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  • Hi eveybody, my name is Amy and as you can see from my slideshow, I am going to spend the next 12 mins talking about Facebook in my Chinese class. So let me give you a little background about myself and my students. I currently teach in a private high school in New York City. I have been using Facebook with my classes for three years.Before we start, there is a question that I must ask you all, Please don’t look around, just answer honestly. The question is……………………………
  • Who doesn’t have Facebook? The reason I’m asking this question is when I first started using it in my class,Facebook was the most popular social networking site but I recently start to see the change within my student population. Some of them actually never have Facebook account and don’t want to have one.
  • So why Facebook? I know there are many apps, programs, website out there but why I f specifically love Facebook is becauseEasy to share information, user friendly. When you post on other people’s wall or make a comment, you will receive an instant notification and not only you see your own activity, since it will also be shown on the newsfeed, other people can learn about your activity too. There are pros and cons in this and I’m going to get into that later. I don’t know how many of you use Quizlet, animoto, youtube, flipsnakc, fotobabble, etc…..but so far, whenever I ask my students to use those apps and want them to share the result, Facebook is always one of the sharing option. The 3rd reason is probably the most crucial reason I choose Facebook is because whether we want to admit it, Facebook itself is like a e-profolio under one account. All my students progress is recorded here consciously or unconsciously. So if you are a portfolio fan, this is a way to goLastly, some people will say Facebook is not safe to use academically but I will argue if it’s used correctly, it actually provides a great social networking community for students to use the target language under the monitor. Here is the key phrase “under the monitor”. Of course, as a teacher, you have to do some homework to build up this community for your students to trust. I check my students’ friend list quite often to ensure they don’t add their English facebook and other people outside the chiense class to protect the privacy of others. I asked my students to do all kind of crazy projects, they sing, they dance, they act, they draw, so one thing I have to ensure is that they feel that they have a safe place to share their works.
  • So I mentioned Facebook is actually a great e-portfolio itself. This is how I use it I my class. Post assignmentGather assessment (final project)Share Chinese-related information that I don’t get the chance to share in the classProvide feecbackUse it as gradebook . This has 2 benefits 1) students cannot argue with you for late work 2) peer pressure, everybody can see your grade.
  • Start from 1:27
  • Also, I have been talking about building a community through Facebook. By seeing the pictures on Facebook, my students learn what other grade are doing and give them something to look forward to. For example, 9th grade won’t do calligraphy until they are 10th grade. They will learn how to play Chinese chess when they are in 12th grade. It’s nice for them to know what is going on with all other Chinese classes.
  • Through what the students are willing to share, you get to learn more about your students. This picture was taken in front of temple of heaven, where a lot of Chinese people will practice calligraphy with water on the ground. I took my students to China 3 weeks ago and she changed her profile picture to this immediate after we came back.
  • 2. Community: different grades ( profile picture, restriction on adding friends)3. Comparison: song 4. Cultural: classroom activities5. Connecting: movie editing,
  • X1 technology forum - amy chang facebook

    1. 1. Part 1All in One: Facebook+ Amy Chang amywhs@yahoo.com
    2. 2. + WhoDOES NOT have Facebook?
    3. 3. Why Facebook? • Easy to share information (Instant notification & Newsfeed) •Compatible with many apps • One account: e-portfolio (picture, video, writing)+ •Community based social networking (tagging, comments, “like” feature, motivation)
    4. 4. + Facebook as e-portfolio: Assignment (Chinesepod, Picture Caption, Journal, Oral Summary) Assessment (Fotobabble,Flipsnack, Animoto, Quizlet)  Social community (Project /fun-facts sharing) Instant feedback (T-S or S-S) Grading
    5. 5. + Student Profile: Profile photo and self-introduction
    6. 6. + Homework
    7. 7. + Picture Caption
    8. 8. + Fluent U+Fotobabble+VoiceThread http://chinese.fluentu.com/home/video/702/can-i- take-you-shopping/
    9. 9. + Oral Summary https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=448771841862294&set=vb.100001 884469302&type=2&theater
    10. 10. + Progress
    11. 11. + FlipSnack: Comic Book Project http://share.snacktools.com/AAC59CD9E8C/fujlde08
    12. 12. + Super Star Competition http://www.cheng-tsui.com/superstar/videos/498
    13. 13. + Community Cultural Activities
    14. 14. + Instant information sharing
    15. 15. + Her proud moment…….
    16. 16. + 5C’s in Facebook? An interactive platform for: •Usingthe target language in the Communication • Extending the language learning environment outside the classroom Community under the monitor • Providing easy and instant access of sharing Comparison information and Cultural experiences •Connecting the knowledge from other subject (technology, media, history, art, etc..) into their assigned online assignment
    17. 17. + Issues Privacy No tech support Bugs (name, required phonenumber) Limited video length (youtube) No search box for past posting Out of trend??