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Middle school travel pwpt


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Middle school travel pwpt

  1. 1. Middle School Travel – Is it Possible? From Inception to Completion
  2. 2.  Where are you from? What do you teach? What does it mean to have our students to be “Global Learners”?
  3. 3.  To help give you an idea of how we can take our classroom beyond its 4 walls and travel to “global” sites and facilitate the GPS system and PO’s throughout the travel. Basic travel logistics
  4. 4.  Entry Document Task Design Template Storyboard GPS/PO Rubric
  5. 5.  For this assignment, we decided on….  Investigate the World: Generate Global Knowledge  Bullet 3  Communicate Ideas: Connect and Collaborate Across Boundaries  Bullet 3
  6. 6.  Essential Questions Why is a nation’s capitol an important place to visit? How does a nation’s capitol reflect its identity? What would a visitor from another country find interesting and/or important about capitol of the United States? Enduring Understandings Washington DC plays an important role as a symbol of our democracy, a role that is reflected in the architecture, traditions, customs, monuments, museums, and rituals of the city. A visitor from other parts of the US as well as from another country will learn what American patriotism is if they have a chance to explore Washington DC.
  7. 7.  With the people sitting at your table- you will participate in a pre-travel (pre-research) activity. We have placed chart paper around the room with each sheet titled with one of the five areas listed on your entry document. Walk up to each (with your group) and write (using prior Knowledge) any thing you know about that subject, or ask a question about the subject.
  8. 8.  Discuss with your partners how you would use your creativity to present this project/ assignment.
  9. 9.  Mathis ISD Board of Trustees School Superintendent- Dr. Maria R. Casas School Principal- Leo Cano Dean of Instruction- Cynthia Westbrook 8th Grade Team- Justin Bell, Rebecca Carr and Belinda Ramon ISSN Coach- Elizabeth Ozuna