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Mobile security new challenges practical solutions


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Published in: Education
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Mobile security new challenges practical solutions

  1. 1. Mobile Security: New Challenges; Practical Solutions Alex Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief,
  2. 2. Smartphone Security • Is the smartphone the new laptop? Nokia C6 Guess Who?
  3. 3. • When it comes to deploying enterprise apps on smartphones, security is the elephant in the room.
  4. 4. One Size Fits All? • “[Companies] go crazy putting security on their laptops, and then they have a BlackBerry where they'll ratchet up the security. But then they'll come over to the iPhone, and they'll break all the rules.“
  5. 5. Coming: Locked-down devices? • Enterprise customers don't want all the applications the carriers are putting on the smartphone. They want a plain-vanilla device, with specific settings and apps, which can sustain a hard reset. This enables you to bring a mission-critical app back up easily if there's a lockup or failure in the field.
  6. 6. Panelists • Jay Barbour, Security Advisor, BlackBerry Security Group, Research In Motion • Khoi Nguyen, Group Product Manager, Mobile Security and Management Group, Symantec Corporation • Ryan Naraine, Senior Security Evangelist, Kasperksy Lab • David Perry, Global Director of Education, Trend Micro, Inc.