Religion: We Must Ask Questions


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Religion has affected humanity for centuries. To fully understand how religious systems have influenced the minds of people, we need to ask questions about religious ideas to analyse it. This document decribes some of the most topical questions about religion that cause debates and discussions between people.

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Religion: We Must Ask Questions

  1. 1. Interrogating ReligionWith Common Questions Identifying Some FAQs on Religion
  2. 2. A worldwide relationship with religion.. Many of the most chaotic and serious debates are those centered onquestions related to religious ideologies. Religion may have been the single most powerful aspect of human cultural. It has an effect on men andwomen from all social and economic groups. Over 85 percent of the worlds population classify themselves as being religious.
  3. 3. So many believers, so few answers... Despite the human races predominant connection to religious beliefs, there are a number concerns, disorientation and debates that prevailsregarding religious ideologies. It would seem that there are lots of factors about religious dogma that women and men dont recognize. By using the data obtained from religion forum deliberations, this presentation shalltarget identifying examples of the most prevalent enquiries and concerns online social groups have pertaining to religious dogma.
  4. 4. Creationism vs EvolutionSome of the most high tempered religion discussions that occur on prettymuch all religion forum communities, are interactions involving atheists and religion followers. More explicitly, the conflict concerning creationism vs evolution. Atheists challenge the non-atheists to supply proof for theexistence of a creator of the universe, all the while the religious men and women are asking atheists to show verifiable proof for evolution.
  5. 5. Discomfort caused by facts...Often during creationism vs evolution debates, it appears that people who fall into the category of religious folk, seemingly become significantly distressed at the proof that mankind evolved from monkeys. Maybe this irritation comes from their spiritual viewpoints being denied such brazen methods. This distress typically pushes those individuals to utterly discount the statements supplied by their atheist comrades as guesswork. In most cases, this is where interactions change from peaceful situations to unreasonable and annoying arguing.
  6. 6. Concerns about death...Another topic that men and women continuously investigate on religion forum networks is the issue of what takes place to everyone after they depart from this life. With so many religious systems that exist, there are diverse answers imparted by these religions. But, it appears that most religious beliefs based answers tell humans that ones life energy does not stop existing after someone dies and that death is purely a material concept. Despite of these scriptural answers, both non- religious and religious men and women have profound concerns with regards to death. A lot of of the most repeatedly answered conversation threads on community forums are the ones that analyze death and the chances of what might take place following death.
  7. 7. The abortion debate...The ethicality of abortion is a very confrontational and sensitive matter that is regularly summoned in religion debates. Quite a number of individuals who subscribe to religious dogma, especially those men and women who are Christian, intensively attack abortion and ostracize it as a sin. Non-religion following individuals conversely, are much more sensitive to figuring out if abortion is ethical based on the circumstances around the pregnancy. People find a lot of conditions when ethics lean towards it being correct for a pregnant woman to abort her pregnancy. However, generally many religious folks trust that despite how desperate the incidents surrounding a pregnancy, that abortion is a criminal act.
  8. 8. Understanding the effects of religionIt seems that religion is a fundamental matter to evaluate for all human beings - as is indicated on religion discussion communities. During some stage of their lives, people feel interested to unearth more about this area of life thats been so relevant to our heritage and growth. Although some may say that mainstream religions are antiquated models of beliefs, the psychology of religious dogma and its effects on mankind is in no way an expired issue. Human beings have been and continue to be to be profoundly psychologically transformed by religion. Given this inescapable fact, it is important for knowledge about the effects of religious ideologies to be recognized universally.
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