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Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2017


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Looking to join a fast growing but can't miss startup? Check out these names on this list.

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Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2017

  1. 1. Wealthfront’s Career- Launching Companies List 2017 EDITION Act-On So*ware Portland, OR Boston, MA San Mateo, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA SeaAle, WA SeaAle, WA Cloud-based integrated markeDng plaEorm Affirmed Networks Alien Vault Anaplan App Annie AppDynamics Automa<c Avalara Avvo Mobile network soluDons Threat management plaEorm Financial planning and modeling soHware Business intelligence soluDons ApplicaDon performance management soluDons for highly distributed applicaDons Content management plaEorm for blogs and websites Sales tax compliance soluDons Legal marketplace, directory, and quesDon- and-answer forum A
  2. 2. Big Switch Networks Santa Clara, CA New York, NY Mountain View, CA New York, NY New York, NY SDN white box switching Blue Apron Blue Jeans Network Bonobos Buzzfeed Endpoint and server security Grocery delivery service company Video conferencing services E-commerce driven clothing brand Social news and entertainment 3D manufacturing PlaIorm for game developers to market their products Professional background checks Carbon3D Redwood City, CA Carbon Black Cambridge, MA Chartboost San Francisco, CA Checkr San Francisco, CA Clever San Francisco, CA PlaIorm for extracJng student data B C Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 EdiJon
  3. 3. San Francisco, CA CloudBees Con.nuous deployment so7ware Cloudflare San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Minneapolis, MN Mountain View, CA Irvine, CA D Content delivery network and distributed domain name server service Clover Health Code42 So4ware Couchbase CrowdStrike Health insurance Management, backup, storage and protec.on of digital content NoSQL database Threat analysis and preven.on New York, NY Santa Clara, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA New York, NY DigitalOcean Cloud service for developers Datadog DataStax Deem Delphix Monitoring of cloud services Distributed database technology build on Cassandra Commerce-as-a-service So7ware to provision, manage, and refresh databases Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi.on
  4. 4. San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA American Fork, UT Docker DocuSign Domo Open pla6orm to build, ship, and run distributed applica<ons E-signature technology for signing documents online Execu<ve business intelligence pla6orm Op<ons trading pla6orm Anonymous cross-device communica<on pla6orm Cloud-based two-factor authen<ca<on Food delivery service Dough, Inc. Chicago, IL San Mateo, CA Ann Arbor, MI Drawbridge Duo Security San Francisco, CA DoorDash Mountain View, CA Mountain View, CA Fort Worth, TX San Francisco, CA Elas8c Elementum Elevate Eventbrite Advanced open source search and analy<cs engine SoKware to make a supply chains simple Online credit solu<ons Online events marketplace E Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi<on
  5. 5. San Francisco, CA Sea/le, WA San Jose, CA Everlane ExtraHop ForeScout Technologies Online vendor of luxury clothing Real-?me opera?onal intelligence SoBware to control and orchestrate IoT (internet of things) devices Freshdesk San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Cloud-based customer support soBware Funding Circle Online marketplace for business loans San Francisco, CA ForgeRock Open source iden?ty management solu?ons F San Francisco, CA Mill Valley, CA Redwood City, CA GitHub Glassdoor GoFundMe Git repository and social network for engineers Job, salary, and benefit review plaNorm for job seekers Crowd-funding plaNorm for life events G Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi?on Boston, MA Fuze Unified communica?ons services
  6. 6. San Francisco, CA Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City, UT Vancouver, Canada Gusto Health Catalyst HireVue Hootsuite Small company payroll and benefits Organizes health-related data RecruiDng producDvity soEware Enterprise social media relaDonship plaHorm H Houzz Palo Alto, CA Lincoln, NE Denver, CO New York, NY Online plaHorm for home interior design Hudl Ibo4a IEX Sports video analysis and coaching tools Tools to encourage consumers to learn about their favorite brands Transparent securiDes exchange I San Francisco, CA Hotel Tonight Mobile hotel same-day booking applicaDon Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 EdiDon San Francisco, CA Grand Rounds Outcomes management plaHorm
  7. 7. Palo Alto, CA San Francisco, CA San Mateo, CA Paso Robles, CA Instart Logic San Francisco, CA Instacart Grocery delivery service Intercom ipsy IQMS Endpoint-aware applica=on delivery solu=ons Customer communica=on pla@orm Beauty products sampling service Enterprise resource planning soCware San Mateo, CA San Francisco, CA Santa Cruz, CA La4ce Engines LendingHome Looker Cloud-based, data-driven applica=ons for marke=ng and sales ac=vi=es Mortgage lender Business intelligence soCware L J Boston, MA Jana App discovery service Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi=on Salt Lake City, UT InsideSales Sales accelera=on pla@orm
  8. 8. San Jose, CA San Carlos, CA Palo Alto, CA San Francisco, CA MapR Technologies MarkLogic Medallia MetaSwitch Networks Enterprise-grade, big data pla9orm So;ware solu>ons for handling big data applica>ons SaaS-based customer experience management systems Technologies that migrate communica>on networks to open architectures M New York, NY San Francisco, CA Los Altos, CA San Francisco, CA Namely NerdWallet Netskope Nextdoor HR, payroll, and benefits pla9orm Personal finance content site Cloud access security broker Neighborhood based social network N San Francisco, CA Minted Crowd-sourced graphic designs and content Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi>on San Francisco, CA Lookout Mobile protec>on applica>ons
  9. 9. San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Irving, TX New York, NY Okta One Medical Group OneSource Virtual Percolate Iden9ty management service for the enterprise Employee wellness assessment and physician primary care services Implementa9on and delivery of Workday services Web and mobile marke9ng soDware O P Detroit, MI New York, NY San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Plex Systems Pond5 POPSUGAR Postmates Prodege Cloud-based enterprise resource planning technology Hub to buy and sell media Content publica9on network specializing in entertainment, fashion, paren9ng, fitness, and food Urban delivery service Internet media proper9es San Francisco, CA PlanGrid Cloud-based applica9on to store blue print and construc9on documents Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi9on
  10. 10. Portland, OR Puppet Labs Informa0on technology automa0on so8ware Provo, UT San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL SeaCle, WA Qualtrics Quantcast Redfin SaaS insight and survey plaForm Digital adver0sing company for marketers Gi8 cards marketplace Real estate search and brokerage services Q R Redwood City, CA Enterprise reputa0on management New York, NY Rent the Runway Designer dresses and accessory rentals Santa Monica, CA Palo Alto, CA Ring Rubrik Video door bell Live data access for recovery and applica0on development Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi0on
  11. 11. New York, NY San Francisco, CA Denver, CO Santa Clara, CA Boston, MA Boston, MA San Francisco, CA Campbell, CA San Francisco, CA SeatGeek Segment SendGrid Silver Peak Systems Simplivity Slack Technologies Skyhigh Networks SoFi Event >cket marketplace API for customer data Cloud-based enterprise email delivery service SoFware defined WAN devices Wireless home security systems IT infrastructure plaKorm Enterprise communica>on soFware Security for shadow and securely enable sanc>oned IT Student loan marketplace SimpliSafe Home Security S New York, NY Squarespace Consumer focused online publishing tools San Francisco, CA Soundcloud Online audio distribu>on plaKorm for musicians and listeners Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi>on
  12. 12. San Francsico, CA Redwood City, CA Emeryville, CA Santa Monica, CA San Francisco, CA Bal:more, MD Dallas, TX Palo Alto, CA Stripe Sumo Logic Tanium Tastemade TeeSpring Tenable Networks Security Think Finance Thought Spot APIs and tools enabling businesses to accept online payments Cloud-based log management and analy:cs Enterprise security and systems management solu:ons Online food oriented des:na:on Commerce plaGorm for entrepreneurs Unified security monitoring solu:ons for enterprise networks Online financial products for underbanked consumers Rela:onal search engine designed for data analy:cs T Los Angeles, CA Thrive Marketplace Online healthy food retailer San Francisco, CA ThredUp Online consignment shop Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi:on San Francisco, CA S>tch Fix Personal styling plaGorm
  13. 13. San Francsico, CA San Francisco, CA New York, NY San Francisco, CA Turo UserTes( Warby Parker Weebly Car sharing rental marketplace Web tes;ng service Oakland, CA VSCO Photography apps and tools Washington, DC Vox Media Online publisher focused on sports, personal technology and gaming Online eyewear retailer Website and online store crea;on tools U V W San Francisco, CA Wish Mobile commerce plaGorm Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 Edi;on San Francisco, CA Thumbtack Online marketplace for home-related services
  14. 14. Walnut Creek, CA San Jose, CA YapStone ZScaler Electronic payments for online marketplaces Cloud-delivered security services Y Z Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies List, 2017 EdiFon