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Ibm and sap archiving and data management solutions for banking


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Ibm and sap archiving and data management solutions for banking

  1. 1. IBM ILM solutions for SAP improve database operations and protect banking datafor the long term IBM and SAP archiving and data management solutions for Banking Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is important for Global Banking Companies using policies, processes, practices, and tools to cost-effectively align the business value of information with their SAP IT infrastructure. The IBM System Storage Archive solution for SAP aligns banking SAP information with business processes through man- agement of retention policies and serv- ice levels to help ensure banking data is available, accessible, compliant and ILM solutions for SAP enable financial protected. This solution ensures that Highlights institutions to advance from individual, vital banking data is retained for future siloed risk and compliance projects reference and addresses some of ■ For risk toward an enterprise-wide risk manage- today’s biggest implementation chal- Implement operational risk man- ment strategy: The IBM® System lenges for regulatory compliance with agement controls to help meet Storage™ Archive solution for SAP® secure access to reliable risk, financial Sarbanes-Oxley needs and align aligns your SAP information with busi- and customer data. business performance manage- ness processes through management ment with operational resilience of retention policies to help ensure your Data retention and management are assessments and strategy. data is available, accessible, compliant essential functions of ILM. This is and protected. important to banking companies as ■ For compliance reporting capabilities are driven by Help automate compliance and increased scrutiny of financial reporting gain a view of market, operational by regulators, increased transparency and credit risk across your entire company.
  2. 2. of financial data required by companyexecutives, increased needs for anenterprise-wide view of financial data toassess risk, and dynamic access tofinancial data demanded by CEOs andCFOs.Reliable data is critical to meeting bank-ing regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley,Solvency II, International FinancialReporting Standards (IFRS) andInternational Accounting Standards(IAS). For example, compliance withSarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requiresa fine-grained reporting capability,down to the transaction level of everyinternal business process across theorganization.Effective implementation of these ILMfunctions helps global banking compa-nies improve SAP IT production per-formance, improve TCO, improve legalcompliance and mitigate your IT risks.SAP has recognized these needs bycreating their new product “ILM from IBM archiving solution stack for SAPSAP” as part of the SAP NetWeaverstack. With ILM from SAP, data reten- to a newly created data object. The SAP’s Information Retention Managertion management starts at the moment assigned management class applies (IRM), a key component of ILM froma data management class is assigned SAP policy information, like business SAP, is the central tool for setting up and regulatory rules, to the data object and managing retention policies and throughout its lifecycle, from creation uses the SAP WebDAV Storage through expiration to deletion. Interface as an open-standard interface
  3. 3. based on HTML. The WebDAV IBM System Storage DR550 DR550 is designed to provide:(Web-based Distributed Authoring and The IBM System Storage DR550Versioning) interface allows banking uniquely stores banking data as pro- ● Lower TCO with flexible storageclients to perform remote Web content tected objects into the data manage- tiering. It is costly to keep allauthoring operations such as creating a ment layer using DR550 IBM System archived banking data in more expen-framework and set of retention rules, Storage Archive Manager software. The sive nearline or production storagealong with enforcing those rules for IBM solution helps pay for itself quickly throughout its retention period.both structured and unstructured SAP during long archiving periods, as bank- DR550 offers the capability to sup-data. ing data that usually outlives disk or port and manage cost-effective tiers optical media can use IBM longer- of storage (disk, tape and optical).Maximizing and sustaining ILM effi- lasting tape storage capabilities. ● Migration. DR550 is designed tociency involves leveraging storage tiers support data migration capabilities toto support information classes and The IBM System Storage DR550 is an move data from disk to tape andservice levels. The IBM Archiving award-winning, industry-proven infor- between infrastructure upgradesSolution for SAP includes the award- mation retention solution. It is designed without disruption while maintainingwinning IBM System Storage DR550, to help global banking companies meet data immutability. Migrations can betogether with IBM CommonStore the growing challenge of managing and automated or scheduled for off hoursfor SAP, and enables alignment of SAP protecting business banking information and can be performed by the cus-information business value with the for long periods while providing opera- tomer or as a service.most appropriate and cost-effective IT tional efficiency. DR550 can scale up toinfrastructure. 224 TB of physical disk storage and to petabytes with attached tape systems.
  4. 4. ● Non-erasable, non-rewriteable ● Interoperability. In addition to periods and legal holds to be placed on archival storage. DR550 offers IBM CommonStore, IBM Content SAP transaction data archived directly non-rewritable, non-erasable storage Manager, IBM FileNet® Image to the IBM DR550 via its System controls to prevent deletion or alter- Services, IBM Optim™ (formerly Storage Archive Manager interface. This ation of data stored on the system Princeton Softech) and other new ILM retention management capa- until deletion is permitted by retention IBM software offerings, over bility also provides critical support for policy. 30 third-party vendors (ISV) are eDiscovery operations in the event of a● Security and protection through certified users of the IBM DR550 for legal challenge. data encryption and data shred- archiving and data retention: ding options. DR550 provides data Beyond basic data archiving, encryption options (128 bit AES or storage/disk/dr/interop.html CommonStore for SAP software pro- 56 bit DES technology) to help global vides document management capabili- banking companies protect their data IBM CommonStore for SAP (CSSAP) ties, so banking companies can when transmitted over the network or A new version of the IBM SAP manage a wide range of SAP-related saved to disk or tape. Data is archiving solution component, information. By linking archived docu- encrypted prior to transmission and IBM CommonStore for SAP, ments to SAP business objects, remains encrypted in the DR550, Version 8.4, delivers archiving that goes CommonStore for SAP software is including backup copies. beyond simply trimming the size of SAP designed to make business After the data has expired according databases. Building on SAP’s previous documents—from purchase orders to to defined corporate or regulatory ArchiveLink API functionality associated banking policies—available to author- policy, the deleted data can be with SAP’s R/3 releases, and leveraging ized users anywhere on the network. destroyed via an optional shredding the new SAP WebDAV Storage So multiple users can have secure, feature. Shredding is designed to Interface, CSSAP v8.4 enables SAP- parallel access to documents, and explicitly overwrite the deleted data to directed and storage-enforced retention authorized users can have access to make it impossible to discover or documents without the delay caused by reconstruct that data later. paper-based archive inquiries.
  5. 5. IBM CommonStore for SAP delivers: ● External access to SAP docu- increases because data accessed infre- ments. The CSSAP Index Transfer quently is effectively archived. Banking● Integration. IBM fully supports feature enables users to find and information is securely protected and SAP’s new “ILM from SAP” retrieve archived SAP system docu- accessible when needed, independent (BC-ILM 2.0) specification; made ments without an SAP GUI client. of application, helping you to comply possible by IBM’s support for SAP’s ● Bulk archiving for printed docu- with company and regulatory policies WebDAV Storage Interface. ments. IBM CommonStore can and rules while enabling banking busi- These features enable banking busi- archive electronic copies of banking nesses to respond quickly to the nesses to place SAP-directed, printouts and link the archived docu- demands of their employees, cus- IBM-orchestrated retention periods ments to the corresponding SAP tomers, partners and suppliers. and legal holds on archived SAP business objects. This linkage transaction data, and better help ensures that banking documents are Additionally, the IBM archiving solution them meet their compliance needs. archived in the same format as origi- for SAP can be easily extended for● Fully integrated with IBM Content nally sent, and that banking compa- e-mail archiving. IBM CommonStore Manager suite (optional). Enables nies can still access them from SAP. and IBM DR550 support Lotus® banking businesses to manage SAP Domino® as well as Microsoft® content along with other content By integrating SAP and non-SAP busi- Exchange. For more information on the types, presenting all related informa- ness content into a single archive, the IBM archiving solution for e-mail please tion, from e-mails, images and faxes IBM archiving solution for SAP helps visit: to SAP and non-SAP users and improve the efficiency of global banking data/commonstore/ and applications, and also leveraging con- companies. Production performance tent from within SAP Workflow. data/cmgr/pdf/cslotus82.PDF
  6. 6. For more information © Copyright IBM Corporation 2008 IBM CorporationTo learn more about the IBM archiving Integrated Marketing Communicationsand data retention management solu- Systems and Technology Group Route 100tion for SAP please contact your Somers, NY 10589IBM sales representative or Produced in the United StatesIBM Business Partner, or visit the October 2008 All Rights Reservedfollowing Web sites: This document was developed for products and/or services offered in the United States. IBM may not offer the products, features or● services discussed in this document in other commonstore/sap/ countries.● The information may be subject to change without notice. Consult your local IBM business dr/index.html contact for information on the products, features● and services available in your area. content-management/products/ All statements regarding IBM future directions and intent are subject to change or withdrawal content.html without notice and represent goals and objectives only. IBM, the IBM logo, and SystemFor more information on Goverance, Storage are trademarks or registeredRisk and Compliance and how trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, otherIBM works with SAP and other countries or both. These and otherpartners: IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with the appropriate symbol (® or ™), indicating US● registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was financialservices/doc/content/ published. A full list of U.S. trademarks owned solution/1198766103.html by IBM may be found at: copytrade.shtml● IBM hardware products are manufactured from financialservices/doc/content/ new parts, or new and used parts. In some solution/360951103.html cases, the hardware product may not be new and may have been previously installed. Regardless, our warranty terms apply. Photographs show engineering and design models. Changes may be incorporated in production models. All performance information was determined in a Copying or downloading the images contained controlled environment. Actual results may vary. in this document is expressly prohibited without Performance information is provided “AS IS” the written consent of IBM. and no warranties or guarantees are expressed This equipment is subject to FCC rules. It will or implied by IBM. Buyers should consult other comply with the appropriate FCC rules before sources of information, including system final delivery to the buyer. Information benchmarks, to evaluate the performance of a concerning non-IBM products was obtained system they are considering buying. from the suppliers of these products or other When referring to storage capacity, 1 TB equals public sources. Questions on the capabilities of total GB divided by 1000; accessible capacity the non-IBM products should be addressed may be less. with the suppliers. TSS03025-USEN-00