How to Sell Tickets to Shows and Events through Social Media


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How to Sell Tickets to Shows and Events through Social Media

  1. 1. Selling Tickets to Shows andEvents through Social Media Facebook does not work in UAE… Unless you do it right!
  2. 2. Case Study – 01• Event : 03rd Annual Dubai Dance Festival June 02nd-05th• Organizers approach Ezy Biz with just 28 days to spare.
  3. 3. Objective• The Organizers hoped to sell 1600 tickets to the main item of the Dubai Dance Festival - “ Believe Me I’am a Dancer”• These 4 shows were held at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, The First Group Theater.
  4. 4. Solution• Used every possible feature of Facebook• Create a Group Page• Events• Tagging Photos and Sharing Videos• Notes• Sending Messages• Facebook Ads
  5. 5. Event Photos Solution
  6. 6. Create a Facebook Group
  7. 7. Create a Facebook Group
  8. 8. Facebook Events
  9. 9. Photo Tagging and Video uploading• Friend’s friends get to see the Photo with our name.• Videos has the virality of been shared.
  10. 10. Facebook Notes
  11. 11. Sending Messages• Gets right into your email inbox.• Shows right on top of the Facebook.
  12. 12. Facebook Ads
  13. 13. Facebook Ads
  14. 14. Facebook Ads
  15. 15. Facebook Ads –Target Profiling• Location - Country and City• Age – We can select the exact age we are targeting at• Birthday – we can place advertisements for each day and 1.5 Million/365 =4100 persons in UAE will receive a greeting from your Company.• Sex• Keywords - TV Shows, Movies, Hobbies, Books, Sports, Music and Quotes
  16. 16. Facebook Ads –Target Profiling• Education – University, High School or still studying.• Work Place• Relationship status – In a relationship, Its complicated ( God knows what this means!), Married or Single.• Languages spoken - English, Hindi, Tamil, Phillipine etc.,• Connection – We can Target certain Groups, Pages, Application Users and Event Attendees.
  17. 17. Results of the Dubai Dance Festival• All 1600 seats were filled.• Not a single Press, TV or Radio Advert.• If 30% came from word of mouth the rest came from the efforts on Social Media.
  18. 18. Another example from Web Uni
  19. 19. Webpreneur Camp Facebook Ads
  20. 20. Webpreneur Camp Facebook Ads
  21. 21. Key Learning from this Example• People buy products only from those whom they can Trust• Website to be tested for Conversion• Elements of Emotion to be built in the site
  22. 22. Facebook FBML Pages
  23. 23. Twitter Skin
  24. 24. Facebook Mini Sites
  25. 25. Facebook Mini Sites
  26. 26. Facebook Mini Sites
  27. 27. Facebook Mini Sites
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Thank