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Traveller Level b2 Test 4 Key


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key for test4

Published in: Education
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Traveller Level b2 Test 4 Key

  1. 1. Traveller 4 - Key to Tests Traveller 4 To Download this file : TEST 1 C. 2. GRAMMAR 6. as tall as 1. VOCABULARY 1. lightning E. 7. more I study, the more A. 2. creativity 1. is taking 8. less expensive than 1. b 2. a 3. d 3. carefree 2. eats, is having 4. a 5. d 6. c 4. courageous 3. comes G. 7. c 8. c 5. wanderers 4. is working 1. b 2. a 3. b 6. hospitality 5. has 4. b 5. a 6. b B. 7. development 6. don’t understand, get 7. b 8. b 9. a 1. come along 8. kindness 7. are you using 10. a 2. grew up 8. are playing 3. READING 3. handed down D. 9. Do you think, is coming 4. take part 1. colleagues F. H. 5. getting on with 2. gossip 1. a 2. b 3. a 6. let down 3. inhabitants 1. is much hotter than 4. c 5. c 7. made up 4. fairly 2. not as cheap as 4. LISTENING8. hang out 5. flatmates 3. is the best 6. patience 4. hotter the weather I. 7. stress becomes, the 1. a 2. c 3. b 8. acquaintance 5. do as well 4. c 5. c LISTENING TRANSCRIPTS 1. Bo y: Hi, Uncle Ben! I tried calling you yesterday but you Mike: There are circuits in Wigan and Corby that do racing weren’t home. Did you get my message? car experiences. It costs about £100 and you can Man: Yes, I did. Your aunt and I are getting ready for Tim’s spend up to 4 hours on the track. You get a lesson arrival. He’s coming home you know! with an instructor first and then you get to drive a Bo y: I know! Dad told me that Tim’s finished his studies real racing car. abroad and that you and aunt May are inviting some John: Sounds like fun! people over at the weekend to welcome him home. 4. That’s why I was calling. I wanted to know if you Man: Hi, Andrew! I know that you’ve just come back from need any help with the decorating. work but there’s something that I’ve been wanting to Man: Thanks for asking but everything’s in order. Unless, of tell you! course, you want to take care of the soft drinks for me. Boy: Can we talk about this some other time? I have to Bo y: Sure thing uncle Ben, you can leave that to me! attend a lecture in about an hour’s time. Man: I just wanted to tell you that I’ve bought tickets 2. for the football match so don’t make any plans for Bo y: If you were to ask me who I get on best with in my Saturday. family, I think I’d say my oldest brother. That’s Boy: But I’m busy. Don’t you remember me telling you not to broth spot have a trem lot of of the a stra also gets o I grow 3. Mike: Hey, week nd? John: Race