar, Flexible and most of all, Cost Effective. This is why we developed the Applications Suite and packed it with easy to use productivity tools right out of the box. Following up on that we added optional time and money saving components such as: - CRM Telephony Enablement - Workgroup Collaboration - Speech Analytics - Mass Contact Tools - Professional Services - Interactive Voice Tools Include the Xarios Applications Suite in every product recommendation. By doing so, you position your Client with the tools they need now and in the future all wrapped up in a cost effective, easy to use, and familiar package.
  2. 2. Xarios Application Server is designed to concentrate multiple telephony tools into one program and make it accessible from the Local Area Network. This makes things easy to understand, use and manage. Applications Server is the central connection point for all of the Xarios Computer Telephony Productivity Tools. Designed to enhance the functionality of the telephone system, Application Server provides a bridge between the telephone system and an IT infrastructure. Out of the box, Application Server provides a variety of features to improve day-to-day interaction with the telephone system including: - 250 Standard Phone Manager Users - Multiple Message Notifications - SMS Gateway - CRM Contacts Integration - Auto Answer - Caller ID Mapping - Advanced Support for Axxess Systems - User Chat Optionally, tools can be added allowing all users throughout the organization to benefit from the rich features of the telephone system. This improves productivity. The following pages show the existing modules embedded within Application Server and the modules classed as optional tools. For the latest information on new modules and specifications of Application Server, go to: www.xarios.com.
  3. 3. Phone Manager leverages many powerful features available from Mitel and evolves them even further while maintaining ease of use. This desktop productivity tool puts right at the fingertips of the end-user features such as: 1. Real-Time Caller Information during active calls 2. Tasks & Features “Pinned” To The Click* 3. Group Status 4. Advanced Live Call View* 5. Call History Log 6. Speech Analytics * 7. User Chat 8. System Directory 9. Highlight & Dial (480).398.8319 10. Click To Dial* The color-coded icons on the Status Console change in real time according to the status of each User. The user can create their own or choose the icons shown and group them as they see fit. With telephony controls at your fingertips, calls can be made or transferred to another user simply by double-clicking the icon or dragging a call to a user. When making or receiving a call, the Call Banner optionally slides out from the side of your screen. This discreet display provides easy desktop control of your current active call, displaying useful information while providing buttons to quickly answer hold or transfer calls. * Pertains to the Professional & Executive enhancements to the Standard Phone Manager User
  4. 4. Designed for hunt groups and manager / secretary scenarios, Multiple Message Notification takes a voicemail alert from one endpoint and duplicates it onto multiple endpoints. This ensures that all interested parties are aware of the voicemail and can take the appropriate action, and important voicemails aren’t missed. Messages can be retrieved, saved and deleted from any alerted endpoint so that no more than one person will deal with each message. Built into Application Server is the ability to map AD users to agent IDs and ID computers to endpoints. When used in this way, Phone Manager Installations can automatically identify the endpoint and agent ID without the need for input from the user. Application Server contains a built-in database to keep track of Caller IDs of known contacts. This information is then passed out to Xarios Phone Manager Clients, giving the user instant access to data relating to the person on the other end of the telephone. The user can then be notified about information relating specifically to that person, such as current order values or outstanding balances. The data relating to the caller can also be used for advanced screen-popping when using the Professional Integrator version of Phone Manager. As well as maintaining a Caller ID database, Application Server can be used to store extended information about inbound direct dial numbers (DID). This allows an organization to tag a call with information on the source of marketing and pass this information to the user. When used in conjunction with Xarios Phone Manager, CRM databases can be updated automatically to store call tracking information, allowing for marketing sources to be tracked and marketing expenditure to be validated.
  5. 5. These tools can be licensed to provide additional required functionality in the enterprise. The following tools are available: Available right from your Phone Manager Client find recorded calls not only based on classic markers, but by words and phrases spoken. This is called Speech Analytics. The Xarios recorder is Easy to Use, Expandable, Secure and Browser Based. Allows users to work from any Mitel endpoint anytime, anywhere and retain their DID, CLI, Class Of Service, Personal Speed Dials, Extension Description and Voicemail. Hot Desking is deal for today’s mobile workplace. Manipulate outbound caller ID based on location for ease of Campaign management. A campaign dialing application designed to improve productivity by automating the dialing process and collecting call outcomes through the keyset or desktop computer. The Campaign Manager automates the calling process, eliminates errors and interacts with CRM’s all the while maintaining the live interaction between both parties. The Professional and Team Leader versions extend the power and capabilities of the embedded Standard version. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION
  6. 6. Extension based console YES YES YES Speed dials - system & personal YES YES YES Agent based console YES YES YES Caller ID/Area Code Mapping YES* YES* YES* Secure Chat YES YES YES Hunt Group Based Console - - YES Global ACD, DND & Forward Control - - YES Silent Monitor - - YES Item Limit 50 100 250 SMS Messaging - YES YES Call Banner YES YES YES Quick Dial Directory YES YES YES Application Hot Keys - YES YES Call History (inc. missed calls & directory) YES YES YES Quick Dial Hot Key YES YES YES Do Not Disturb Control YES YES YES Forward State Control YES YES YES Personal ACD Status - YES YES ACD State Indication in System Tray - YES YES Auto ACD login/logout on startup/shutdown - YES YES TAPI Interface - YES YES Application Integration * * * Macro Support - YES YES Button Toolbar - YES YES Button Limit - 50 100 Development Controls (.NET / VB) - YES YES Xarios Call Recorder Integration - YES YES Xarios Progressive Dialer Integration - YES YES Xarios Web Callback Integration - YES YES * The list above is a Summary of the hundreds of features available with the Xarios Phone Manager Tool. If there is a particular feature of interest to you which is not listed, feel free to Call us or email for further information.
  7. 7. Windows® Address Book 2000, XP, Vista YES - - - Microsoft® Office Outlook® XP, 2000, '02, '03, '07' YES YES YES - Microsoft® Outlook Express 6 YES - - - Microsoft® Live Communications Server 2005 - - - YES Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2005 - - - YES Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 (SP2), 7,8 YES - - - Microsoft® Office Access XP, 2000, '02, '03, '07 YES - - - Microsoft® Dynamics® CRM 3, 4 YES - YES - Sage Act! 8, 9, 10,12 YES YES - 5 - 6.5 (BDE), 6.7, 7, 8 Goldmine (SQL) YES YES YES - Maximizer 9, 10 (via TAPI) YES - YES - Salesforce.com N/A YES - - - Microsoft Dynamics Nav 4.0 SP2 YES - - - Goldvision 2007 YES - YES - Sage CRM MME 6 - - - Sage SalesLogix 7.0 - 7.2 YES YES YES - Soft Talk - Office Talk Enterprise - - - - Tigerpaw CRM+ 9, 10,11 YES YES YES - * If your CRM does not appear on this list, feel free to Call or email for further information.
  8. 8. ComSource Contact Information Mitel ComSource Phone – 480.858.9600 X 19765 Mitel ComSource E-mail – comsource_group@mitel.com Pre & Post Sale Support Tel: 888.927.4671 – Xarios Engineering E-mail: ussales@xarios.com Url: www.xarios.com Client PC Requirements MS Windows XP/Vista/7 Professional Versions. MS .NET 3.5 or Some features require specific AXXESS/5000 series versions: higher & Windows Installer please check compatibility list. Future product releases and applications are subject to availability and cost. Mitel System Requirements rd Specifications are subject to change without notice. Some System OAI & 3 Party Call Control. CT Gateway required in Multi- features may require additional hardware and/or software Node environments