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PICS 2011 slideshow

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  4. 4. Princeton<br />in the<br />Nation’s Service<br />
  5. 5. "Of all your contributions to your alma mater, none has been more widely appreciated than the Class of 1969 Community Service Fund. <br />Since 1996, you have broadened the horizons of more than 400 interns, advanced the civic mission of more than 150 organizations at home and abroad, and drawn alumni from other classes to your cause. <br />For this - and for all you have done for Princeton - you have my deepest thanks."<br />President Shirley M. TilghmanPrinceton University, Reunions 2009<br />
  6. 6. PICS Internships<br />Summer 2011<br />
  7. 7. What did <br />PICS interns do this summer?<br />
  8. 8. Summer 2011 Internship Projects<br />Opened a new school<br />Curated an exhibit<br />Developed a business plan<br />
  9. 9. Summer 2011 Internship Projects<br />Tutored schoolchildren<br />Prepared memoranda<br />Rolled out a strategic plan<br />
  10. 10. Summer 2011 Internship Projects<br />Planned an event<br />Accompanied clients to court<br />Shadowed a surgeon<br />
  11. 11. Summer 2011 Internship Projects<br />Organized a food pantry<br />Researched the effects of war<br />Advocated for the homeless<br />
  12. 12. Where were <br />PICS interns this summer?<br />
  13. 13. New York<br />Nashville<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  14. 14. Boston<br />Colorado<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  15. 15. Washington, DC<br />San Francisco<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  16. 16. Chicago <br />Seattle<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  17. 17. Bermuda<br />Los Angeles<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  18. 18. Baltimore<br />St. Louis<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  19. 19. Newark <br />Minnesota<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  20. 20. Cleveland <br />Glassboro, NJ<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  21. 21. Princeton <br />Trenton<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  22. 22. Edison <br />Philadelphia<br />Summer 2011 Internship Locations<br />
  23. 23. PICS is a partnership <br />between the <br />Class of 1969 Community Service Fund <br />and the <br />Pace Center for Civic Engagement.<br />
  24. 24. The success of PICS <br />depends upon <br />the generosity of <br />
  25. 25. many alumni, <br />alumni classes and <br />regional associations<br />as well as <br />our partner organizations.<br />
  26. 26. The Princeton Club of Philadelphia<br /> generously supports the following internships:<br />
  27. 27. Lawrence H. (“Laddie”) Sanford Jr. ’45 Internships:<br />Baker Industries<br />Jeanne Ruddy Dance<br />John Sherrerd ‘52 Internship:<br />Steppingstone Scholars<br />
  28. 28. The Princeton Club of St. Louis<br /> generously supports the following internships :<br />Legal Services of Eastern Missouri<br />Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council<br />
  29. 29. The Princeton Club of Chicago<br /> generously supports the following internship:<br />American Indian Center of Chicago<br />
  30. 30. The Princeton Association of New England<br /> generously supports the following internships:<br />ACCESS<br />West End House Boys & Girls Clubs<br />
  31. 31. Members of the Princeton Class of 1956<br /> generously support the following internship:<br />The Crisis Ministry of Princeton and Trenton<br />
  32. 32. The Princeton Class of 1970<br /> generously develops and supports the following internships:<br />
  33. 33. Albert Einstein College of Medicine<br />Montefiore Medical Center<br />My Friend’s Place<br />Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County<br />Office of Community Partnerships<br />The Huntington Library<br />The Resource Foundation<br />
  34. 34. The Princeton Class of 1975<br /> generously supports the following <br />Diane K. Weeks Class of 1975<br /> internships:<br />
  35. 35. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission<br />Lawyers for Children<br />The East Harlem School<br />The New York Public Library<br />U.S. District Court, Eastern District of NY<br />
  36. 36. The Princeton Class of 1977<br /> generously supports the following internships:<br />
  37. 37. Epiphany School<br />Human Rights First<br />Mercer Street Friends<br />NatureBridge<br />Supportive Housing Network of New York<br />The B-SAFE Program<br />The Center for Public Integrity<br />
  38. 38. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />ACCESS<br />Albert Einstein School of Medicine<br />American College of Radiology Imaging Network<br />American Indian Center of Chicago<br />
  39. 39. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Association of American Medical Colleges<br />Baker Industries<br />Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences<br />Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program<br />
  40. 40. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Bread for the City<br />CATA – Farmworker Support Committee<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Trauma, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics<br />
  41. 41. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Volunteer Services<br />Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center<br />Epiphany School<br />Federal Energy Regulatory Commission<br />
  42. 42. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />GreatSchools<br />House of Ruth Maryland<br />Human Rights First<br />Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens<br />
  43. 43. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Jeanne Ruddy Dance<br />Jumpstart for Young Children<br />Lawyers for Children<br />Legacies of War<br />
  44. 44. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Legal Action Center<br />Legal Services of Eastern Missouri<br />Legal Services of New Jersey<br />Mercer Street Friends Food Bank<br />
  45. 45. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council<br />Montefiore Medical Center<br />My Friend’s Place<br />National Network to End Domestic Violence<br />
  46. 46. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />NatureBridge<br />Neighborhood Interfaith Movement<br />New York City Economic Development Corporation<br />Strategic Planning, Public Affairs<br />North Star Academy<br />
  47. 47. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Office of Community Partnerships<br />Poverty and Race Research Action Council<br />Princeton University Summer Journalism Program<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  48. 48. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Safe Kids Worldwide<br />Scholar Academies<br />Slavic Village Development<br />Stanford University Department of Radiology<br />
  49. 49. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />Natural History Museum of LA County<br />Steppingstone Scholars<br />Supportive Housing Network of New York<br />Tennessee Justice Center<br />
  50. 50. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />The B-SAFE Program<br />The Center for Public Integrity<br />The East Harlem School<br />The New York Public Library<br />
  51. 51. PICS 2011 Organizations<br />The Resource Foundation<br />U.S. District Court, Eastern District of NY<br />Umoja Student Development Corporation<br />West End House Boys & Girls Club<br />
  52. 52. OUR interns<br />
  53. 53. “I could not have been happier this summer. ”<br />
  54. 54.
  55. 55.
  56. 56.
  57. 57.
  58. 58. “I loved working in such an incredible environment and with such a wonderful group of individuals.”<br />
  59. 59.
  60. 60.
  61. 61.
  62. 62. “Every night <br />I would go to bed looking forward to work the next morning.”<br />
  63. 63.
  64. 64.
  65. 65.
  66. 66. “I've learned how to be a better teacher and scientist, but more importantly, I've learned how to be a better leader.”<br />
  67. 67.
  68. 68.
  69. 69.
  70. 70.
  71. 71. “It was such a rewarding, educational, and eye-opening experience.” <br />
  72. 72.
  73. 73.
  74. 74.
  75. 75. “My [alumni partner] was incredible. I can’t express how much I enjoyed spending time with him.”<br />
  76. 76.
  77. 77.
  78. 78.
  79. 79. “I loved <br />my PICS internship.” <br />
  80. 80. PICS<br /> IS AN <br />ALUMNI INITIATIVE<br />
  81. 81. Sarabeth Sanders ‘09, Jessica Frey ‘09Reunions 2009<br />
  82. 82. John Travis ‘08, Chuck Freyer ‘69, Dawn Leaness ‘06Reunions 2009<br />
  83. 83. Jim Gregoire ‘69, Angelica Ortiz ‘12, Jane Ringer S‘69Reunions 2009<br />
  84. 84. Dick Bott ’69, Bob Wolfe ‘69Reunions 2009<br />
  85. 85. Wenli Cai ‘09, Jing Jin ‘06Reunions 2009<br />
  86. 86. President Shirley M. TilghmanReunions 2009<br />
  87. 87. Bob Axelrod ‘69, Sarabeth Sanders ‘09Reunions 2009<br />
  88. 88. Our interns<br />
  89. 89. 2010 Interns<br />I really enjoyed that I was given a project that I could consider my own, in addition to being exposed<br />to other aspects of public health work. <br />Christine Blauvelt ’12<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  90. 90. 2010 Interns<br />I was truly treated as an equal by my team, I was lucky enough to get tons of hands-on experience in the<br />film production field and I was able to really contribute to the organization.<br />Christine Call ‘12<br />GreatSchools<br />
  91. 91. 2010 Interns<br />Teaching is an incredible experience<br />that I can’t recommend highly enough to others who are considering it for the summer.<br />David Christie ‘10<br />North Star Academy<br />
  92. 92. 2010 Interns<br />I produced a report summarizing my findings and with a list of recommendations for future action that I’ll present to MSF’s board in September.<br />Allison Daminger ‘12<br />Mercer Street Friends Food Bank<br />
  93. 93. 2010 Interns<br />I could see that on a day-to-day level, one of CPI’s main goals was creating an impact with each of its<br />stories and reports; we could see officials responding to our reports regularly.<br />Gabriel Debenedetti ‘12<br />The Center for <br />Public Integrity<br />
  94. 94. 2010 Interns<br />Everyone was very welcoming and excited to include me as part of the team. It was a fairly laid back environment but it was very apparent that everyone was truly dedicated to the organization’s mission.<br />Bruce Easop ‘13<br />Safe Kids Worldwide<br />
  95. 95. 2010 Interns<br />It was very rewarding to be on the front lines and see the material good that BFTC was doing for D.C. residents. All the BFTC lawyers were more than happy to share their experiences with me,, and they were all deeply passionate about the work they were doing for BFTC.<br />Vicky Gan ‘13<br />Bread for the City<br />
  96. 96. 2010 Interns<br />I struggled to honestly and clearly present the content from interviews, and trying to at the same time convincingly show why changing the food system is so necessary. <br />Eliot Gee ‘13<br />CATA Farmworker Support Committee<br />
  97. 97. 2010 Interns<br />I am so glad I had the chance to experience the rewards of teaching. It has strengthened my desire to pursue a career in education and has shown me how rewarding such a career can be.<br />Kaitlin Golden ‘10<br />North Star Academy<br />
  98. 98. 2010 Interns<br />It was fulfilling to work with all types of cases, regardless, because<br />of the legal aspects of it—I particularly enjoyed working the legal system. I didn’t have one best<br />work experience because the entire summer was amazing and enlightening.<br />Ann Gong ‘10<br />Legal Action Center<br />
  99. 99. 2010 Interns<br />That kind of willingness and eagerness to help most definitely defines my time at Slavic Village Development and what the organization stands for. This summer internship has reminded me of the importance of giving back and the importance of staying involved in my community.<br />Sarah Gray ‘13<br />Slavic Village Development<br />
  100. 100. 2010 Interns<br />Developing the lesson plans helped me realize the amount of behind-the scenes work in teaching, which I had never stopped to consider before. … I had to self-reflect constantly to make sure that I was delivering the information in the best possible ways.<br />Rocio Gutierrez ‘12<br />North Star Academy<br />
  101. 101. 2010 Interns<br />LFC cares a lot about the intern experience. There were many opportunities for feedback and suggestions that I really appreciated. It was experiences like these that I valued most and really solidified my desire to become a social worker after I graduate from Princeton.<br />Kaitlyn Hamilton ‘11<br />Lawyers for Children<br />
  102. 102. 2010 Interns<br />This is an opportunity to work with a very small organization focused on a very specific subject with the community for social change. Through working on its media work, you can really see how your work is being put into effect and how it affects people around the world, though namely in Lao PDR.<br />Heather Hammel ‘12<br />Legacies of War<br />
  103. 103. 2010 Interns<br />One of the greatest things I am taking away from this internship comes from observing my supervisor: when you go into a meeting, whether it be with the mayor, the head librarian, or the artist, know your facts and be prepared for questions from all ends. <br />Kaitlyn Hay ‘10<br />City of Santa Fe Arts Commission<br />
  104. 104. 2010 Interns<br />It was satisfying to feel that the work I was doing was significant and beneficial to the organization.<br />Kahina Haynes ‘11<br />Safe Kids Worldwide<br />
  105. 105. 2010 Interns<br />Teaching them skills from backing up all of their claims with textual evidence to little grammar tricks and watching them apply them was enough to make me realize that I do want to make a difference in children’s lives through education. There is no better environment in which to come to that conclusion than spending a summer at the front of a classroom.<br />Cameron Hough ‘13<br />The East Harlem School<br />
  106. 106. 2010 Interns<br />I was able to help patients face the challenges of homelessness and be their ally in situations where it seems that they had none. It was this experience and experiences like this that made it clear to me that I want to go into health care for the underserved in the future and that the homeless make up a population that I would be happy dedicating my career to.<br />Katie Hsia ‘13<br />Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program<br />
  107. 107. 2010 Interns<br />I felt truly passionate about the project I worked on, and feel that it will make a difference by strengthening the commercial corridor that makes New York what it is and support numerous jobs that are rooted in small businesses along these corridors.<br />Yu-Sung Huang ’13<br />NYC Economic Development Corporation<br />Strategic Planning<br />
  108. 108. 2010 Interns<br />I felt that I gained a lot of insight about dealing with people in their most emotional, sensitive state, as most of the people I talked to were families of the inpatients. It was satisfying to know that while the doctors were helping the patients, I was, in a way, helping their families.<br />Julie Hwang ‘13<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Volunteer Services<br />
  109. 109. 2010 Interns<br />This project was challenging and by the end I had gained a good understanding of how Corporate Social Responsibility works at large corporations. I also felt that my advice was listened to by the person who gave me the project.<br />Han-Wei Kantzer ‘11<br />Friends of the World Food Program<br />
  110. 110. 2010 Interns<br />Overall I really enjoyed the work I did for City Academy this summer, particularly feeling as though I was connected to the students in such as meaningful way since I was preparing materials that they would be using and learning in their classroom.<br />Raven Keith ‘12<br />City Academy<br />
  111. 111. 2010 Interns<br />I feel that the final product was a marked improvement over my first draft, and I have picked up some design principles from the experience that I plan on using both at school and in future work environments.<br />Evan Larson ‘13<br />San Francisco Education Fund<br />
  112. 112. 2010 Interns<br />The independent work aspect of the project was both very satisfying and also challenging. Interviewing experts and leaders in the community was also very satisfying – I met some amazing people!<br />Andy Lowy ‘12<br />Office of Community Partnerships<br />
  113. 113. 2010 Interns<br />Not only has it contributed to my educational growth by giving me a plethora of knowledge about health policy, but this internship also confirmed my career aspirations. It was immensely successful at allowing me to accomplish my goals.<br />AvitalLudomirsky ’11<br />Association of American Medical Colleges<br />
  114. 114. 2010 Interns<br />It was nice to know that my work this summer may help to save a life down the road. It is very easy to go to work everyday when you know you are helping people.<br />Brett Lullo ‘11<br />American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN)<br />
  115. 115. 2010 Interns<br />This particular case illustrated the multi-dimensional process involved in foster care. The child also inspired me to search for post-graduate opportunities that will allow me to work with children in foster care.<br />Kate Mangels ‘11<br />Lawyers for Children<br />
  116. 116. 2010 Interns<br />My largest project for the green department was my research on the city energy code and a recent piece of NYC legislation that regulates energy-audits and provides funding for weatherization for the city’s largest buildings—a relevant piece of legislation for many of SHNNY’s larger providers.<br />Miyuki Miyagi ‘12<br />Supportive Housing Network of New York<br />
  117. 117. 2010 Interns<br />Working with a non-profit for the summer was great because the people who had chosen to work for the organization were completely devoted to the cause: improving urban education. I think this energy and excitement was a huge strength of Young Scholars/Scholar Academies.<br />Kate O’Dea ‘13<br />Young Scholars Charter School<br />
  118. 118. 2010 Interns<br />I’ve learned a great deal about the roles involved in a nonprofit organization, the daily responsibilities and the long-term challenges, and the importance of interpersonal skills in doing small, significant and sustainable work.<br />OgechiOparah ‘13<br />Epiphany School<br />
  119. 119. 2010 Interns<br />I was often paired with a physician or a team of residents and allowed to watch procedures, ask questions and get oriented to the specialty. These were some of my favorite days during the summer as I observed both clinical and non-clinical specialties and got to meet some of the leaders in those fields.<br />Megan Orlando ’12<br />Montefiore Medical Center<br />
  120. 120. 2010 Interns<br />I think this project specifically helped me understand the complexities involved in working with several different government agencies (such as small business services, chambers of commerce, and BIDs – business improvement districts), community organizations, elected officials, and the state government.<br />Jay Parikh ‘12<br />NYC Economic Development Corporation<br />Public Affairs<br />
  121. 121. 2010 Interns<br />In general, the members of the Board seemed incredibly interested in the project and excited that it was being completed, and their enthusiasm about it made me feel really proud of the work that I was doing and the mark that I made at Descanso.<br />Liz Parsons ‘11<br />Descanso Gardens<br />
  122. 122. 2010 Interns<br />The experience of talking to and sitting with a family facing such a difficult time really enriched my personal understanding of what it is to be an advocate for another.<br />Alex Peerman ‘12<br />Tennessee Justice Center<br />
  123. 123. 2010 Interns<br />I am thrilled with how much freedom I was given for this task, because I was able to refine my teaching skills, and have a lot of fun while hopefully inspiring students. This was my favorite part of my job. <br />Graham Peigh ‘13<br />Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences<br />
  124. 124. 2010 Interns<br />The internship was educationally enriching through the practice in writing and speaking Spanish as well as general professional writing tips.<br />Niurka Peralta ‘12<br />Resource Foundation<br />
  125. 125. 2010 Interns<br />Irealized that the intellectual capacity and opportunity to pursue a career in medicine is not given to everyone in this world; those fortunate enough to have the intelligence and passion to study should try to make the most out of their talents to help others. <br />Manuel Perez ‘11<br />Access Community Health Network<br />
  126. 126. 2010 Interns<br />In this field, information is not going to come to you; you must seek it out. This was a huge lesson for me.<br />Rosie Raymond-Sidel ‘12<br />Lawyers for Children<br />
  127. 127. 2010 Interns<br />At least 90% of my time at Umoja was full of work that actually impacted the company and the people it works with on a regular basis; I never felt like I or my work were unimportant in the grand scheme of things.<br />Maya Reid ‘12<br />Umoja Student Development Corporation<br />
  128. 128. 2010 Interns<br />My objective for this internship was to see how schools work, from the inside. Witnessing two school turnarounds and getting to be a part of designing the schools more than fulfilled that objective.<br />Bonnie Rogers ‘13<br />Young Scholars Charter School<br />
  129. 129. 2010 Interns<br />I really learned a lot during burn clinics with Dr. Ike. After each weekly clinic, Dr. Ike would ask the interns what they learned and would use the opportunity to discuss medical issues or to instruct us on other topics. He likened each of these sessions to a Princeton precept.<br />AlexRosen ‘11<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Trauma<br />
  130. 130. 2010 Interns<br />The work environment was truly excellent. Everyone who worked at Jumpstart (both on the Northeast team, and throughout the rest of the office) was incredibly friendly, warm, and genuinely inclusive. I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with! <br />Oren Samet-Marram ‘12<br />Jumpstart for Young Children<br />
  131. 131. 2010 Interns<br /> This research experience has helped me understand that a child's health is strongly affected by the beliefs and practices of parents. It has further motivated me to become a pediatric doctor and advocate for infant and children's health in order to effectively communicate their needs to parents, health officials, and governments.<br />Sarimer Sanchez ‘11<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  132. 132. 2010 Interns<br />I was responsible for case management of 4-6 individuals in a 7 week job training program and also assisted people who walked in or made appointments to meet with me. I spent some time outreaching to local businesses to promote our services or provide assistance.<br />Nikki Sequeira ‘11<br />LEED Council<br />
  133. 133. 2010 Interns<br />I learned a great deal about grant writing, non-profits, and the senior-welfare system. I trust that this knowledge will be useful in many ways as I pursue a career either in non-profit law, or as a Politics Professor.<br />Michael Skiles ‘12<br />St. Andrew’s<br />
  134. 134. 2010 Interns<br />My best experience at work was simply being completely immersed in the world that my organization worked with: having famous religious figures all around me, hearing stories from conferences all over the world--it was amazing to take it all in.<br /> <br />Cristina Stanojevich ‘12<br />Global Peace Initiative of Women<br />
  135. 135. 2010 Interns<br />My best work experience this summer was tracking patients from their pre-operative visit to their surgery to when they returned to clinic healthy and with resolved symptoms. I only got to see 10 or so patients all the way through like this, but the post-op clinic meetings were filled with joy, and I truly saw the reward of becoming a surgeon in the drastic improvement of the sick children. <br />Nora Taranto ‘13<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Neurosurgery<br />
  136. 136. 2010 Interns<br />My work was immensely satisfying; I found it so satisfyingly pure the manner in which putting careful thought, enthusiasm, and mirth into a lesson demonstrably resulted in careful thought, enthusiasm, and mirth being thrown back at me.<br />Jillian Tijerina ‘11<br />TEAK Fellowship<br />
  137. 137. 2010 Interns<br />I already knew I was passionate about this kind of work, from volunteering I’d engaged in and from personal experiences I’d had with friends of mine, so it gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the social work field in a more intense way than my prior experiences.<br />Michele Tyler ‘12<br />My Friend’s Place<br />
  138. 138. 2010 Interns<br />The biggest strength of the Possible Dreams Auction and MVCS is that it really helps the community. At the end of the internship, I know that I worked towards a great cause. I felt like I really helped and I know that my work was appreciated. Another strength is that I learned so much while working for this wonderful cause. <br />Randi Vogt ‘12<br />Martha’s Vineyard Community Services<br />
  139. 139. 2010 Interns<br />One of my goals for the summer to learn about how a non-profit operates and works, and I had the opportunity to look at all the different working parts that made up the non-profit. It also exposed me to the challenges of being a non-profit and how grants make it run.<br />Katie Walsh ‘10<br />Neighborhood Interfaith Movement<br />
  140. 140. 2010 Interns<br />Though I enjoyed working on research, the highlight of my summer was shadowing in the operating rooms and in clinic. The access we had as interns was amazing, and I loved seeing the surgeons work miracles every day.<br />Irene Zhang ‘12<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />Orthopaedics<br />
  141. 141. 2010 Interns<br />From the very beginning [my supervisor] made it clear that he wanted us to have a rewarding experience and worked to make sure that was true by offering us support and advice, checking in on us, and (in my case at least, I’m not sure I can speak for everyone on this point) assigning tasks that were well-aligned to our interests or abilities. <br />Alice Zheng ‘13<br />North Star Academy<br />
  142. 142. 2011 Interns<br />My experience at Children’s National Medical Center has provided further strength to my current career ambition of pursuing a medical degree and has inspired me to continue my involvement in neuroscience.<br />Tyler Amina ‘14<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />
  143. 143. 2011 Interns<br />I found my internship educationally enriching because I was able to see how a non-profit charter management organization operates, and learn more about urban public education itself.<br /> Eri Andriola ‘12<br />Scholar Academies<br />
  144. 144. 2011 Interns<br />The work environment was great. I truly felt like I was part of the lab, and loved how I got to meet many of the people and work with them. <br />Rohan Bansal ‘13<br />Stanford University Department of Radiology<br />
  145. 145. 2011 Interns<br />My best experience this summer was not a single event-rather, it was the opportunity I had to go sit in on Hill briefings on various healthcare issues. It was a great way to learn firsthand the latest developments in healthcare innovation and management, and I loved the interactive aspect of the talks. <br />Rohan Bhargava ‘14<br />Association of American Medical Colleges<br />
  146. 146. 2011 Interns<br />My relationship with my supervisor was very good. He definitely made sure that I was making the most out of my internship and took active steps in teaching me different areas and features of the business world.<br />Brian Boone ‘12<br />Jeanne Ruddy Dance<br />
  147. 147. 2011 Interns<br />Throughout my time at ACCESS, my bosses respected me as an equal: instead of treating me like a passing intern, I felt like a full-time employee, and was given the chance to make a real difference to the organization’s online presence.<br />Julia Bumke ‘13<br />ACCESS<br />
  148. 148. 2011 Interns<br />Bianca Cabrera ‘12<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  149. 149. 2011 Interns<br />My internship was also very educationally enriching: I learned a lot about the legal system, Manhattan Family Court, the foster care system, and children’s mental health care. <br />Christine Call ‘12<br />Lawyers for Children<br />
  150. 150. 2011 Interns<br />I was also able to be around many people who worked within the sphere of public health and see the different kinds of career paths that the field has to offer, including clinical, administrative, outreach, and educational paths.<br />Ivana Castellanos ‘12<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  151. 151. 2011 Interns<br />What I learned this summer is how random life truly is. And I mean that in the most serious sense. Instead of learning about data analysis I had a great time interacting with kids and learning about them and the mission of the West End House. <br />Ben Chan ‘14<br />West End House<br />
  152. 152. 2011 Interns<br />James Chang ‘14<br />NYC Economic Development Corporation<br />Public Affairs<br />As someone interested in government, it was just very illuminating for me to witness the way public policy and projects develop even at a very early stage.<br />
  153. 153. 2011 Interns<br />Jack Ching ‘13<br />Association of American Medical Colleges<br />
  154. 154. 2011 Interns<br /> I think this internship provides participants with an excellent opportunity to learn about homelessness and the ways that people are trying to solve it.<br />Esther Clovis ‘12<br />Supportive Housing Network of New York<br />
  155. 155. 2011 Interns<br />Suchana Costa ‘14<br />Bread for the City<br />
  156. 156. 2011 Interns<br />Laurent Cote ‘14<br />Legacies of War<br />
  157. 157. 2011 Interns<br />Tyler Coulton ‘14<br />Huntington Library<br />
  158. 158. 2011 Interns<br />Lila Flavin ‘12<br />Public Health Solutions<br />
  159. 159. 2011 Interns<br />The range of my responsibilities was overly satisfying. I learned a lot and truly feel that I became a part of the MFP family. I learned invaluable skills that I will take with me in my professional career and in my personal life.<br />Jenesis Fonseca-Ledezma ‘14<br />My Friend’s Place<br />
  160. 160. 2011 Interns<br />The internship met my expectations. I think it was the closest thing to a “real job” that I could get at my age. I would describe most of my work as consulting: doing research, writing memos, and attending meetings. <br />Vicky Gan ‘13<br />The New York Public Library<br />
  161. 161. 2011 Interns<br />I remember my friends asking me whether I would want to enter the journalism field after graduation, and I told them to ask me after this summer when I'd have a better sense of the kind of work it entails. Now, I can absolutely say I would love to continue this kind of work!<br />Shirley Gao ‘13<br />The Center for Public Integrity<br />
  162. 162. 2011 Interns<br />Emily Gass ‘12<br />Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council<br />
  163. 163. 2011 Interns<br /> I loved the work though. I was challenged more than I ever have been at Princeton and grew every day as a person and a teacher. The level of support given was more than I expected and the regular school year teachers were wonderful in making sure I knew how much they valued the work I did with the students.<br />Sarah Gerth ‘12<br />North Star Academy<br />
  164. 164. 2011 Interns<br />Lily Gold ‘14<br />Princeton University Summer Journalism Program<br />
  165. 165. 2011 Interns<br />Everyone in the Policy Department was so helpful as I worked my way through the ten weeks of the internship, and I really felt like part of the NNEDV team during my time there.<br />Ariana Gover-Chamlou ‘14<br />National Network to End Domestic Violence<br />
  166. 166. 2011 Interns<br />Overall, I found the work at SVD satisfying; my tasks were diverse in nature, and the staff was eager to align projects with my interests. Best of all was the realization that my work would have a direct positive impact on the neighborhood.<br />Launa Greer ‘14<br />Slavic Village Development<br />
  167. 167. 2011 Interns<br />The happiness, smiles and laughs that campers gave were what rewarded me. Each week I worked harder knowing whatever task or project I was working on would bring joy to campers.<br />Leangelo Hall ‘14<br />One Heartland<br />
  168. 168. 2011 Interns<br />As an intern at NatureBridge, I believe I was able to help in a small way to bring this transformative experience to more kids in need.<br />Alexandra Hay ‘12<br />NatureBridge<br />
  169. 169. 2011 Interns<br />Austin Hollimon ‘12<br />Tennessee Justice Center<br />
  170. 170. 2011 Interns<br />This internship has directly influenced my decision to pursue a career in education. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn if the field is right for you because it is such a positive environment to work in.<br />Danielle Holman ‘14<br />The East Harlem School<br />
  171. 171. 2011 Interns<br />The rest of the staff was wonderful, they integrated me into the staff from day one and were always really helpful and patient as I was learning the process of the organization. <br />Renee Hyde ‘12<br />The Crisis Ministry of Princeton and Trenton<br />
  172. 172. 2011 Interns<br />My internship was definitely an eye-opener – it helped me do some serious thinking about racial inequalities in DC, the role of nonprofits in social engagement and the kinds of priorities that I would like to set for my future career.<br />Jasmine Jeffers ‘11<br />Poverty and Race Research Action Council<br />
  173. 173. 2011 Interns<br />My time this summer was largely dedicated to staying up to the minute on unfolding events in the Middle East and offering commentary on the resulting human right’s issues. My commentary was published on the website as blog posts. The writing, editing and publishing process was very satisfying.<br />Robert Joyce ‘13<br />Human Rights First<br />
  174. 174. 2011 Interns<br />The fact that my work would contribute to improving how Legal Services operates as an organization, and thus improve the service it is able to provide for clients was extremely satisfying. Additionally, this part of my work experience helped me decide that I would like to attend law school.<br />Raven Keith ‘12<br />Legal Services of Eastern Missouri<br />
  175. 175. 2011 Interns<br />It was fascinating for me to connect the abstract statues, regulations, and case law with the actual occurrences in the courthouse. A law takes on a whole new meaning when you see the defendant in person, hear his/her side of the story, and meet and listen counsel both on and off the record.<br />Tara Knoll ‘12<br />US District Court<br />
  176. 176. 2011 Interns<br />Polly Korbel ‘13<br />Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br />
  177. 177. 2011 Interns<br />Overall, this internship was the perfect combination of firstly, learning about the unique social circumstances that a certain demographic faces, as well as gaining skills and experiences that will aid me in numerous situations throughout my future.<br />Lucy Lee ‘14<br />Baker Industries<br />
  178. 178. 2011 Interns<br />This internship exceeded all my expectations for coveted clinical and research experience, all within the unforgettable setting of Washington DC during the summer. I couldn’t stop talking about the interesting cases I observed as well as my research to any and all who would listen. <br />Emily Livingston ‘13<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />
  179. 179. 2011 Interns<br />The internship exceeded my expectations. I came into it excited that I would be able to assist with the production of the Dinosaur Hall events, but left with a greater sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the department and the museum’s mission.<br />Dinora Llamas ‘12<br />Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County<br />
  180. 180. 2011 Interns<br />I felt very close to the Indian community and I learned important things about Native culture. Experiencing this culture first hand was more powerful than reading about it in books. I accomplished my goals in that I learned more about nonprofits and Indian culture. <br />Taylor Marable ‘11<br />American Indian Center of Chicago Inc.<br />
  181. 181. 2011 Interns<br />Flora Massah ‘13<br />Safe Kids Worldwide<br />
  182. 182. 2011 Interns<br />It is obvious how this internship is educationally enriching: I felt truly immersed in the research and opinion-writing of the Court, and learned how to write like a judge or lawyer. I am a knowledgeable user of Westlaw, and am well versed in numerous precedents that are frequently cited in judicial Orders and Reports & Recommendations (R&Rs).<br />Kayley McGrath ‘12<br />US District Court<br />
  183. 183. 2011 Interns<br />This internship helped me to gain a greater appreciation of the non-classroom side of schools. It also helped me to see that, though I probably prefer not to work a desk job, there desk jobs do not have to be ‘boring’ and they are a very crucial part to the success of many organizations.<br />Aria Miles ‘14<br />Epiphany School<br />
  184. 184. 2011 Interns<br />David Moon ‘13<br />NYC Economic Development Corporation<br />
  185. 185. 2011 Interns<br />Lizzie Mulvey ‘12<br />Legal Action Center<br />
  186. 186. 2011 Interns<br />I was able to observe and understand the philosophy behind a non-profit hospital and to see the practical consequences brought by such status. Children’s allowed me to expand my leadership skills and to be exposed to several areas in research and medicine through daily interactions with doctors, nurses, researches, concierges, child life specialists, etc. <br /> <br />Bea Oliveira ‘13<br />CNMC<br />Volunteer Services<br />
  187. 187. 2011 Interns<br />In every single way, North Star is at the forefront of a change in education and the way it works in our country. <br />ChiChi Onyenso ‘14<br />North Star Academy<br />
  188. 188. 2011 Interns<br />This was an incredible learning experience in many ways. I gained an depth familiarity with Maryland Protective Order and Peace Order Law, learned an incredible amount about domestic violence, its impact on victims, and some of the psychological components that contributed to abuse.<br />Maura O’Sullivan<br />House of Ruth Maryland<br />
  189. 189. 2011 Interns<br />The work that Umoja does is truly inspiring. Their focus is changing the culture of schools to make the climate more accommodating to getting high schoolers on the track to success. This requires a dual approach. Working from the top down with professional development sessions equip faculty to develop students, and working from the bottom up helps inspire students and prepare them for a successful life.<br />Bryan Peace ‘12<br />Umoja Student Development Corporation<br />
  190. 190. 2011 Interns<br />Graham Peigh ‘13<br />Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br />
  191. 191. 2011 Interns<br />Graham Peigh ‘13<br />Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)<br />
  192. 192. 2011 Interns<br />I felt as though I was making a significant contribution to the organization’s progress through my research, but also was given complete freedom to focus on those projects that were most appealing to me and most aligned with my specific research interests. <br />Caroline Pinke ‘13<br />Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program<br />
  193. 193. 2011 Interns<br />I think working for NIM definitely gave me perspective as to how NGOs function on a regular basis an enabled me to sort of take charge of community projects that NIM wanted to accomplish but wouldn’t be able to with normal staffing, like organizing a community book event and helping with the resource center next door. <br />Shivani Radhakrishnan ‘11<br />Neighborhood Interfaith Movement<br />
  194. 194. 2011 Interns<br />My favorite part of the internship was making home visits. I travelled to all 5 boroughs of NYC and saw a wide spectrum of living conditions. I especially enjoyed going up to Washington Heights and Harlem because I got to witness how differently people live and I loved the culture of these areas.<br />Luis Ramos ‘13<br />Lawyers for Children<br />
  195. 195. 2011 Interns<br />My internship definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I have a deeper understanding of immigration and labor rights as both moral and political issues; I met farmworkers I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet and interview, developed research skills, met role models, set new career goals, made new contacts and friends, and completed tasks that developed my perspective on the issues I care about.<br />Natalie Sanchez ‘14<br />CATA<br />
  196. 196. 2011 Interns<br /> <br />Being able to design and then carry out my own projects was awesome. The work was really satisfying, plus you become totally immersed in the community, so you learn all about how Eagle Rock functions, and the really unique educational model that they have.<br />Ari Satok ‘14<br />Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center<br />
  197. 197. 2011 Interns<br />My best work experience was seeing the finished project on capacity markets. Seeing my work in a report that was about to be published and used throughout the energy market really showed me how much of an impact I had made during my internship and gave me a sense of accomplishment. <br />Andrew Scott ‘14<br />FERC<br />
  198. 198. 2011 Interns<br />My best work experience was going to the food pantries and nonprofit organizations in Trenton and helping clients sign up for food stamps. I enjoyed interacting with them and gaining a new perspective of the living conditions of low-income people.<br />Anand Shah ‘14<br />Mercer Street Friends Food Bank<br />
  199. 199. 2011 Interns<br />My best work experience this summer was getting to develop ideas for projects that were met with enthusiasm by the staff and then became reality. Not only was this true of articles that were published with my name on the byline, but also video projects and blog/article/slideshow topics that were used by the other staff. It made me feel like a genuinely contributing member of the staff.<br />Lauren Shanley ‘12<br />GreatSchools<br />
  200. 200. 2011 Interns<br />Krithin Sitaram ‘13<br />Stanford University Department of Radiology<br />
  201. 201. 2011 Interns<br />The experience was educational in ways that I hadn’t expected. I learned how things got done in the “real world”. I learned about how people applied for grants to get the trials done, how research was sponsored, and the process of developing a clinical trial. <br />Kashif Smith ‘12<br />American College of Radiology Imaging Network<br />
  202. 202. 2011 Interns<br />I cannot imagine a better way to have spent my summer, and continue to be amazed that Princeton allowed me to have such a meaningful and educational experience after my freshman year. I completed meaningful tasks, built relationships, and enjoyed it. <br />Caroline Stone ‘14<br />The B-Safe Program<br />
  203. 203. 2011 Interns<br />The internship went beyond my expectations. The advertized description was accurate, but I was given many opportunities to explore pieces of the organization in addition to Scientific Affairs, which was excellent.<br />Rebecca Thorsness ‘13<br />Association of American Medical Colleges<br />
  204. 204. 2011 Interns<br />Ariel Trilling ‘12<br />Montefiore Medical Center<br />
  205. 205. 2011 Interns<br />The research that the Trauma and Burn division was involved in is centered on making systematic changes to the way trauma resuscitations are run in the ER, which will hopefully improve patient care. As an intern, I was able to get a real glimpse of a physician’s role in the hospital and learn about a lot of different procedures.<br />Jennifer Tse ‘12<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />
  206. 206. 2011 Interns<br />The best thing about the work environment was the other employees. They were very open and welcoming when it came to including me in on discussions. I was able to sit in on 3 board meetings and got a chance to witness how important decisions and changes are made within an organization. <br />Ugo Udogwu ‘13<br />Steppingstone<br />
  207. 207. 2011 Interns<br />I think this is a good organization to intern at. The staff is very friendly and everyone made an effort to make sure that the experience was enriching. I think it provides one with a wide view of the non-profit sector that is hard to obtain at our age and can be very beneficial when planning for a future career in the sector. <br />Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar ‘14<br />The Resource Foundation<br />
  208. 208. 2011 Interns<br /> This internship is perfect for people who want to see what it is like to work for the government. It really shows what kind of work people do from the policy aspect of things and how those policy decisions help the community as a whole. You also will feel you contributed to helping in a very important area, the energy sector, no matter how small the actual contribution was. <br />Bruno Velloso ‘14<br />FERC<br />
  209. 209. 2011 Interns<br />I loved my internship, to be completely honest. I think that I was able to gain a lot of insight into the non-profit world in general and Massachusetts’ early education progressive work in particular.<br />Ashley Vinson ‘14<br />Jumpstart for Young Children<br />
  210. 210. 2011 Interns<br />So many times this summer, I was touched by the goodness of the clients who so desperately needed our help. Working at Legal Services opened my eyes to the urgency of their situations, and gave the poverty statistics I had seen so many times a human face.<br />Shaina Watrous ‘14<br />Legal Services of New Jersey<br />
  211. 211. 2011 Interns<br />My main project was to prepare two Charter School Annual Reports, comprehensive assessments of the operations of the Philly schools, for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which was interesting and at times challenging but not overly so. It was satisfying as it was good opportunity to gain an understanding of how the school functioned.<br />Jenna Weinstein ‘14<br />Scholar Academies<br />
  212. 212. 2011 Interns<br />I greatly enjoyed my time at Children’s because my work was both challenging and educational, all while I felt that I was making real contributions to the hospital and to medicine. I felt that I experienced the very real and arduous process of clinical research that exposed me to the very real aspects of medicine and just how much goes into these studies.<br />Roy Xiao ‘14<br />Children’s National Medical Center<br />
  213. 213. 2011 Interns<br />One of the best features of this internship was that the work focused not on “work for work’s sake,” but rather on work that would stimulate and encourage additional research in how to interact with the specific community.<br />Wonpyo Yun ‘13<br />Albert Einstein College of Medicine<br />
  214. 214. 2011 Interns<br />My internship allowed me to take a step back and examine the state of out-of-school time programming in Montgomery County, which was a unique position in which I could analyze the system and help design a plan of action for future collaboration between all the community stakeholders involved in out-of-school time.<br />Mona Zhang ‘12<br />Office of Community Partnerships<br />