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Test2 traveller b2


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Test2 traveller b2

  1. 1. TRAVELLER LEVEL B2 –TEST BOOKLET – TEST 2 Test 2 - Module 2 1. VOCABULARY A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals. 1. The police managed to arrest the before they could get away. 2. Yesterday’s CRIME took place on Main Street, in broad daylight. ROB 3. After a few inexplicable deaths in the area, scientists found that the water contained some substances. HARM to smoke in hospitals? 4. Didn’t you know that it is 5. The two countries got involved in a LEGAL , meaningless war that cost them many lives. BLOOD 6. His wife had given him an list of things she wanted him to buy from the shop. END of speech, a basic human right, is something that people had to 7. fight for some years ago. FREE 8. I think Emma is very answers wrong. to win the competition, because half her LIKELY score 8 B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of a phrasal verb from the box. break into make off deal with go through with cheat out of pick out hold up put up our house while we were on holiday last 1. Unfortunately, someone year. 2. All the dresses were so nice that I couldn’t which one I wanted to buy. two shops on Oxford Street last night, and 3. Don Johnson with the money. However, the police arrested him shortly afterwards. the divorce? You have two children to think 4. Are you sure you want to about. 5. The government has to find a way to the economic crisis. 6. They said they would pay him for his work, but in the end they him his share. 7. Julie said she would be very grateful if we could her friend for a few days, as she could not afford a hotel. score Copyright © 2010 MM Publications 16
  2. 2. TRAVELLER LEVEL B2 –TEST BOOKLET – TEST 2 C. Choose the correct option a, b, c or d to complete the sentences. 1. I think I might have his skills. He is a lot less capable than I had thought. a. overlooked b. overturned c. overtook 2. The government have taken a. care to reduce the number of forest fires. b. pride c. measures d. notice in London and misses her friends in Manchester. 3. Michelle is quite a. only d. overestimated b. lonely c. alone d. single 4. From an early age, Sylvia took part in writing and it was clear she would be a writer one day. a. matches b. games c. races d. competitions in the show will get 5. There is a cash prize for the winner, but all the presents. a. participants b. fans c. spectators 6. Did you hear about the house that was a. shoplifted last night? b. burgled c. kidnapped 7. I was extremely upset when the woman a. sentenced d. stolen me of theft. b. charged c. blamed d. accused in prison for the crimes he had committed. 8. The criminal had to a. serve time d. audiences b. reach a verdict c. pay a fine d. plead guilty score 8 score 8 D. Complete the table with the missing words. Crime Criminal murder burglar kidnapping shoplifter robber theft hijack vandal Copyright © 2010 MM Publications
  3. 3. TRAVELLER LEVEL B2 –TEST BOOKLET – TEST 2 2.GRAMM AR E. Complete the sentences below using the verbs in brackets in the correct Past tense. (see) that puppy, we (know) we 1. The moment we had to take it home. (get) home, her husband 2. When Mrs Swain (sleep). (speak) for a whole hour when Alice 3. Professor Jones (interrupt) him with a question. 4. Unfortunately for me, I (already / sign) the paper my boss gave me before (read) it. I (be) impossible to concentrate because my neighbour 5. It (argue) with his wife all afternoon. 6. Louise had been driving for an hour when she realised she (forget) her purse at home. score 12 F. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. 1. The cost of living is a little higher than it was 2 years ago. slightly The cost of living than it was 2 years ago. 2. I thought the hotel would be more luxurious. as I thought it would be. The hotel was 3. I have never met a more responsible individual. ever met. He is the most responsible individual 4. Linda was not as upset as I had expected. Linda than I had expected. 5. When we went to their house, the guests had left. by The guests had left we went to their house. 6. If you leave earlier, it will be easier to find a parking space. The the easier it will be to find a parking space. 7. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to walk around town at night. It is getting 8. As a child, Stephen usually spent hours playing alone in his room. As a child, Stephen and to walk around town at night. would playing alone in his room. score Copyright © 2010 MM Publications 16
  4. 4. TRAVELLER LEVEL B2 –TEST BOOKLET – TEST 2 3.RE ADING G. Read the text below and answer the questions that follow. Sailing’s Young Hope Line 4 › Line 7 › Ellen MacArthur is the inspirational woman sailor who on February 7, 2005 broke the world record when she became the fastest person to sail around the world. Ellen became interested in sailing at the age of eight when she was taken aboard her aunt’s sailing boat. This was an exciting experience for a young girl living in land-locked Derbyshire so far from the coast. Ellen faced many difficulties in becoming a professional sailor because she lacked sponsorship. Despite this, she raised enough money to buy a boat and when she was twenty, she entered the Mini Transat race in France and sailed her boat 3000 miles across the Atlantic in just 33 days. Impressed by this remarkable achievement, a group called Kingfisher gave Ellen sponsorship. Ellen’s career as a sailor really took off after this, particularly in France, where she was adored by the public and was given the official title ‘Sailing’s Young Hope’. Next, Ellen entered the Vendee Globe competition with her new boat Kingfisher; she exceeded all expectations and finished second. The greatest challenge for her was spending over 90 days alone facing terrifying storms at sea. Ellen showed remarkable determination, courage and endurance. Ellen went on to become the fastest solo sailor to sail around the world in 2005. In recognition of her achievement, she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Ellen is a woman who has succeeded despite all odds being against her and she is an inspiration to us all. 1. In line 4, what does this refer to? a. breaking the world record b. her interest in sailing c. her being a young girl d. going onto her aunt’s sailing boat 2. Derbyshire is a place a. near the sea. b. near a river. c. which is surrounded by land. d. where Ellen went sailing. 3. In line 7, what does sponsorship mean? a. equipment b. emotional support c. money to help you do something d. technical advice 4. How did Ellen attract the attention of her first sponsor, Kingfisher? a. by doing well in the Mini Transat race b. by raising money to buy a boat c. by going to France d. by gaining the title ‘Sailing’s Young Hope’ Copyright © 2010 MM Publications
  5. 5. TRAVELLER LEVEL B2 –TEST BOOKLET – TEST 2 5. The most difficult thing about her voyage during the Vendee Globe competition was the fact that a. she was a woman. b. she had a new boat. c. she was terrified. d. she faced dangerous conditions by herself. 6. Ellen is an inspiration to us because a. she didn’t give up on her dreams. b. she is a sailor. c. she is a Dame. d. she is the only woman to have sailed around the world. score 12 4.LISTENING H. You will hear a radio interview with Robert White, an adventure photographer, who is talking about his work. For questions 1-7, complete the sentences. for his work. 1. Robert is a photographer who has received many . 2. Robert prefers to visit places that are was set up for Robert so he could take pictures of the birds. 3. A . 4. During the storm Robert was afraid he might be he is working with. 5. Robert believes it is important for him to . 6. Robert became interested in photography after he to make a career out of photography. 7. Robert says that he score Total score Copyright © 2010 MM Publications 10 90