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Please view brochure for information on INTERNATIONAL SOCCER SCHOOLS

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  1. 1. WELCOME OUR STAFF It gives me great pleasure to welcome ISS recruit and train only the finest All coaches follow the strict ISS STAFF code of you to INTERNATIONAL SOCCER. coaching staff available. conduct: When I founded International Soccer, my We do not have an exclusively british or A - ATTITUDE priority was to ensure that the scope of youth brazilian or italian coaching staff. An important Be positive and always motivate yourself to create soccer development was widened. To achieve our thing to remember is, these countries have bad a stimulating coaching arena. goal we must never cease to innovate, renew and coaches too!! We select our coaches on their rejuvenate. The programs initiatied by ISS offer a ability to coach, not their country of origin. new era of specialised training for youth players B - BEHAVIOUR around the world. Thank you, Be the best person and coach you can be. This creates a melting pot of coaching styles, experiences and ideas that have all formed When creating the model and its mission to create of the greatest coaching curriculums C - COMMUNICATION statement for this organisation, I envisioned a James Thomas available at any camps, anywhere around the Effective comminucation through verbal and complete, dedicated and professional brand that Founder and Program Director. world. These Curriculums are ISS SOCCERFUN, physical demonstrations to enhance player will stand alone as the premier soccer provider in ISS SOCCER STARS & ISS SOCCERPRO`S. understanding and development. the world. Our staff undergo a rigurous selection and D - DISCIPLINE It has never been achieved before, a TOTAL training process, including world recognised Create an enviroment that allows ALL players to SOCCER company that serves the players, coaching qualifications, police background learn and assist others to learn coaches, clubs, parents & fans of the beautiful checks, ISS in house training and certifications. game. This ensures that your young players not only learn new skills, but do so in a safe, fun and E - ENTHUSIASM challenging enviroment. Encourage all players and show an infectious To realise this vision, we needed to bring enthusiasm that motivates players together an elite staff, and enpower them to develop and deliver a complete service that will create an enviroment that challenges, encourages F - FAIR PLAY and stimulate young athletes to grow both Encourage players to win and lose with the technically and emotionally in a positive learning highest degree of dignity and always show enviroment. teamwork and sportsmanship. This means that every player, coach and club we You will not find a better, more professional interact with gets to experience the ultimate in coaching staff, than the ISS team. soccer education, dedication and service. Please rest assured, that International Soccer will always work to exceed all of the needs and expectations of your club, and its members. I am very excited about everything that ISS has to offer you, and I look forward to providing our services in the near future.
  2. 2. DAY CAMPS TEAM SERVICES The ISS day camps provide a Our team services are available to all Individual Program thorough introduction to the teams & clubs looking for a detailed 1 on 1 sessions fundamental skills of the game for professional analysis, development 1 on 4 sessions ( position specific, example, younger, inexperienced players, while and implementation of a structured goalkeepers only ) offering a more demanding sylabus enhancment program for more experienced players and teams. Tryout Assistance Program Independent, objective player assesment Organised tryout criteria and structure Benefits to players: An exclusive ISS / NIKE Exclusive ISS assessment tools training kit. Soccer ball, player evaluation & individualised learning program. The development of role models and new friendships. Team program Ages U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20 ISS staff runs your team practices for a minimum of Benefits to community: The opportunity to host 2 sessions per week & game day for 6 weeks a professional coach within your community, Physical, Techincal, tactical analysis & experience cultural diversities and traditions. development Game analysis Assessments on all players and overall team Benefits to Club: Bring an ISS camp to your feedback town / community, you select the date / time Suitabe for competitive, travel, select & premier & location. secure online player registration. teams. Opportunity for club to develop own programs Specialised positional training & tactics and recieve free services and products. ISS SOCCERPRO`S Curriculum Recreational camps Club program Ages U4, U6, U8, U10 Ages U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20 Half day ISS staff runs your clubs practices and game day ISS SOCCERFUN Curriculum for minimum of 6 weeks Physical, Techincal, tactical analysis & development Competitive camps Game analysis Ages U10, U12, U14 Assessments on all players and overall team / Half day or Full day option club feedback ISS SOCCERSTARS Curriculum Suitabe for competitive, travel, select & premier teams Specialised positional training & tactics Team camps Ages U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20 Half day or Full day option ISS SOCCERPRO`S Curriculum Suitabe for competitive, travel, select & premier ISS coach conduct weekly coach clinics in both teams.Specialised positional training & tactics classroom and on field educational workshops ISS SOCCERPRO`S Curriculum Coach mentoring scheme Detailed club analysis at end of program. Goalkeeper & Striker camps Ages U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20 Half day mini group, individual instruction & competitive work
  3. 3. ACADEMIES ONLINE STORE Since the launch of ISS, we have achieved ISS in association with Nike provide a tremendous success with player placements fully stocked online store to purchase into teams at professional and representative team wear, leisure wear, training levels. This is due to the quality of staff within equipment and accessories. ISS, and the Development Pathway that is at the core of our coaching syllabus. We believe that there has to be a series of levels, which matches player’s abilities, to allow them to practice with and against good players to enhance their individual learning process. So to allow the more advanced players that we identify at our camps to progress further, we have established our ADVANCED ACADEMIES. These Academies are modeled on the successful youth systems at the elite professional clubs around the world. The players at our Academies work on advanced individual techniques and in depth tactical development. These Academies are regionalized, each with its own Professional coaching staff and permanent practice facility. There are regular games between the regions at each age group. This allows the players to perform in a competitive enviroment and allows the staff to assess each player’s progress. We have an excellent working relationship with many professional and semi professional clubs around the world, so any players that reach the required standard will be referred to their nearest local club as part of their path into the pro game.
  4. 4. WHAT NEXT? When selecting which soccer organisation are going to provide your club and its members, leave it to the only TOTAL SOCCER company in the world. What more do you need? • Fully qualified, professional, and background checked coaching staff • Unique coaching Curriculums and philosophy • World wide experience • How many companies have the support of companies like NIKE, FOX SOCCER CHANNEL and BSN SPORTS NUTRITION? These giants corporations could have selected any soccer camp company to support. They didn`t. They chose: INTERNATIONAL SOCCER! Do you want to bring ISS programs and services to your players, club and community? Visit or email for more details