8 Digital Trends Lunch Learn Final


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Eight digital trends marketers must understand and plan for in 2010

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8 Digital Trends Lunch Learn Final

  1. 1. Facebook and Twitter are so 2009 How to scare the sh$t out of a bunch of marketers 8 Digital Trends That Will Change Everything Presented by: Jeff Hilimire Raghu Kakarala
  2. 2. Don’t BE this guy use #engauge 2
  3. 3. Jeff Hilimire @jeffhilimire Chief Digital Officer jhilimire@engauge.com Engauge Blog: jeffhilimire.com
  4. 4. Raghu Kakarala VP, Strategy Engauge @interpolate rkakarala@engauge.com GV: 404-492-9922
  5. 5. ...huh? 5
  6. 6. If we’re not doing something that makes our clients a little uncomfortable, we’re probably missing something.
  7. 7. Trend #1 Lifestreaming
  8. 8. My Lifestream
  9. 9. jeffhilimire.com My Lifestream
  10. 10. jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  11. 11. jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  12. 12. wordpress plugins jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  13. 13. wordpress plugins jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  14. 14. wordpress plugins jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  15. 15. wordpress plugins jeffhilimire.com aggregater My Lifestream
  16. 16. What does lifestreaming mean for you? Today, people have their own brands. You have to find a way to be relevant to them within their brand. Think of it as co-marketing with fans of your brand. Think of the many ways that your brand creates content and find ways to spread the word, outside of Facebook and Twitter. Real-time content. And portable content.
  17. 17. Trend #2 Visual Search
  18. 18. What does visual search mean for you? Consumers are not satisfied with search today. Existing searches are best for items you know more about and not ideal for “Discovery” Your brand can come alive in a visual search. This is the year to experiment and ask users for feedback.
  19. 19. Trend #3 Check-in
  20. 20. What does “checking in” mean for you? Is there a way for your business to take advantage of check-ins? Rewards, promotions, data mining, etc.? Location-based marketing is the next big thing. Mobile marketing actually has a place to begin.
  21. 21. Trend #4 Screens
  22. 22. What do their choice of screens mean for you? Who are these people? Don’t they know they should interact with my brand exactly how when, where, and how I wan’t them to? I have an iPhone app version of my site - does that make me cool? Another version of my information in another format, thats a pain in my a$$.
  23. 23. ...and now, a little about
  24. 24. DEBATE The brand.com website is dead! Move your efforts to Facebook immediately! vs. Facebook is just a fad, keep focusing on your brand.com website and watch these social networks come and go.
  25. 25. Trend #5 Google Wave
  26. 26. What does Google Wave mean for you? It’s particularly useful for brainstorming and collaborating over multiple geographic locations. Over time people want to interact both with your brand but also with other customers. Are there ways that you could incorporate group engagement? Great forum for working with multiple agencies and stakeholders.
  27. 27. Trend #6 Augmented Reality
  28. 28. Google Wave Augmented Reality Brainstorm...
  29. 29. What does augmented reality mean for you? What would you do if you could do what you should do? Throw off the constraints - technology now opens new possibilities. Cool for the sake of being cool is still cool - but useful is cool too if it helps school you.
  30. 30. Trend #7 Social Games
  31. 31. What does social gaming mean for you? In many cases apps within social networks represent one of the best ways to reach new customers. Consider researching whether or not your customers are playing social games. Is there a place for your brand within that game?
  32. 32. Trend #8 I know who I am, who are you?
  33. 33. What does single sign-on mean for you? Do I want to let 400 million people log in? Respect privacy while encouraging sharing.
  34. 34. Sh$t you’re not ready for
  35. 35. Questions? Btw, this presentation will be on jeffhilimire.com tomorrow.