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Guide to Creating a Website


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The human interaction involved in creating a website.

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Guide to Creating a Website

  1. 1. If your website were a human, would anyone like him (or her)? Presented by J.C. Butler
  2. 2. Humans have been replaced by websites.
  3. 3. Feelings for websites? = open, nice & helpfulusers = = rude & confusingusers =
  4. 4. Creating a website is like raising a child. What qualities do I like in a person? And how can I give my [website] those qualities?
  5. 5. 3 key qualities...• Open & Friendly• Simple & Straightforward• Polite & Helpful
  6. 6. Open & FriendlyOpen: Right away you know what the web-site’s about.Friendly: You quickly go from strangers to buddies.
  7. 7. Open & Friendly
  8. 8. NOT Open & Friendly
  9. 9. Simple & StraightforwardSimple: As in the opposite of complicated.Straightforward: Focused and passionate about one thing.
  10. 10. Simple & Straightforward
  11. 11. NOT Simple & Straightforward
  12. 12. Polite & HelpfulPolite: Difficult to offend; forgiving when you make a faux pas.Helpful: A good communicator & helps you out of a rut.
  13. 13. Polite & Helpful
  14. 14. NOT Polite & Helpful
  15. 15. Easy...Easy right? Wrong!
  16. 16. Every parent thinks their child/website is a "perfect little angel"
  17. 17. Parent Teacher Conference [i.e. USER TESTING]• ALWAYS find out something you didnt know• As early as possible• As often as possible
  18. 18. Example: Google Wave Discontinued - August, 2010 "...despite these wins, and numerous loyalfans, Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked."
  19. 19. Example: Google Wave What went wrong?• Open & Friendly?No. Ive been to Wave a few times & I still dont feel like were friends. • Simple & Straightforward?No. Im still not sure I understand exactly what Wavedoes. • Polite & Helpful?Yes. Its very polite to the user, and makes tutorial helpeasy to find.
  20. 20. Example: Google Wave How user testing could have helpedMore quotes from Google:• "Google Wave has taught us a lot..."• "We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will [...] extend the technology for use in other Google projects."What was learned?• Most users prefer to further their education rather than change their major.
  21. 21. Example 2: Dubizzle, latest release.
  22. 22. Example 2: Dubizzle, latest release. Reaction?• Hate mail. Lots of it.• Open & Friendly? No.• Simple & Straightforward? No.• Polite & Helpful? Not really.
  23. 23. Example 2: Dubizzle, latest release. Tests, tests and more tests...
  24. 24. Moral: "It takes a village to raise a child."• Your website is your child. Your users are your village - use them.• Children dont have the luxury of private alpha. Websites do.