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Expanding Horizons: Global Learning in Afterschool and Out-of-School Time


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Presentation by Janice Hastings, Vice President of Program and Resource Development, and Melissa Gallagher, Extended Learning Opportunities Manager, PlusTime New Hampshire

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Expanding Horizons: Global Learning in Afterschool and Out-of-School Time

  1. 1. In 15 Minutes or Less…. • Statewide Context Supporting NH ELO • Overview of NH ELO Initiative with Student Examples • Embedding Global Literacy
  2. 2. Senate Bill 18 Raised Compulsory School Attendance Age from 16 to 18 Effective July 1, 2009
  3. 3. Vision of NH Expanded Learning Opportunities • Expand options of traditional high school classroom • Create rigorous, relevant and personalized learning experiences – Real World • Grant credit based on demonstration of mastery of course competencies
  4. 4. Cardiac Surgery ELO MANCHESTER CENTRAL SENIOR ELO FOCUS: Causes and treatment of congestive heart failure HQT: Biology teacher COMMUNITY PARTNER: Elliot Hospital GOALS: 1. cite implications of biotechnology of the medical fields 2. connect basic anatomy of related physical systems for cardiac surgery 3. explore career path, including financial needs, aptitudes and education requirements RESULT: ½ credit and renewed passion to pursue medicine with focus on cardiac surgery and patient care
  5. 5. NH ELO Project Structure Nellie Mae Education Foundation PlusTime NH DOE NH Content NH DOE Experts 4 PlusTime 6 Follow the Louis Pilot Sites QED Leadership Staff Community Extended CACES Child Karno Evaluator Foundation Development Support to Partners Network Coordinator Student & Co 21 CCLC Schools Sites Involvement
  6. 6. NH Expanded Learning Opportunities ELO Coordinator (21st CCLC) Student(s) Highly Qualified Community Teacher Partner
  7. 7. School Recycling Program – Group ELO ELO FOCUS: Investigate and start a recycling program HQT: social studies COMMUNITY PARTNER: School District Superintendent GOALS: 1. Investigate recycling programs in other schools and communities 2. Develop recycling proposal for district including 3. Present options to superintendent and school board 4. Implement recycling program RESULT: in process….to be continued
  8. 8. ELO Team HS Course X ELO Plan Initial Conferencing Defined Competencies Gathers ELO Stage 1: Resources ELO Experience •Content •Skills Develops ELO Plan •Essential Questions Monitors ELO Stage 2: Experience Student •Assessments Formative Summative Demonstration Stage 3: •Coaching of mastery of •Just in Time Learning competencies Exhibition of •Formal Lessons Student Learning
  9. 9. Formal Wear Rental Group ELO ELO FOCUS: Starting a dress rental business for students HQT: Social studies - economics COMMUNITY PARTNER: numerous main street businesses, dry cleaner, tailor GOALS: 1. Investigate aspects of starting a business 2. Determine viability of a formal wear rental business 3. Secure dress donations, storage RESULT: Progress so far includes writing a grant and securing seed funding from Youth Ventures to start their business.
  10. 10. It’s About Students