Online money making secret special report, never revealed


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This simple less than 12 pages special report on what really works regarding making money Online is a loaded report; the Internet rich dudes are not telling you this truth. Read it and implement it for great results. You will surely make money in your first month reading this report

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Online money making secret special report, never revealed

  1. 1. The $$$ Multi-Million Th e Career Online Business Missing Link By Chris Washington You don’t know it yet, but your life will change TODAY. If you are not yet on my subscribers list, then you WILL be MISSING so much for the future because when you are on my list, you will get regular updates on the RIGHT things you should be doing to keep making consistent money online. You will SAVE your time, monies & adventures. As a subscriber, you will know what's working & where to channel your focus 100% to make the kind of income revenues a few of us dedicated internet rich dudes are making online. There's nothing as EVIL, STAGNATING & POOR as doing what's not working or what is Time-Consuming & Wasting. Shun it as a Merchant or as an Affiliate & there will be no more Worries. Subscribe with me NOW at and your businesses will take geometric leap to great fortunes, I care.
  2. 2. Let’s Get One Thing Straight Before Continuing… Pushing a button and making money is NOT possible. Become a Member of the ONLINE ACHIEVERS today and learn what they DO to Make it Happen. This is a Rare Privilege for you; It is an Exclusive for You because you subscribed with me, I am giving you this INVITE. Come in & Start Today – Go now to > http://go FREE VIDEO Reveals A 21-Step Business System That Deposits $1,000, $3,000 & $5,000 Commissions Direc tly Into Your Bank Account! Go to Once you get to the link above, you will receive a welcome message from MATT Lloyd, Check your Inbox or Spam Folder to Move on Further Aim of This Book I am tired of seeing people on the losing side of life.
  3. 3. This one Simple but neglected Secret is what changed my life. And now it will change the lives of thousands of my students (yes buddy, you are my student; I apologize if you know better than me though). So, as you read this book – I have one simple goal: Show you how to take any passion of yours... and turn it into a profitable, life-long business you can operate fro m anywhere in the world. •You don’t need any experience. •You don’t need any technical knowledge •You don’t need to wait week s or months… I share this because I know that with this secret, you can make your first $10,000. Now…Let’s rock and roll!
  4. 4. For 22 months going back to 2005 I had nothing to show for my online business. Not a dime. Then, suddenly, one day, it clicked. I spent one night working it out. And what followed suit when I checked my Online Account the next morning was startling. “Is this REAL?” I had earned $1037 in 8 hours…and…all that while I SLEPT! I had finally cracked the code. Now, all I had to do was to keep DOING IT! 25 Days Later… I was making over $15,000. From there on, there was no stopping me. My formula was to keep doing and repeating what I did to get the continuing amazing breathtaking earnings. It was SIMPLE. But with WORK. It is what every other Success Stories online or offline do to keep up their business. It is the Oil of every business. Go ask John Chow, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern ………. At this many years of my sky-rocketing business... I focused 100% on my Email Marketing. That’s the SECRET! Yes Email Marketing. This is where most of my revenue come from! That’s the BIG missing piece for everyone trying to start an online business. My big breakthrough was EMAIL. It was EMAIL that led me to making my first $1037. And that is simply getting subscribers for your Online Business. You’ll be building a business with your Email List while getting your message out to the world! NOW; “How did YOU get this PDF book?” I bet you clicked a link in an Email. Didn’t you? Bottom line: Email is here to stay forever and help businesses online or offline. So, obviously (we all know) Email is a way of communicating. But, how do you use it as the backbone to an Internet Business? As a matter of fact, how do you BUILD an online business using just E-mail?
  5. 5. And how do you do it so that it’s easy, quick and simple? You become an “email list Don.” Here’s the crazy benefits of focusing on becoming an email list chase: • Your entire website is just 1 page. • You can start the business in less than 3 hours. • Works in almost EVERY niche online. • Takes LITTLE training to start. • Simple free traffic strategies work amazingly. • You can make money ON DEMAND. • As long as you have traffic, you’re GUARANTEED to build a list. • As long as you have a list, you’re GUARANTEED to make money! What do I mean by GUARANTEED? The system works. What I mean is that if you can get opt-ins using the RIGHT method then you will have a qualified list. And you WILL make some income from it! What you make will be completely dependent on your list, your marketing and the efforts you put in! YOUR 1 PAGE WEBSITE To do this without stress or worries, you only have to have ONE page – that’s it. Your website has absolutely nothing else. See is a one Page website and with my offer I get subscribers that make up my Email List and this list is what I HELP by providing further successful reports or webinars that are geared to transform any one’s life and in return, my Email list pays me for the further help I render to building Successful businesses for them Online. As you are reading this, my Email list is being responded to with monies coming in for useful assistances all the way. You must be genuine and your offerings must be useful otherwise you will soon begin loosing the list the same way they came in. My list keeps growing and no one since inception has ever left my list because every offering and details I provide them makes them get MORE benefits & monies for their investments
  6. 6. And setting up one is less than 3 hours to set-up! And The entire process is 100% automated. You can work with companies that are called “Autoresponder” companies to achieve this, such as: • GetResponse • Aweber • iContact I Recommend Getresponse because it is cheaper and very flexible and that’s what I use and the conversion rate is excellent. You can start with Getresponse by going here: These companies give you a SIMPLE code. You just copy and paste that code onto your 1 Page Website. The code then transforms into an OPT-IN Subscriber Form; you should be familiar with this already. Thanks to that code... when someone fills their Email address in, it gets added into a database that is hosted by the autoresponder company. You never have to do anything. You can now start emailing that person on a regular basis. You can email them in 2 ways: 1. Autoresponder Series 2. Manual Messaging AUTOMATED EMAILS – 100% AUTOMATED Simple and sweet. You can set up Emails ahead of time that will get mailed automatically. So you can pre-set Emails that go for 2 days, 15 days or even 100 years! This is the best way to automate your business. This means that any new person that subscribes to your list – depending on when they subscribe – will get the appropriate message on the right day and time! All 100% automated! AUTOMATION is the best way to run any business. So, let’s say you have 5,000 people sitting in your database. At any given time, you can go in and write a QUICK email. Some of mine are just 2 lines. Then you hit “SEND” – BOOM, that’s it! Your Email will automatically be sent out to 5,000 people now! So, how does this lead to earning money?
  7. 7. Well, let’s make some assumptions. Let’s assume the email includes an affiliate link, your product or service provision (you’ll make commissions or profits when people click on it and take action). Let’s assume that just 10% of your 5,000 subscribers click and buy. That will mean about 500 clicks. Now, let’s assume you make $5 per click Guess what, you just made $2500! The Landing Pages Can be Created even by an 8 year old child, simply by using the Landing-page creator with such providers like GETRESPONSE. Start with getresponse now by going here WORD OF CAUTION: I always advice to never sell or share your Email List; your subscriber has every right to his/her privacy, Respect that Privilege TRAFFIC AGENDA THE TRAFFIC PATH I Love and Works 100% with High Conversion Rate With Facebook basically killing off free traffic to business pages… …many businesses have been fleeing from Facebook at an alarming rate… Should you be worried? NO - you should be EXCITED! The fact is, it’s never been easier to drive traffic to your Facebook page than it is right now… …because your competition just gave up instead of learning how to get dirt cheap but super-targeted traffic.
  8. 8. The fact is, while other businesses have seen a Huge DECREASE in views and traffic… …with as little as $5, I’m seeing an average 4090% increase in visits to my website directly from Facebook posts… …and even an average 7065% increase in people seeing our posts! Now That is HUGE & Breath-taking! And it’s way easier and cheaper than you think to get those kinds of results and leave your competitors in the dust. Once you have a custom designed Facebook Page that centers around your business niche, the next things you do are simply posting of updates. You can simply achieve so much with a post when you go to Create Ad and do a Post Engagement Boost with as little as $1 daily. That $1 daily or $5 daily can get you over 5,000 page views and if your post has what the audience you chose really want, then you have a huge response that will lead to your email or business list that keeps you earning. I have achieved greatly online using these two models talked about here. Now you go and make that happen for your self and businesses online. If you need my help, let me know, I will be there to HELP always. Talk more soon, Chris Washington In Conclusion, these are the simple things I have revealed to you to make money online.
  9. 9. It is no magic and it has never been a wish or empty dream making it online; it has always been work, work and work. Though the work is FUN as you have control of your time and an hour day can mean so much to produce the income for the next many days ahead. After you signed up to get this book, I did invite you to the ACHIEVERS Mastermind Club, hope you did join as it would be the biggest and best thing you ever did your lifetime in pursuit of wealth and prosperity. COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK INFORMATION This book is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, or display of the content in this book is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Chris Washington This book is for your use only. You may not give this book away or share it with others. Any trademarked names mentioned in this book are the sole property of their respective companies. None of these companies are affiliated with me any way.