How to make more Money Online


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How to make more Money Online

  1. 1. “Tools of Productivity” -Ernesto Verdugo The Internet Show Abu Dhabi September 22
  2. 2. Who is Ernesto Verdugo? - I define my self as: “An Ordinary Guy, Living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!” - I am the 237th MTP in the World! - I take between 90 to 120 Vacation days per year - I work an average 20 to 25 hrs per week - I make roughly $40,000 p/m on passive income BUT the best part is: My 4½ year old son says I am a „cool dad‟ 
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  4. 4. Internet Literacy
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  6. 6. Download This Book for FREE at:
  7. 7. A Correct Prediction Accelerated My Career
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  12. 12. Just imagine what it would be like if...• You could choose WHEN and HOW OFTEN you want to work• You can achieve financial freedom and NEVER worry about money ever again• You can have ALL THE TIME you want to spend with your family• You can take vacations whenever you want, for as long as you want• You dont have to EVER wake up to an annoying alarm clock• You can work from home, or ANYWHERE else in the world• You dont have to drive anywhere avoiding terrible traffic jams• You can work in your pjs if you dont feel like dressing up• You dont have to worry about getting fired or laid off• You can give yourself a pay raise anytime you want
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  14. 14. How Many of YouWould Like to Live the Life of Your Dreams?
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  16. 16. 3 „Sit Down‟ Questions:-Are you getting paid what youre really worth?-Can you take a minimum of 90 days vacation a year?-Do you earn a 5 figure income every month working only 3 hours a day?
  17. 17. ”#1“Lifestyle Hack How to get people I‟ve never met to happily and willingly pay for ALL my expenses every month for the rest of my life!Self Sufficient Story! 1929 Recession
  18. 18. Why the Internet? Offline Online Cost 000 +  Cost 00 + Infrastructure  PC + Connection Low Mobility  High Mobility Hard to Automate  Easy to Automate Low Geo Arbitrage  High Geo Arbitrage Expensive to Scale  Easy to Scale What Market Needs  What You Like
  19. 19. Dubai September 24th 2010Abu Dhabi September 25th 2010FREE Access to Participantsof Abu Dhabi Internet ShowWhen You Register TODAY! Abu Dhabi 21 Seats Still Available Dubai 16 Seat Still Available