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Adela Law Initiative

A presentation by the Internet Bar Organization and Groupshot on our ICT4D project, the Adela Law Initiative.

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Adela Law Initiative

  1. 1. A Project of the Internet Bar Organization & Groupshot GROUPSHOT technology for informality
  3. 3. photo credit, CC license, Jan Chipchase -Inhospitable formal justice system -Lack of trust in formal government -Multiple legal systems in operation -Complex political, ethnic and religious dynamics JUSTICE ISSUES
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES• to encourage engagement, understanding, and participation in the development and promotion of a culture of law and dispute resolution amongst the Afghan population.• to foster an understanding that informal and formal legal bodies are not diametrically opposed. That old traditions and new can inform each other and collaborate for a safer, more law abiding, and thriving Afghanistan.• to put positive pressure on regional and local governance to improve the quality, relevance, and predictability of their rulings by providing them with a national audience and national relevance.• to aggregate valuable information that provides a legal educational and support system for both the public and decision makers while creating a database of valuable datasets about dispute resolution and the practice of law across Afghanistans geographies, cultures, and demographics.
  6. 6. photo credit, CC license, Jan Chipchase INFORMATIONAL CONTEXT
  7. 7. photo credit, CC license, Jan Chipchase TECHNOLOGY CONTEXT
  8. 8. photo credit, CC license, Jan Chipchase SOCIAL CONTEXT
  10. 10. RADIO 2.0
  11. 11. photo credit, CC license, Jan Chipchase -User interface -Content and access -Anonymity -Language -Information architecture -Broadcast specifics TECH SPECS
  12. 12. AFGHAN PARTNERS & COLLABORATORS Todd Huffman, Jalalabad Emrys Schoemaker, iMedia Jawed Nader, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Afghanistan Land Authority with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
  13. 13. AFGHAN PARTNERS, CONTINUED Saeeq Shajjan, Senior Advisor, Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission SAFA 89.7FM, Afghan Radio Afghan Independent Bar
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS & COLLABORATORS Jin Ho Verdonschot of Tilburg University Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems Colin Rule, Director, Online Dispute Resolution at Stanford Center for Internet and Society