Global Citizen Year


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Global Citizen Year

  1. 1. Building a new generation of Americans who will lead the fight against global poverty. Partnerships for Global Learning: July 10, 2009 Abby Falik, Founder & CEO
  2. 2. The Need Most young Americans are unprepared for effective leadership in our globalized world • 90% can’t find Afghanistan on a map of Asia • 74% believe English is the most commonly spoken language in the world • 1/3 of US students believe that the US accounts for 30% of the world’s population • 73% of Americans, and over 50% of Congressional Leaders DO NOT have a passport
  3. 3. Opportunities for international travel and exchange are small scale & expensive Less than 1% of Americans will ever meet any of the nearly 3 billion people around the world who still struggle to survive on less than $3 / day.
  4. 4. Our Solution
  5. 5. Vision & Mission VISION MISSION We envision a world in which a Our mission is to prepare a “Global Citizen Year” becomes an pipeline of new American integral – and expected – step for leaders to provide innovative American high school graduates and effective leadership to from all backgrounds. Future overcome the global challenges generations of Americans will of the 21st century. better understand their responsibilities as global citizens, and will act with conviction and conscience to create a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world.
  6. 6. The Model
  7. 7. Creating Impact  Obtain a Passport Knowledge  Leading positive social  Global Systems change across various fields  Register to vote  Root causes of poverty & sustainable development  Contributing money & time Skills (volunteering and civic  Obtain First Aid Certification  Proficiency in second language engagement)  Leadership & entrepreneurship  Learn to fundraise &  Financial proficiency  Engaging others in learning identify new community and action – creating a ripple  Project management & resources effect in their family, high assessment school and college  Problem solving & critical communities thinking Attitudes/Values  Respect for diversity  Passion for learning  Clearer sense of self  Empathy Measurement: Baseline surveys; Ongoing assessments Global/Social Engagement Index
  8. 8. Imagine the Potential  Every American who graduates from high school will consider – and have access to – a “bridge year” opportunity  20,000 GCY alumni will speak an additional language and will bring global insight and conviction to leadership across all sectors  10,000 host communities across Asia, Africa, and Latin America will have direct exposure to the empathy and idealism which characterize America’s “Millennial Generation”  5,000 development projects – in education, health, and the environment – will have increased capacity to serve their beneficiaries  250 US colleges will encourage a “global gap year” and support participation by providing financial aid to low- income students  Corporations & government agencies will commit significant resources to expand opportunities for global service
  9. 9. “If you believe, as I do, that Americans need to become good citizens of the world, then you will hope, as I do, that this idea of a Global Citizen Year soon captures the imagination of the rising generation.” Harris Wofford, Former US Senator
  10. 10. Join Us! 1. Spread the word to rising seniors (applications open in Fall 2009) • Sign up to Follow the Fellows at • Contact with questions about getting involved