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The economics of urbanization


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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The economics of urbanization

  1. 1. + The Economics of Urbanization How Policies and Initiatives Influence Human Behavior
  2. 2. + The Costs of Living in a City “The City,” Ed Sheeran
  3. 3. + What negative effects can result from rapid urbanization? An externality is an unintended consequence of actions that people or groups of people take, which can affect third parties (or those who are not a part of the action that was taken)  Externalities can be caused by consumers or producers  Ex: Honking, traffic, pollution, trash
  4. 4. + What negative externalities occurring in London does Ed Sheeran sing about? Look at your lyrics
  5. 5. + How can you influence human behavior to minimize externalities?  An incentive is anything that motivates an individual to make a particular decision or complete a specific action.  Ex: Bonuses, solar roofs, merit-based scholarships
  6. 6. + How could the government incentivize city dwellers to make more responsible choices? Group Think
  7. 7. + Case Study: How Sweden Fixed Traffic Problems How to Solve Traffic Jams