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Intimate tickles llc new launch presentation


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Now Accepting Applications
Intimate Tickles Is Now Accepting Application For Flagship Romance Consultants.

so nice to be naughty Intimate Tickles is drawing closer and closer to our launch date. September 16th will be upon us in no time.

Intimate Tickles resigned from MPP in September of 2014 and embarked on an effort to create a better adult romance home party system. Our focus is on the consultant, your growth, your education, your product offering, your success.

At this time we are opening up our application system and inviting you to join us as an Intimate Tickles Flagship Romance Consultant.

Please read through this entire newsletter before clicking over to the application. We look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity.


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Intimate tickles llc new launch presentation

  1. 1. WHO IS INTIMATE TICKLES LLC? Intimate Tickles LLC started with Virginia White, a 25 year veteran of the Home Party Plan industry, and Derek Brown, a 30 year veteran in the IT field and an Online Marketing guru. After experiencing a couple of the major romance companies out there, they decided that there was a lacking in the industry, and that they could deliver some of these issues by establishing a presence of their own. Some of these items were • Highest quality products with “female safe” being a high priority • Kink or BDSM products with more of an edge • Corporate marketing that points to consultants, NOT corporate • Extensive marketing training and tools • Additional avenues of income 2
  2. 2. FEMALE SAFE / HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS There is not much worse than anticipating the arrival of your new toy, then having the battery compartment snap off, inserting the batteries and nothing happens, or stretching a ring and having it break. These things are bound to happen from time to time, but our goal is to minimize any of these incidents by only offering products we have tested or researched to be of high quality. We at Intimate Tickles are dedicated to seeking out products that are female friendly and made of body safe materials for everyone. New & innovative toys are coming into the line, literally, every day. Intimate Tickles is excited to come to you with the latest and greatest, and to educate you on how to use them to enhance your pleasure. 3
  3. 3. OUR STAND ALONE BRING ON THE KINK CATALOG There is a highly diverse mix of personalities, preferences, turn-ons, and turn-offs in our great nation. Intimate Tickles wants to make sure that you have the ability to serve this wide market. Shades of Grey lifted the BDSM category up out of the dungeon and into the curiosity of many of our friends and neighbors. The “beginner” products are great for a large majority of these “curious cats”, however, for those who have lived and loved in this arena – the soft products carried by most of the major romance companies are just not going to cut it. With Intimate Tickles, you will have access to a SEPARATE catalog of Extreme Kink products. The choice is yours, but the choice is there. 4
  4. 4. CORPORATE MARKETING FOR CONSULTANTS At, the frontend, customer facing web address to our consultant Marketing Websites, is an interactive map listing of all of our consultants who choose to participate in our optional Marketing Website. ALL of Intimate Tickles marketing efforts will point to this web address where potential customers can click on their state, locate the consultant closest to them, and contact that consultant directly. 5
  5. 5. EXTENSIVE TRAINING. POWERFUL ONLINE VISIBILITY Our competitors will tell you to call your friends and family to get your first party started. They will tell you that from there, you will book more parties, and it all picks up momentum from there. That may be true for some, but what if you are new to the area? Have moved away from family? Or have exhausted that pool of possibilities? Enter The All Powerful World Wide Web! Many of our competitors will not allow you to create your own website from which to market – not even a blog. At Intimate Tickles we have built you a stand alone, fully optimized, locally coded, filled with training and tools, marketing website for you to blog on, push to social media, and educate yourself about online marketing. 6
  6. 6. ADDED AVENUES FOR CREATING INCOME An added component to our Marketing Websites is the ability to earn an additional income without lifting a finger. As a market center owner, our consultants activate a free membership with Slightly Naked Lingerie. Marketing Center websites will have a link marked “Shop For Lingerie”. This link will take the customer to the consultants Lingerie center at, where any purchases will result in a 20% commission to that consultant. It is totally optional for our consultants to present lingerie at their parties. We will have 30 to 40 pieces of lingerie for the consultant to purchase as cash n carry items if they choose. Regardless of whether a consultant decides to show lingerie at their parties or not, they still have the possibility of making an income via online sales. 7
  7. 7. 8 TWO POWERFUL CENTERS OF BUSINESS Business Center Marketing Center
  8. 8. SOME DEFINITIONS FOR YOUR CLARIFICATION Frontend: When we discuss the “frontend” of the web, what we’re really talking about is the part of the web that you can see and interact with. If you were to go to to shop, you would be accessing their frontend. Backend: A backend typically stores information and can not be accessed without a username and password. It will typically have personal information, and information can be created, changed, and updated. If you were to click the “Sign in” link at, then supply your email address (username) and password, you would be accessing your backend Corporate Replicated: Every home party plan has a replicated website. Well, at least we have yet to come across one that didn’t. This is a site, a frontend, that is created when you become an independent representative. It is a “replica” of the corporate website, with a few customizations available (name, phone, email). This is where your customers do their online shopping, discover more about you and the company, and contact you to book a party. Business Management Center (BMC): This is where you will access the tools to manage you business. The BMC is the backend of your Corporate Replicated site. Upon logging in you will find business reports, create, run, and close parties, access your CRM (customer relations manager), view recorded webinars, corporate documents, product descriptions and training, party invites, games, set up virtual parties, and more. Marketing Website: As far as our research tells us, we are the only company that offers a professionally designed and local visibility optimized website dedicated to assisting you in showing up on page 1 for search engine searches of “adult romance party” and similar keywords. The Marketing Website is a frontend with which we recommend you send all your traffic. Your customer will be able to do everything here EXCEPT shopping. Links from the Marketing Website will take your customers to your shopping website(s). Marketing Control Center (MCC): Another first. The MCC is the backend to your Marketing Website. Once logged in you will connect your Marketing Website to, from 4-20 social media networks, as well as traffic analytics. Optimization wizards will guide you in making sure your blog posts are keyword optimized. Trending wizards will help you construct articles. An Image Suite will give you the power to customize images right from within your MCC. Banks of videos will take you to school on Social Media, Facebook Marketing, Optimized blogging, and more. Browse for more information on what and why our MCC can propel your business. 9
  9. 9. THE INTIMATE TICKLES BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CENTER(BMC) The Intimate Tickles BMC is the back end of our corporate replicated websites. The Business Center is where you will access all your business reports, create, run, and close parties, access your CRM (customer relations manager), view recorded webinars, corporate documents, product descriptions and training, party invites, games, set up virtual parties, and more. Corporate will be able to push new articles out to your front ends, manage ours and your social media (with your permission), set up coupons, sales, fire sales, and of course, more. 10
  10. 10. THE INTIMATE TICKLES OPTIONAL MARKETING WEBSITES Instead of “replicated”, we call the Marketing Websites “Duplicated”. The Marketing Websites are all a duplicate of Even the title and description of this website will be customized to your local area. The YouTube (Google owns YouTube) will be customized. City and State tags, about you content, links to shopping, all customized. 1-2 times per month Intimate Tickles corporate will have a professionally written and optimized article pushed to the blog section of your sites. Videos will teach you how to log in to the Marketing Control Center and write you own blogs. We suggest 2-3 new articles a week. Review your products, tell stories, personalize your site with unique content. By following our step by step training your marketing website should progress to be a top 10 search result (first page) in your local area within 6 – 8 weeks (Never a guarantee, but if you’ll put in the time, about an hour a day, this WILL happen). 11
  11. 11. THE INTIMATE TICKLES MARKETING CONTROL CENTER The Intimate Tickles Marketing Center is the engine that will work to position your Adult Romance Business as the first page search results romance center for your local area and beyond. The Marketing Control Center is the back end to your Marketing Websites On the inside you will find full video tutorials on everything from setting up your marketing website to understanding Social Media and how to use it to grow your business, to becoming a full fledged Facebook marketing guru. Blog posts will automatically submit themselves to up to 20 social media sites and directories. SEO wizards will make sure that your articles will be quickly noticed and indexed by the search engines. Trend tools will help you discover and write articles that the internet is searching for. Image search tools will help you find images for your articles that are not copyrighted. Our Image Powersuite will give you the creative tools to make them your own. For more information about the tools and training within our Marketing Control Center, Browse To 12
  12. 12. WHAT IS A FLAGSHIP CONSULTANT? flag-ship /'flag, SHip/ . noun . the best or most important product, object, or asset to a particular organization. Intimate Tickles can not start, thrive, or grow without you, our Independent Romance Consultants. As a Flagship Consultant Intimate Tickles will depend on you for comments, corrections, suggestion, and ideas to help us make yours and your customers experience the absolute best. We will ask you to tour your new marketing center and give us honest feedback. For everything Intimate Tickles, we want to hear your ideas on making us better, stronger, and how to serve you the best. Intimate Tickles will approve up to 50 Flagship Consultants to help us get to the perfection point before our September 16th official launch. You will be offered a discount price on our Marketing Center and our Business Center and be an integral part of building the Intimate Tickles brand. During our first year, Flagship Consultants will receive quarterly goodie baskets to help you grow your business 13
  13. 13. BECOME AN INTIMATE TICKLES FLAGSHIP CONSULTANT 14 STEP 2. SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW After sending in your application you will be taken to our date/time scheduler. Click a day and time of your choice and fill out the form that will appear. Available times are Mon - Fri Noon to 6pm, and Thurs & Fri 4pm to 10pm STEP 1. FILL OUT THE APPLICATION Not really much of an application, it's more or less a contact form. Once you click the send button you will go to our scheduling calendar.