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The green house effect


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  • Recently I found this interesting article about a study by Nasa on greenhouse effect
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The green house effect

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• What does a green house look like?What does a green house look like?• What is the greenhouse effect?What is the greenhouse effect?• IntroductionIntroduction Greenhouse gasesGreenhouse gases Greenhouse effectGreenhouse effect• MAIN CAUSES OF GREEN HOUSE EFFECT• a.a. Deforestation• b.b. Increasing of population• c. Burning fuel• d. Industrial Carbon-dioxide production• e. Nuclear reactor:• f. Inconsiderate Urbanization• HOW THE ENVIRONMENT IS INFLUENCED BY GREEN HOUSE EFFECT?• WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT FROM GREENHOUSE EFFECT?• ConclusionConclusion• BibliographyBibliography
  3. 3. What does a greenhouse look like?Most greenhousesgreenhouses look like aclear mini glass house. They areused to grow plants in anyenvironment. Greenhouses workbecause when the sun comes outthe green house can trap thesunlight and use it to grow plants.The glass panels trap as muchsunlight as possible but keepsheat in. This causes thegreenhouse to heat up and helpthe plants grow.
  4. 4. What is the Greenhouse Effect?The rise intemperature that theEarth experiencesbecause certaingases in theatmosphere trapenergy from the sun
  5. 5. The Greenhouse Effect
  6. 6. infraredAbsorbing IR radiation.These gases absorb the infrared radiation emitted bythe earth and re-radiate the energy as heat backtowards the earth,causing a warming known as thegreen house effect.
  7. 7. THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT• Carbon Dioxide (CO2)• Methane (CH4)• Water Vapor (H2O)
  8. 8. MAIN CAUSES OF GREENHOUSE EFFECTHuman are mainly accused for the green house effect.We know that the enhancement of carbon dioxide inan extreme range is the main reason for green houseeffect. So from where the carbon dioxide is producedthey are the main cause for green house effect.Here some examples are mentioned what are reallyresponsible for producing carbon dioxide,a. DeforestationPlant destruction in a large scale is one of the mainreasons for green house effect. Because trees areabsorb the Carbon-dioxide and produce Oxygen gas.
  9. 9. b. Increasing of population :A huge number of human produced a huge Carbon-dioxide so itanother reason of green house effect.Here is an example for that,
  10. 10. c. Burning fuel:Burning fuel like petrol, diesel, octane, coal and kerosene ina vast scale is another main reason for increasing Carbon-dioxide. That is responsible for green house effect. Here thisimage will make it clear,
  11. 11. d. IndustrialCarbon-dioxideproduction:Different type ofindustriesproduced Carbon-dioxide and otherharmful gases in alarge scale.
  12. 12. e. Nuclear reactor:In modern world nuclear reactor is used incommonly is also responsible for produced carbon-dioxide in a large scale. This is happened like this,
  13. 13. f. Inconsiderate Urbanization:Inconsiderate urbanization is another cause of green house effectthat means some one build infrastructure with out planning.
  14. 14. HOW THE ENVIRONMENT IS INFLUENCEDBY GREEN HOUSE EFFECT?Our environment is directly influenced bygreen house effect. For green house effect thetemperature of our world is highly increasing.Extended temperature is too much harmful forevery thing which are the element of ourenvironment.
  15. 15. a. Ices are melting down:For global warming Arctic ices are melting down in ahigh scale. Hers is that,
  16. 16. b. Increasing sea level:Some low laying areas like Asia pacific, America,Mexico, Bangladesh, Some portions of India arein a great threat of going under water for meltingof ice. That is really an alarming matter for us.
  17. 17. c. EcologicalImbalance:Plants grow in suitablearea and temperatureso if the temperature ishigh then plants can’tgrow and totalecological system ishampered. Here is this,
  18. 18. d. Human are in dangers:Health of human beings are in high mortality rateand increasing infections disease.e. Total environment pollution:For green house effect the total environment is ina high risk all elements if environment is pollutedby green house effect.
  19. 19. f. Animals are in high threat:All types of animals are in danger for the reason of green house effect.They lost their home & food. Some are already existed for greenhouse effect. This pictures will make it clear,
  20. 20. 5. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO SAVE OURENVIRONMENT FROM GREEN HOUSEEFFECT?Though the green house effect is a massive attack toour environment and that should be stopped. First wehave to think, for what it is happened and that causesmust be eliminate by anyhow.a. Plant more trees :We must plant more trees where we can, in town orvillage.
  21. 21. e. Responsible urbanization:For live and other needs we must built road & building butnot inconsiderately. We must do that with environmentfriendly thinking. That may be like this,
  22. 22. Prevent global warming byreducing your wasteelectricity use.
  23. 23. Prevent global warming withmore efficient light bulbs!Prevent global warming byturning down your hot waterheater.One good way to preventglobal warming is choosing touse power produced byalternative means rather thanby the burning of fossil fuels,which give off large amounts ofcarbon dioxide. Solar energycan be a good alternative touse.
  24. 24. The greenhouse effect is important.Without the greenhouse effect, theEarth would not be warm enough forhumans to live.But if the greenhouse effect becomesstronger, it could make the Earthwarmer than usual. Even a little extrawarming may cause problems forhumans, plants, and animals.CONCLUSION
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