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Scholarship guide

  1. 1. Your Ultimate Guide to Securing a Scholarship to Study Abroad!
  2. 2. TOGETHER, LET'S MAKE STUDY ABROAD SIMPLE! Choosing the right university and course could be the two hardest decisions you have ever had to make – especially when you are looking to study in a foreign country. This is what will shape your career! Uniguru has all the tools you will need to help you make an informed decision – from course selection to university application. Join us and let's make study abroad simple! Find Courses More than 4,00,000 courses to choose from, in 10 study destinations Read Student Reviews More than 7,000 real student reviews to guide you to make informed decisions Find Scholarships More than 20,000 scholarships to choose from to help you fund your education Ask and Answer Get your study abroad questions answered by fellow students and experts Get Prospectuses Download official prospectuses of universities and shortlist your preferred universities Apply Online Apply online to your preferred University with the help of our expert counsellors for free Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Did you know that in ancient India, kings used to sponsor the education of poor and needy students in universities like Taxila and Nalanda! These are amongst the earliest recorded instances of scholarships being granted to students. Similarly, well-to-do Romans supported students in ancient Rome as well. In the current scenario dollar and euro values keep fluctuating, and institutions across the world increase tuition fees and the cost of accommodation oncampus; so it becomes essential that students plan their finances accordingly. Most international universities and colleges offer a limited number of scholarships and bursaries to students. Additionally, a number of private charitable organisations and leading philanthropists offer scholarships to deserving and meritorious students who wish to go abroad and study. As a student planning to go abroad for higher studies, does the cost factor give you sleepless nights? Do not worry; we at Uniguru have put together this guide to offer you information on some popular scholarships that will help you fund your studies. Take your time to go through this guide and apply for a scholarship that caters to your requirements. Also make sure you don‟t miss the “Tweet to Win Scholarship” contest at the end of this ebook! Uniguru – making your study abroad dreams come true! Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  4. 4. CONTENT What is a Scholarship? -6 Types of Scholarships -8 Scholarship Sources and Eligibility Criteria - 11 Common Myths About Scholarships - 13 Popular Non-Subject Scholarships to Study Abroad - 15 Indian Private Bodies and Trusts Offering Scholarships - 19 How to Apply for Scholarships - 22 Do‟s and Don‟ts – Tips to Apply for Scholarships - 25 Tweet to Win Scholarship Contest - 28 Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  5. 5. CHAPTER 1 What is a Scholarship?
  6. 6. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 7 The „Oxford Dictionary of English‟ defines the word „scholarship‟ as: „a grant or payment made to support a student‟s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement‟. A scholarship is a reward of financial assistance for students to further their academic endeavours. A scholarship is a gift of academic financial support that does not need to be repaid by the recipient, which makes it the most desirable form of financial aid! Further Reading: How to fund your education abroad?[Video] Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  7. 7. CHAPTER 2 Types of Scholarships
  8. 8. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 9 Scholarships are primarily one of three types: • Merit-based • Need-based • Student-specific Merit-Based Generally people think that „merit scholarships‟ are just for those students who have high grades or are excellent in academics. Merit scholarships are definitely given to top-scoring students, but that's not all, „Merit‟ means „to be worthy of or to deserve‟. So, if you are a brilliant athlete and excel in a specific sport, or you are a talented singer, musician, or dancer and you excel in a specific performing art you may still get a „merit scholarship‟ Top scores in standardised tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL etc. are also taken into consideration for academic eligibility. Merit scholarships are offered by educational institutions and by private organisations. A consistent top-ranking performance from senior school or class ten onwards ensures that applicants have a good chance of obtaining a scholarship. Check this link for more information on TOEFL Scholarship Check this link for more information on IELTS Scholarship Need-Based Need-based scholarships are given to students who cannot afford to pay their college tuition fee. Students coming from a less well off family can apply for these scholarships. Students who have financial/economic problems and are consistently good at their studies are eligible for need-based scholarships. Some institutions also offer need-based scholarships to single parent students. Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  9. 9. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 10 Student-Specific Scholarship Student-specific scholarships are provided to a specific category of the students. This can be based on the student‟s race, sex, religion, family, medical history and many other factors. Minority scholarships for African, Latin-American and aboriginal students fall under this category. For example: „The Gates Millennium Scholars Programme‟ is a minority scholarship funded by Bill and Melinda Gates for excellent African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander American and Latino students who enroll in college. Meanwhile Commonwealth scholarships are offered to students from countries who are part of the British Commonwealth countries. Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  10. 10. CHAPTER 3 Scholarship Sources and Eligibility Criteria
  11. 11. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 12 Who awards scholarships? Scholarships are available for both graduate as well as undergraduate education. Scholarships come from a number of sources which includes: • • • • Colleges/Universities The Government Corporations or Non-profit Associations Individual donors and Philanthropists What are the requirements to apply for a scholarship? While the eligibility for a scholarship will vary from one programme to another, there are some general requirements that all students will be expected to meet. • • • • Good GPA Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Activities Exam scores such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL No disciplinary action taken against candidate in previous schools / colleges Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  12. 12. CHAPTER 4 Common Myths About Scholarships
  13. 13. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 14 Common Myths About Scholarships Only academic stars win scholarships It is a misconception that only top-ranking students get scholarships. Scholarships are not just awarded for academic merit but also for excelling in sports, the performing arts or for displaying an act of valour or courage. Some institutions also offer monetary support to students who are victims of war-crimes. Heavy competition minimises my chances of winning a scholarship It is true that competition is fierce but that does not mean your application is immediately rejected. The best option is to apply to all those scholarships whose eligibility requirements are met by you. I am an academic star - I will easy secure a scholarship! Remember the old saying ‘Pride goeth before a fall.’ Being a top-notch student helps but does not automatically ensure that you will win a coveted scholarship. Remember that there will be many other students who are academically better than you, who would have applied for the same scholarship. So remain humble and apply to all relevant scholarships. Applying for a loan lessens my chances of securing a college scholarship Parents often assume incorrectly that if their children get study loans, colleges will reduce any scholarship money that might have been awarded. Each institution has its own policy towards the disbursal of scholarships, so please remember to read all relevant information before applying for a specific scholarship. In most cases a bank loan does not impact the scholarship amount offered by an institution. Scholarship applicants require exceptional talent Try and be honest with yourself when it comes to your talent, skill or expertise which will dictate any scholarship you are applying to. While you may excel in a certain area within your small community or group of friends, you have to be excellent to compete with others from around the country/world. Whether or not you have doubts about your abilities, always practice and try to improve them. Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  14. 14. CHAPTER 5 Popular Non-Subject Scholarships to Study Abroad
  15. 15. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 16 Students are funded through scholarships, grants and fellowships on a regular basis by the government and non governmental institutions. Given below is a list of popular scholarships, which are available for students to study in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland and Hong Kong. Scholarships to Study in the USA • • • • Fulbright Foreign Student Programme The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Programme Humane Studies Fellowship Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships Click here to find more scholarships to study in the USA Scholarships to Study in the UK • • • • • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Charles Wallace India Trust Awards and Fellowships Hornby one year MA Scholarship Programme Felix Scholarships Brendish Family Foundation Scholarships Click here to find more scholarships to study in the UK Further Reading: Scholarships for International Students to Study in US[Video] What are the Funding Options to study in US? [Video] Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  16. 16. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP Scholarships to Study in Australia: • • • • • Australian Leadership Award International Postgraduate Research Scholarships JASON (Joint academic scholarships online network) CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Programme Victoria India Doctoral Scholarships Click here to find more scholarships to study in Australia Scholarships to Study in Singapore • A*STAR India Youth Scholarship • MOE Secondary and Pre-University Scholarships • SIA Youth Scholarship Scholarships to Study in Malaysia • Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) • And Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MCTP) • Commonwealth Scholarship And Fellowship Plan (CSFP) Ref: Scholarships to Study in New Zealand • New Zealand Educated • Commonwealth Scholarships Ref: Education/ForTertiaryStudentsAndParents/ScholarshipLinks.aspx Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN 17 17
  17. 17. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship to Study in the Netherlands • Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) Click here to find the scholarship application process to study in the Netherlands Scholarship to Study in Ireland • Irish University Scholarship for Indian Students Ref: Scholarship to Study in Sweden • The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships Scholarship to Study in Hong Kong • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund Share This EBook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN 18
  18. 18. CHAPTER 6 Indian Private Bodies and Trusts Offering Scholarships
  19. 19. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 20 Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships are PhD level scholarships offered to researchers with excellent academic record and leadership qualifications. R.D. Sethna Scholarships are awarded to students irrespective of any caste, religion or creed. Loan scholarships start from Rs.10, 000 and more. JN Tata Endowment is an interest free loan given to students pursuing undergraduate, graduate and research programmes. The JN Tata Endowment loan ranges between Rs. 60,000 to 4, 00,000. Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarships are awarded to women with an exceptional academic record or work experience. Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  20. 20. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships are awarded to graduate and research students with good academic record. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant and 50% loan basis through application once a year around June or July. BD Bangur Endowment Scholarships are loan scholarships offered to students pursuing graduate and research programmes in the fields of medicine, engineering, technology, humanities, science and business administration. K. C. Mahindra Scholarships are loan scholarships provided to students pursuing graduate degree. The loan amount ranges from Rs. 2, 00,000 to Rs. 8, 00,000. Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarships are awarded to students from Konkani communities for higher education abroad, with scholarship amount of Rs 1 lakh per year per student. Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN 21
  21. 21. CHAPTER 7 How to Apply for Scholarships
  22. 22. 23 YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship policies differ from institution to institution. Some cover entire education fees, while others will cover accommodation, food and other charges as well. When researching colleges, read up on scholarship programmes and gather information gradually on how to apply. Some institutions might insist on specific documents, while others might need a letter from the bank. Please ensure that you submit all necessary documents mandated by the institution and the scholarship awarding body. Do your research Prepare all relevant documents WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN Write winning essay(s) Get good referees to recommend you Share This Ebook! Check if you are eligible Prepare for scholarship interview
  23. 23. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP It is extremely important to be organised and have all necessary documents with relevant photo-copies arranged neatly in a folder or file. If you are filling an online application then all the documents should be converted into a PDF format. If you are sending a printed application, then all the documents prescribed in the application form should be attached to the form. Documents that are to be submitted: • Academic transcripts • Curriculum Vitae • SAT / GRE / GMAT and TOEFL / IELTS / PTE Scores • Essays or Statement of Purpose • Letters of Recommendation • Cover Letter Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN 24
  24. 24. CHAPTER 8 Do‟s and Don‟ts – Tips to Apply for Scholarships
  25. 25. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP There are many scholarships available, and not all of them require you to prove you‟re the most academically gifted person on earth. But they are incredibly competitive. So how do you make sure you get the scholarship or bursary you deserve? • Apply for as many as you can • Be confident • Avoid scholarship scams • Allow plenty of time • Keep a record of all the documents Avoid these mistakes: • Not knowing the type of scholarship you are applying to • Not following instructions properly • Not answering the essay question properly • Forgetting to do a spell-check and proofreading the form and essay • Sending sloppy applications • Not including information such as transcripts or recommendations • Missing the deadline Further Reading: How to Avoid Scholarship Scams? Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN 26
  26. 26. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 27 Scholarships checklist:  Are you eligible?  Do you know the deadline?  Have you got all the necessary information? This will vary depending on the scholarship application, but usually includes: academic records, proof of financial circumstances and confirmation of your study plans.  Do your referees know what scholarship(s) you are applying for?  Have you and a friend/family member proofread your scholarship application?  Have you submitted your application before the deadline? Remember that you are not the sole applicant for a scholarship; numerous applicants apply for the same scholarship and only the most suitable applicant wins it. Hence it is important that you apply for all relevant scholarships. Also remember to apply for a bank-offered student loan as a back-up plan. All the best for your studies! Ready to explore educational opportunities abroad? Start your study abroad journey with Uniguru! Download university prospectuses and start short-listing your preferred universities today. We will be happy to help you. If you need any assistance, Email us at Phone - 1-800-103-9634 (Toll free) or +91 44 42696241 (09.30AM – 6PM IST) Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN
  27. 27. YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SECURE A SCHOLARSHIP 28 Tweet to Win Scholarships Worth Rs 20,000! We hope the above mentioned scholarships will be useful for you, how about sharing this awesome ebook with your friends and get a chance to win Rs 20,000 worth scholarship? Here’s how to enter:  Tweet a single reason for why students should download this ebook. In your tweet, include Uniguru‟s twitter handle @Uniguru and the link Here is an example tweet  5 creative/awesome/witty tweets chosen by our jury will win Rs 4000 Scholarship each That's it! If you're the winner, @Uniguru will direct message you so that you can claim your prize. Contest Rules and Restrictions: You must be 18+ years of age Contest open to Indian nationals only Multiple entries accepted Contest ends on 22nd Oct 2013 What are you waiting for? Start tweeting! Click to tweet All the best for your studies! Share This Ebook! WWW.UNIGURU.CO.IN