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Kurt wilson seo junkies

  1. 1. SEO for Ecommerce Kurt Wilson CEO
  2. 2. Introduction• Who are Advansys & SEO Junkies? – Ecommerce and SEO Specialists – Proven track record at page 1 rankings – Solid Knowledge of International SEO• Our clients include
  3. 3. Where does SEO fit in?• SEO is part of a wider topic known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEM SEO PPC On-Page Off-Page
  4. 4. Feeding the Machine “search engines want to deliver relevant results to the user based upon their search query”• Key focus for optimisers is “relevancy”• You can outrank sites with higher Google PageRank than yours simply by being more relevant
  5. 5. Target the Right Keywords• This site gets ZERO natural traffic Words we use on our site Words our customers use sms messaging text messaging SMPP CIMD2 sms provider bulk sms gateway send bulk text MMS message picture message premium sms sms shortcodes
  6. 6. Why Keywords Matter• This site gets SOME natural traffic Words we use on our site Words our customers use sms messaging text messagingSearch SMPP CIMD2 text messaging sms providerEngine send bulk textTraffic sms gateway MMS message picture message premium sms sms shortcodes
  7. 7. Why Keywords Matter• This site gets LOTS of natural traffic Words we use on our site Words our customers use text messagingSearch sms providerEngine send bulk textTraffic picture messaging sms shortcodes
  8. 8. Finding the Right Keywords• Use software e.g. WordTracker (but they cost money and maybe biased)• We recommend the Free Google Keyword suggestion tools which can be localised https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal http://www.google.com/sktool/
  9. 9. Evaluating Keywords• Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) is the the number of estimated searches, divided by the level of competition i.e. results pages. No. Searches / No Competing Websites = KEI• We should be targeting high KEIs aka “low hanging fruit”
  10. 10. Keyword Density• A measure for the amount of times a keyword phrase appears as a percentage of the total number of keywords used on that page• There is no magic number but 3-7% is recommended.
  11. 11. Keyword Psychology• Consider where the user is within the buying cycle: A = Awareness I = Intention D = Desire A = Action• Are they at the researching or buying stage?
  12. 12. Keywords for eCommerce• Ideally we want to target those users who are ready to buy and give them a call to action• Target specific product keyword phrases which may include make/model etc..• e.g. Manufacturer > Technology > Model• “buy apple iphone 3GS” or “iphone 4 deals”
  13. 13. Build Authority with Modifiers• Modifiers are additional keywords that can be added to the beginning or end of a keyword phrase• They help with ranking for long tail phrases and are natural in copywriting For example: iphone, apple iphone, iphone cases In the above “apple iphone” and “iphone cases” help build authority for “iphone” and are easier to attain
  14. 14. Tips for On Page factors• On page factors are directly controllable “on the page”• Essential Tips: – Make your site compliant – W3C, WAI – Evocative Titles, Meta Data – “sell the click” – Use Semantic HTML – Externalisation of CSS and JS – Unique hierarchical keyword rich URLs
  15. 15. Important HTML Tags• Keyword phrases should always appear in TITLE, H1, H2, P and A tags• H1 is by far the most important within the body of the page (use it only once!)• Use H2 and H3 as sub headings of H1 and H2 respectively – think in “themes and topics”
  16. 16. SEO Problems in Ecommerce• Lack of content – each page looks similar
  17. 17. Effective use of Copywriting• Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)• LSI is a process compares words, “concepts”, and “structure” of your website with those used on high trust websites.• Use the right “related” keywords and you be deemed more relevant• Use the ~ symbol to find these
  18. 18. Using LSI in SEO• We want to optimise a site for “pasta”• Wrong way “If you’ve come to find information about pasta you’ve come to the right place.. Our pasta is the best pasta on the planet...”
  19. 19. Using LSI in SEO• Find lexical (related) words using ~pasta• Correct Way! “I love pasta. Nothing makes me happier than eating spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread. Though I’m sensitive to carbohydrates I use a low-carb pasta with an italian tomato pasta sauce”
  20. 20. Ongoing SEO Activities• Content is King, links are Queen – Blogs – Product reviews (use Googles tags) – RSS feeds – XML & Google Shopping Feeds – Social Networking (increase traffic)
  21. 21. Final SEO Tips & Notes• Install Google Analytics to assist in SEO• Monitor traffic levels not just rankings• Set up goals and funnelling to find any problems in your site and fix them• Most importantly remember: “Rankings mean nothing without Conversions”
  22. 22. Thank you• Final questions?