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  • Suzanne – it feels like this slide doesn’t belong here – should be in the International Students part, or a bit later as you talk about Parent Connections? Or in the Student Coordinator section?
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  • P3 building international programs - suzanne fox

    1. 1. Corporate Pictures could be here© 2013 Fox Intercultural Consulting
    2. 2. Why are the students coming?© 2012 Fox Intercultural Consulting ServicesPhoto: Courtesy Hao Wei and Wikimedia Commons
    3. 3. Concerns in ChinaThe EnvironmentProduct safetyPressure on childrenFocus on testsAdvantage in applying to U.S.colleges and universities
    4. 4. Benefits of a U.S. High School Education•Small class sizes•Students get individualattention•Student centered learning•Student movement: groupwork•Access to college resourcesPhotos: The Mountain School at Winhall
    5. 5. Beyond the Classroom•Extracurricular activities: sports,music, theater•Community service•Bigger focus on volunteer work•Model UN•International Exchange &Summer ExperiencesPhotos: The Derryfield School
    6. 6. Getting StartedA Roadmap For Success
    7. 7. Building the ProgramOrganizing all the pieces…
    8. 8. Who Are The Stakeholders?Making sure all stakeholders are engaged
    9. 9. On the U.S. Side:StakeholdersFacultyStaffStudentsCommunitySchoolBoardHostFamilies
    10. 10. Step 1: Go to China!“A journey of a thousand li begins with asingle step” – Laozi
    11. 11. 2. Faculty and Staff TrainingUnderstanding China:The importance of cross-cultural workshops
    12. 12. 3. The International StudentsThe importance of the arrival
    13. 13. Cultural Orientation SessionsFor new International Students
    14. 14. Challenges for Chinese Students• How to ask questions• How to do research• How to write essays• Developing a thesis• Public speaking• Presentation skills• Asking for help• Teamwork• Time management© 2013 Fox Intercultural Consulting Services.Photo courtesy Maine Central Institute
    15. 15. Challenges for Chinese StudentsThe “Social Sciences”• History• English literature• Psychology• Sociology• Health• Critical reading• Art
    16. 16. 4. The Larger Student PopulationCross-cultural workshops: opportunities tothink about new cultural dimensions
    17. 17. The Role of Student Ambassadors4. The Larger Student Population
    18. 18. 5. Check-in PointsQuarterly informal conversations withinternational students: “How’s it going?”
    19. 19. 6. The Support StaffThe role of the International Student Coordinator
    20. 20. Burning questionsWhat are your schoolsvacation policies?Are international studentsallowed to take driverseducation and getlicenses?How are students bestintegrated on campus?
    21. 21. Burning questionsWhat should be includedin dorm curriculum?What sort of screening isused?Should we have an“English Only” languagepolicy?
    22. 22. 7. The Host FamiliesHost Family Orientation
    23. 23. 8. The CommunityAnd why it mattersPhoto: Oxford Academy
    24. 24. 9. Parent ConnectionsHelping Chinese parents feel more connected:checking in on students, translating reports
    25. 25. The Next Step…Building asustainable program
    26. 26. The Sister School ModelA truly integrated program: sustainable and in-depth, building enduring connections
    27. 27. Developing global citizensThe Sister School Model
    28. 28. The Sister School ModelFaculty exchange, cooperative programs, andmore…
    29. 29. Corporate Pictures could be here