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Integrating chinese language in the elementary math curriculum


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Integrating chinese language in the elementary math curriculum

  1. 1. Hank LanghalsCoordinator of Pupil Services, Curriculum &Professional Development
  2. 2. DISTRICT OVERVIEW Suburban Public School District near Columbus, Ohio 7, 000 students One High School, 9-12 Three Middle Schools, 6-8 Seven Elementary , K-5 27 % Free and Reduced 80 % of Gahanna-Jefferson graduates go on to post- secondary education.
  3. 3. WHY CHINESE?Attaining SupportBoard of EducationSchool AdministratorsParents and the Community
  4. 4. BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS The Ohio State University Chinese Flagship Program Ohio Department of Education (Chinese K-2 Sesame Street Pilot Program) Asia Society and Hanban (Confucius Classroom Network)
  5. 5. WHY ELEMENTARY? Starting with a FLES after school program Voluntary—not inclusive Two hours per week (research suggested 120 minutes/week) Focus on speaking and listening
  6. 6. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES How do we find time during the school day for Chinese? No sufficient resource (staffing & money) for full- time elementary Chinese teacher.
  7. 7. DISTRICT GOAL Full inclusion (available to all 2nd graders) Chinese language and culture Supplement grade level academics
  8. 8. HOW DO WE SELL THE PROGRAMAdministratorsTeachersParentsThe Students
  9. 9. PILOT PROGRAMTwo Elementary Buildings:High Point Elementary SchoolGoshen Lane Elementary School
  10. 10. GETTING STARTEDPlanning May-AugustAugust—Meet with Principals and Second GradeTeachersAugust and September—Training and MethodologyDecisions
  11. 11. EARLY DECISIONS High Point Elementary Goshen Lane Elementary Go by Special schedule Go by Reading Group (Art/Music/Chinese) schedule 25 minute per session 30 minute per session 3 days a week 2 days a week Contain Classroom Rotate groups Instructor go to 4 classes a Instructor has her own day classroom
  12. 12. COMMUNICATIONTeachersPrincipalsBoard of EducationParents
  13. 13. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Q&A Hank Langhals Chiwei Lin