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SEO Fight Back Concepts

  1. 1. Fight Back Networks - Playing the Google Game This document was written by Michael Carlin and is intended for Mathew OConnor and Jacobo Benitez and is not to be shared.Fight Back Networks is an extensively designed, highly configurable blog sharing environment. Itsthe culmination of years of learning, and $xx,xxx worth of development from a team who works withmulti-million dollar brands on nation-wide and international technology infrastructure projects.Unlike many Internet Marketing products, FBN was not written in someones bedroom, oroutsourced on Odesk.Nothing like this has ever been done before, either publically or privately. Until now every networkthat has been built was designed to serve one user group; this could be the users in a publicnetwork, or the network owners in the case of private network. This has proven to be a serious flawin the existing blog networks.Fight Back Networks is not a network of blogs serving the same group, with one entrance point thatcan be abused by Google or anyone else. It is in fact a network of networks, with built in protectionsand user defined criteria for each network. You do not have to trust the network is protecting you,because all is visible if you choose it to be.This means you can create networks, or join them. Each network will have its own criteria, and youdo not have to trust the owners (that is us, FBN) to keep you save, because you will have your ownsay in doing so. This means you can create or join networks based on ease of content submission orquality, or a balance of the two. Here is a brief list of some of the features you can choose for yournetworks: • Network Name • Minimum Homepage PageRank (drop down menu range 0-5) • Category (drop down category, multiple selections allowed) • Link Reports (drop down, Yes or No) • Auto Approve Sites (drop down, Yes or No) • Number of sites each member can submit (A range of 1-100) • Minimum number of members (text box, default value: 2) • Maximum number of members (text box, default value: NULL, which means unlimited) • Unique Content, use Copyscape API (drop down, Yes or No) • Homepage blog roll (drop down, Yes, No, Does Not Matter) • Unique IPs (yes or no) • Daily Post per Domain (range 1-5)The product comes with free access to a private forum, which already contains "laboratory" testing,and a host of written and video guides about network stealth and other modern SEO technique(modern means post penguin). This forum is sheltered from the Google index.I will explain point by point the difference behind the old and vulnerable forms of blog networks andthe new adaptive, responsive and user defined Fight Back Networks. I wont beat you over the head
  2. 2. with sales talk, or ignore any inconvenient truths. All possibilities are explored because FBN will be along lasting solution focused on overcoming challenges before they even occur.The Concepts: • Footprints and Wordpress • Categories and Niches • Manual Review (content) • Separation and Network Discovery, Manual Review (the reverse look-up) • Ethics • Rogue Members and Accountability • Measuring ROIFootprints and WordpressA footprint is any common characteristic that can be used to identify a group of sites. For example,type "powered by Wordpress" into Google, and the overwhelming majority of results will beWordpress sites.Many of the now defunct networks leave footprints on sites. For example some add links to footers,or sidebars, or use client side plugins that use the same file path. For example if you install"xyzNetworkPlugin" on your site, the files will be stored in This means any JavaScript elements will be called from thesame locations, thus leaving a massive and easily discoverable footprint.Another footprint could be the way network content is styled. CSS is used to style HTML (andWordpress) pages. If content from the network uses styles, these can be identified. For examplethere is one network I am aware of that uses IDs and classes such as id="xNetwork paragraph". Thisnetwork has thousands of members, who do not realise everything they have worked for is a sittingduck for Google to destroy. It is only a matter of time. Such networks have clearly been designed bypeople looking to make a quick buck and have no technical understanding of footprints, or manyother such network vulnerabilities for that matter.FBNs client side plug-in is easy to use and install, makes next to zero server resource demands (wedo it all on our side, protecting our code and lowering potential problems for customers), and iscompletely invisible. Users do not have to change the plug-in name, we use HTAccess to prevent thefiles and folder being discovered. This is far superior to the "no-index" robot rule that somenetworks hope Google will obey.For now, Fight Back Networks only works with Wordpress. In a loose way this could be described asa footprint by the undereducated. 15% of the internet is made of Wordpress sites, and 23% of allnew sites are built on Wordpress. Were talking about hundreds of millions of sites all over theworld. Google cannot devalue Wordpress altogether, even their head of web spam Matt Cutts usesWordpress on his site.
  3. 3. Not only this, but Joomla, Drupal, and plain HTML add-ons for FightBackNetworks are in the planningstages. It must be remembered Fight Back Networks (or any blog network) should not be a solosolution for ranking for competitive terms. For a long time, Google has considered link diversity intheir calculations.A comprehensive linking strategy should involve forums, social networks, bookmarking sites, wikis,video sites, web2.0s and contextual links. The hardest part of SEO is the contextual links, which canbe gained through guest blogging (which is slow, expensive and unreliable), or through blognetworks. This is why blog networks were conceived in the first place.Categories and Niches"Natural" sites have a content theme. You will rarely find articles about cat food, and car insuranceon the same "natural" blog. You may find these in large article directories, or sites like Wikipediaand, but not on small Wordpress blogs. Such sites will find it difficult to pass a manualreview.FBN allows network creators to specify niche groups, multiple niches can be chosen for a network.Network creators can also decide to manually approve sites other users want to submit. Whenmembers look at the "Join Network" screen, they can see what networks are open to new members,and what niches they are in.Manual Review (Content)With the amount of data Google has to process, and the fact that Fight Back Networks uses alegitimate method (Wordpress contextual links) and defends from grouping and footprints meanswe are confident that we cannot be detected solely by current algorithms. However, sites can bemanually reviewed. We have built in systems such as Network Creator Moderation that will meanstrict network owners will be able to deny poor quality sites.But it is important that people are offered training on how to build legitimate sites. That is coveredelsewhere in this forum section. Many "white hat" sites share links, so why is not possible to create asite with a facebook fan widget and a decent design?FBN can be used to create quick and easy spammy networks with poor quality content, if that is yourstyle. It can also be used to create a network of high quality -unique content only- whitehat blogswhich mirror the idea of guest-blogging. We dont tell people how to run their business, but we givethem the tools to run it as they wish as easily as possible, and we allow them to connect with likeminded marketers.Separation and Network DiscoveryAn important case study about blog networks:
  4. 4. The site in question ranked #2 for "car insurance" for 3 months. If those guys are still working, it isbecause they choose to! But how much money they made does not come into this argument.Their site was identified to have been using blog networks. Google reverse engineered the network,and de-indexed more than 80% of the blogs linking to this site. The reverse threat to blog networksis amplified by 2 things: scale and network discovery (because of a centralized network).In this case, someone hit the networks so aggressively they managed to rank for one of the mostcompetitive terms in the world. Someone was going to notice them. Google was going to noticethem.FBN will never have a single network of 35,000 blogs like ALN did. Very aggressive marketers will beput off by the fact that FBN is made up of fragmented networks, they are too lazy to sign up to 100networks of 100 blogs (the current max network size is 1000). This means sites that use FBN will notrank for such desirable terms and therefore come under close scrutiny. FBN is more for middlemarketers, who target terms with 20-200k traffic per month, not millions! We believe that mostpotential customers want to make a full time income quickly, that is who FBN is for. We do not caterfor people targeting the multi-million dollar search terms, or for the attention they could bring toour networks.The second part is network discovery. There is no separation in ALN or any other network I haveused or seen; this means it is possible for one member to post to EVERY blog on the network,contaminating all of them. One member can bring down the entire network. Worse than that, notonly is the whole network vulnerable, but its users can get additional penalties once Google hasdiscovered they are using ALN or other networks.FBN is broken into different and unique parts. Networks can be set to only allow sites that have NOother sites on that same IP address on ANY part of the FBN networks. Soon, we will also be able tocreate networks where you can only links to sites that have not already been linked to from othernetworks. This means 100% separation. No contamination whatsoever between networks parts.What if part of the network is discovered and de-indexed through long, strenuous manualinvestigation and reverse engineering by Google staff? Firstly the other FBN networks will survive.Secondly if there additional punishments from Google (like the "unnatural linking pattern" messagein GWT), then you can delete your posts from the infected FBN network! The links Google are usingto punish you can be deleted.Understand that Google cannot make permanent punishments based on blog networks links. Thiswould mean we can do "negative SEO". For example if we link to or (andwe will!), it would mean Google is destroying legitimate sites that have no control on who links tothem. However, for the time being it seems that negative SEO is not only possible, but easy to do.They ask you to remove links, and you can do this with FBN. In other networks this is impossible;you would first have to find the links, and then contact webmasters somehow. This would takehours, days, and weeks. Even though we hope in the future Google will stop promoting negativeSEO, we are able to deal with these issues in the meantime. We do not expect FBN networks to bediscovered, but the system is not built on hope. We have prepared for this if it happens.
  5. 5. EthicsGoogle will tell you how to run your business, Fight Back Networks does not. They will tell you thatyou should not build links, and that is easy for them to say because they dont need to make links,they just put their sites at the top of the search results. Who is cheating? Who is gaining an unfairadvantage?They will say it is wrong to build sites to manipulate their results. Every fortune 500 company has amarketing team, and a much larger budget than you. This means "he who has the most moneywins". Is that fair? They all build links. You can, and you should too because it is a free market andwe should be allowed to compete.Google says we should not build "low quality sites" (this means sites that try to make money).Google search for "car insurance", what do you see? Is it 8 Google ads above the fold? Does Googlescrape other peoples content without permission and then make money from it?We are not just trying to manipulate results, were building a content sharing blog platform *wink* .If Google wants to come along and visit our sites without permission, scrape the contents andanalyse them so they can serve search results wrapped in advertisements so they can make moneyfrom other peoples hard work... then that is their business. If Google hates websites so much, theyshould close the company.FBN is what you make of it. It is Blog Networking 2.0; you can choose the quality of the networksyou participate in. You can build it with friends and "invite only". Other FBN wont even know yournetwork exists if you dont want them to.Rogue Members and AccountabilityWe have a reporting system, if Members are posting garbage to your site, you can see this in yourdashboard. You can report them to Admin and we can remove posts, and even ban users. However,we will first communicate with members to reach an understanding. We hope that if people want todo business then they will make small changes so they can do so successfully with our system. Itmay just mean they need to go to a different FBN network.We have other checks and procedures (such as website disengaging) that I cant describe fully forsecurity reasons. We will also have a team of staff writing full time to provide all sites on thenetwork with unique, quality content. This is free of charge and included with your membership.We also integrate Copyscape API, to make sure that submitted content is unique. This can be turnedon or off when a network is created.Network settings cannot be changed by the network creator. This means they cannot say "PR2+sites only", and then later lower the PR requirement to 0. This would cheat the original networkjoiners who have made the investment in a higher quality network. We protect you within our own
  6. 6. system. However, all settings can be changed by special request to Admin who will make ajudgement on if the suggested changes affect existing network members in a negative way or not.Measuring ROIWe have made it possible for network creators to decide if link reports are available, this feature willbe included shortly. Other networks either will or wont tell you where your links are. This isbecause they know their whole network could be destroyed if Google joins up to their site and startssubmitting content. We do not have that problem, but again we allow YOU to choose. This meansyou know how many links you have received, and you can backlink them to get them indexed, or"boost" their linking power.Other NotesWe have many planned improvements to make the system even more inclusive, this includes addingimages and videos that are hosted on member sites. Depending on how the launch goes, we plan toinvest into other CMSs such as Drupal and Joomla and plain HTML. This reduces footprints, whilstmaking content more unique.